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by Trevor Pyman

Driven initially by Ivor Walklett's flair for design and desire to build his own car, the Ginetta marque quickly developed from a hobby into a business. The marque synonymous with the four Walklett brothers...

Reliant Sabre, Scimitar and SS1

by Matthew Vale

Reliant produced a range of sports cars from the 1960s to the 1990s which complemented their well-established three-wheeled cars. Starting with a design for Israel's Autocars in 1961, Reliant went on to produce...

The Aviator's Toilet Companion

by Rob Owen

If you wish to discover whether an airplane can land immaculately, entirely of its own accord, or whether a paltry chicken can soar to giddy heights before returning to rule the roost, then you need to read...

The Lost Pilots

by Corey Mead

Corey Mead's The Lost Pilots is the saga of two star crossed pilots who soar to the greatest heights of fame, tailspin into scandal and crime, and go the ultimate lengths for a chance at redemption...


The Complete Dambusters

by Charles Foster

On 16 May 1943, nineteen Lancaster aircraft from the RAF’s 617 Squadron set off to attack the great dams in the industrial heart of Germany. Flying at a height of 60ft, they dropped a series of bombs which...

Into the Raging Sea

by Rachel Slade

“A powerful and affecting story, beautifully handled by Slade, a journalist who clearly knows ships and the sea.”—Douglas Preston, New York Times Book Review

“A Perfect Storm for a new generation.”...

The Complete Remote Pilot

by Bob Gardner & David C. Ison

This textbook is for anyone interested in pursuing and obtaining an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate which is a requirement for operating drones in commercial uses. The authors explain in a friendly, readable style,...

Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook – General

by Federal Aviation Administration (Faa)/Aviation Supplies & Academics (Asa)

This FAA handbook provides knowledge for earning the Aviation Maintenance Technician certificate, General section. The FAA General test questions are drawn from this book (FAA-H-8083-30A).

Millardair and Me

by Dennis J Chadala


This unique aviation story starts many years ago, at a time when the author's aspirations to be a pilot consumed his earliest memories. A young man drawn in by the allure and magnetism of aviation with a dream...


by Kai Carlson-Wee & Nick Flynn

Set against a landscape of rail yards and skate parks, Kai Carlson-Wee’s debut collection captures a spiritual journey of wanderlust, depression, brotherhood, and survival. These poems—a “verse novella”...

Range Rover First Generation

by James TAYLOR

The Range Rover's designers intended it to be a more comfortable and road-friendly passenger-carrying Land Rover, but customers quickly saw something much more in it. During the 1970s, while its immense practicality...

Inside Aviation Photography

by Chad Slattery

  • Enjoy over 120 images of aviation crafts in the sky, in near space, and on the ground
  • Find out how images are captured: in flight, lighting, equipment, and special techniques
  • Learn about amazing aircraft and spacecraft...

  • Brain Haulage

    by Peter Sumpter

    Brain Haulage was formed by Charles Edward Brain in 1950 and played a major role in the container revolution in the UK, completely changing the way goods were transported over the world. Peter Sumpter was a...


    by Nicola Pierce

    This book commemorates the enduring legacy of the world’s most famous ship – TITANIC.

    Her story is one of all those bound together on that fateful voyage. On board were: writers, artists, honeymooners, sportsmen,...

    I Have Control

    by Keith Spragg

    Between 1967 and 1997 Keith Spragg progressed from the greenest new co-pilot on a piston-engined Vickers Viking to a fully qualified jet captain. He then went on to become an experienced pilot trainer and examiner,...

    The Rover K-Series Engine

    by Iain Ayre & Rob Hawkins

    Getting a Rover K-Series engine properly up and running can be a difficult task, but ultimately the result is always worthwhile. Illustrated with over 300 photographs, Rover K-Series Engine - Maintenance, Repair...

    British Leyland

    by James TAYLOR

    In 1968, British Leyland brought together many of Britain's motor manufacturers, with the intention of creating a robust unified group that could equal the strength of the big European conglomerates. But this...

    Last Voyage to Wewak

    by Simon J Hall

    This is a thought-provoking work, capturing the march of time which overtook the maritime world in the last quarter of the 20th century. The final crumbling of the British register caused officers like Hall...

    Golden Stripes

    by Vs Parani

    Although merchant ships carry 90% of the world’s trade, the mariners who run them have little guidance on leadership. This can result in disasters such as the Titanic, Costa Concordia, the Exxon Valdez, and...

    The Story of Curvy Kate

    by Howard Pietersie

    The Story of Curvy Kate is a fascinating story of one man’s lifelong dream to build a head-turning replica SS Jaguar from the ground up. Howard Pietersie takes us through a mechanical odyssey, replete with...