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Ghost of the Innocent Man: A True Story of Trial and Redemption

by Benjamin Rachlin

During the last two decades, more than two thousand American citizens have been wrongfully convicted. Ghost of the Innocent Man brings us one of the most dramatic of those cases and provides the clearest picture...

100 Greatest Video Game Franchises

by Robert Mejia, Jaime Banks & Aubrie Adams

Video games take players on a trip through ancient battlefields, to mythic worlds, and across galaxies. They provide players with a way to try on new identities and acquire vast superpowers. Video games also...

Critical Thinking

by Peter Nardi

Critical Thinking: Tools for Evaluating Research prepares students for interpreting information in a critical and thoughtful way so they can develop sophisticated levels of analyses crucial for understanding...

Serial Killers: Shocking, Gripping True Crime Stories of the Most Evil Murderers

by Brian Innes

The Terrifying Story of the Most Monstrous Serial Killers through History.

Serial Killers are the most notorious and disturbing of all criminals, representing the very darkest side of humanity. Yet they endlessy...

Goat Castle

by Karen L. Cox

In 1932, the city of Natchez, Mississippi, reckoned with an unexpected influx of journalists and tourists as the lurid story of a local murder was splashed across headlines nationwide. Two eccentrics, Richard...

A Child is Missing: Searching for Justice

by Karen Beaudin

Brutally beaten, raped, strangled, and run over by a vehicle, 13-year-old Kathy Lynn Gloddy was left naked in the woods three miles from home on November 21, 1971. A Child is Missing: Searching for Justice is...

Women of Honor

by Milka Kahn & Anne Véron

The role of women in the Italian mafias has long been overlooked. Reduced to victim status and relegated to domestic life in a male-dominated society, women serve as the mafia's respectable facade: virtuous...

The Black Widower

by Michael Fleeman

She was his second wife—to die. . .

Coming off a failed marriage, a beautiful woman named Toni joined an online dating site, hoping to find true and lasting love. Harold Henthorn seemed like her dream come...

The Hot One: A Memoir of Friendship, Sex, and Murder

by Carolyn Murnick

A gripping memoir of friendship with a tragic twist—two childhood best friends diverge as young adults, one woman is brutally murdered and the other is determined to uncover the truth about her wild and seductive...

Son of Sam: Based on the Authorized Transcription of the Tapes, Official Documents, and Diaries of David Berkowitz

by Lawrence Klausner


Discover the harrowing true story of the notorious serial killer who terrorized New York City forty years ago during the summer of 1977—David Berkowitz,...

Drop Dead

by Lorna Poplak

  • The history of hanging in Canada is jam-packed with fascinating stories and colourful personalities including Thomas D’Arcy McGee, the only federal politician ever assassinated in Canada; Louis Riel, hanged...

Dangerous Ground: My Friendship with a Serial Killer

by M. William Phelps

“Anyone can become a killer under the right circumstances—even you.”


For the first time, award-winning investigative journalist M. William Phelps reveals the identity of “Raven,” the serial killer...

The Book of Awesome Women

by Becca Anderson

• 2016 ushers in a new attention to women’s accomplishments with the United State’s first women nominee by a major party for president. This book contains MANY females firsts • Feminism has gotten a...

War of the Wills: What if they don't like the Will?

by Catherine McLeod

Allen and I lived together for nineteen years. I helped Allen run his farms and maintain his investment properties. We enjoyed a happy life until Allen’s health began to fail and he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s...

Grief Diaries: Victim Impact Statements

by Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Carl Harms & Kim Thomas

The victim impact statement is an indispensable tool that helps hold the offender accountable for the consequences of a crime. It gives the judge the rest of the story, the part that doesn’t appear in police...

The Price of Justice in America

by Paul Brakke


THE PRICE OF JUSTICE IN AMERICA features a series of blogs I have written about problems in the criminal justice system and how they might be fixed.  I have been writing these blogs for my website (

Cops Aren't Such Bad Guys

by Paul Brakke

COPS AREN’T SUCH BAD GUYS features a series of blogs I have written about cops and fatal shootings.  As discussed in these blogs, most of these killings are actually justified, because of the use of force...

Network Governance and the Differentiated Polity

by R. A. W. Rhodes

Network Governance and the Differentiated Polity is the first of two volumes featuring a selection of key writings by R. A. W. Rhodes. Volume I collects in one place for the first time the main articles written...

You Can’t Win

by Jack Black

My background is crowded with robberies, burglaries, and thefts too numerous to recall. All manner of crimes against property. Arrests, trials, acquittals, convictions, escapes. Penitentiaries! I see in the...

Sydney Noir: The Golden Years

by Michael Duffy & Nick Hordern

The first ever book devoted entirely to the golden years of the Sydney underworld. In the late 1960s Sydney was one of the most prosperous places on earth and one of the most corrupt. A large proportion of the...