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Biography of British Train Travel: A Journey Behind Steam and Modern Traction

by Don Benn

Railway Anthology is a collection of mainly previously unpublished articles and short stories, covering a lifelong interest in railways. It spans a wide spectrum over the years, from the early days in Kent in...

The Flight

by Dan Hampton

"OUTSTANDING. ... RIVETING."--Library Journal (STARRED REVIEW) • From "one of the most decorated pilots in Air Force history"* comes a masterful account of Charles Lindbergh’s death-defying nonstop flight...

Metals in Boats

by Vyv Cox

Metals have been used in boats for thousands of years, as components of the vessel's construction, as load-bearing parts of the rigging and steering systems, and for a wide variety of domestic and service duties....

A-Z of British Trolleybuses

by Stephen Lockwood

In the last century, the trolleybus developed into a successful provider of public transport in many towns and cities around Britain. It is often described as being part tram and part motorbus. The trolleybus...

My Life with Trains

by Jim McClellan

Named one of the "75 People You Should Know" by Trains Magazine, Jim McClellan was a railroading legend and one of the railroad industry’s titans. An iconic and innovative executive, McClellan participated...

E-Type Jaguar Restoration Manual

by Classic Motor Cars

The E-Type Jaguar has been described on countless occasions as one of the most beautiful cars in the world. Over the years it has built a reputation amongst Jaguar enthusiasts and classic car collectors for...

Know Your Helicopters

by Thomas Hargreave

Know Your Helicopters is a pocket-sized book detailing 44 types of helicopters most commonly seen in service today from the smallest Robinson to the biggest Mil, including Bells, Boeings, Sikorskys and many...

Rails Across Britain: Thirty Years of Change and Colour

by David Cable

Rails Across Britain is a collection of full-size colour photographs of trains that have operated in Great Britain over the last thirty years. Compiled by a well-regarded author of several successfully published...

The Canal Pioneers: Canal Construction from 2,500 BC to the Early 20th Century

by Anthony Burton

This is the story of canals used for transport and the men who built them from the earliest times, up to the end of the ninteenth century. This is a very long history: stones for the pyramids of Egypt were brought...

Optimum Drive

by Paul F. Gerrard, Micheal Castiglione, Tanner Foust & Allan Mcnish

WHY SHOULD YOU JUST BE GOOD WHEN YOU CAN BE GREAT? Optimum Drive is about achieving peak performance. As a professional racing driver, as well as a driving coach for over 20 years, Paul F. Gerrard believes that...

Mister Moffat's Hill

by Stan Moore

Mister Moffat's Hill tells the story of railroading over Rollins Pass, the highest road in North America.   The time is 1903-1906 and Colorado is the setting.   A historical novel, it describes the lives...


by Shashank Nigam

An airline has over 50 different brand touchpoints at which it can choose to operate exactly as it has in the past or to exceed expectations at each step and become truly exceptional. This book aims to highlight...

Mazda MX-5 Maintenance and Upgrades Manual

by Rob Hawkins

Based on real-life experience and written by expert authors, the books in the Maintenance and Upgrades Manual series from Crowood will help owners develop the workshop skills needed for the maintenance and repair...

Buying and Maintaining a 126 S-Class Mercedes

by Nik Greene

The Mercedes 126 S-Class of 1979-91 remains the most successful premium class saloon in the company's history and is considered by many to be one of the best cars in the world. More than quarter of a century...

The New York Subway

by Interborough Rapid Transit Company

This is a complete facsimile of the original edition published by the Interborough Rapid Transit Company to commemorate the opening of New York's first subway line. From the perspective of both urban history...

Around the World on Two Wheels

by Hans Karlsson

Have you seen Hans Karlsson? If you live somewhere on this planet, he’s probably been there, riding through on his Honda Gold Wing. Around the World on Two Wheels: An Old Man’s Motorcycle Journeys Through...

Economics of the Marine

by Karyn Morrissey

This book extends the current international interest in the conceptualization of the marine sector to explore its importance of at different geographical scales: from the national, to regional and small area...

Lemon-Aid New and Used Cars and Trucks 2007–2017

by Phil Edmonston & George Iny

“Dr. Phil,” Canada’s best-known automotive expert, invites another driver to come aboard.

After forty-six years and almost two million copies sold, Phil Edmonston is joined by a co-pilot for the annual...

Midland Main Lines to St Pancras and Cross Country: Sheffield to Bristol 1957 - 1963

by John Palmer

The history of British Railways in the late 1950s/early 1960s is characterized by change; massive change, as its management attempted to meet statutory obligations against a background of social, economic and...

History of the East Coast Main Line

by Robin Jones

Since the mid-nineteenth century the East Coast Main Line has been one of the major routes from London to northern England and to Scotland. It has seen some of the greatest achievements in the railways, most...