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The Good Mothers

by Alex Perry

The electrifying, untold story of the women born into the most deadly and obscenely wealthy of the Italian mafias – and how they risked everything to bring it down.

The Calabrian Mafia—known as the ’Ndrangheta...

The Witwer Files

by Donald L Dennis

The Witwer Files is a story inspired by actual events and tells how the lives ao those involved were forever changed by the events that took place in two short years.  In the early 1900's, in a small Midwestern...

My Brother Jason

by Tracey Corbett-Lynch & Ralph Riegel

In August 2014 Limerick man Jason Corbett was murdered by his wife, Molly Martens, and her father, ex-FBI agent Tom Martens, in the bedroom of their luxury North Carolina home. He had been savagely beaten to...

Contemporary Social Psychological Theories

by Peter J. Burke

This text, first published in 2006, presents the most important and influential social psychological theories and research programs in contemporary sociology. Original chapters by the scholars who initiated...

The Poison Plot

by Elaine Forman Crane

An accusation of attempted murder rudely interrupted Mary Arnold’s dalliances with working men and her extensive shopping sprees. When her husband Benedict fell deathly ill and then asserted she had tried...


by White David Steven

During a routine trip in Ecuador, Steven White, a 33-year old

wildlife fanatic and adventure tour leader was involved in a

fatal and tragic accident while driving a tourist vehicle.


Critically injured, clouded...

Child Convict

by Heike Phelan

William is born into a life of crime, forced to assist his parents and their cronies in violent, lawless acts. Discarded by his family to the state, he soon develops a keen sense of survival, convinced he is...

The Art of Defiance

by Tyson Mitman

The Art of Defiance is an ethnographic portrait of how graffiti writers see their city and, in turn, how their city sees them. It explores how becoming a graffiti writer helps disenfranchised urban citizens...

Nation Building

by Andreas Wimmer

A new and comprehensive look at the reasons behind successful or failed nation building

Nation Building presents bold new answers to an age-old question. Why is national integration achieved in some diverse countries,...

Death Row: The Final Minutes

by Michelle Lyons

"You want to know how long it takes someone to die by lethal injection in Texas? Start singing Silent Night and when you get to 'Mother and Child'... well, that's how long it takes. I know this because I saw...

False Flag Jack the Ripper

by Stephen Senise

“Stephen Senise?s... newly published study of the case, offers the most important clue not just as to whodunit, but why.” THE TIMES OF ISRAEL

“Fascinating” - Gareth Williams, editor RIPPEROLOGIST, The...

Using Media for Social Innovation

by Aneta Podkalicka & Ellie Rennie

Using media for social innovation is a critical roadmap for understanding and researching ‘social innovation media’. These media initiatives seek to find new solutions to seemingly intractable social problems...

You All Grow Up and Leave Me

by Piper Weiss

"Unflinching, rich and revelatory."—MEGAN ABBOTT

“Gorgeous, moody, and evocative . . . half coming-of-age story and half exhaustively researched true crime.” VANITY FAIR

“Bracingly honest and extremely...

No Way Home

by Tyler Wetherall

One of PureWow's "20 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2018" and "Books to Read in April" One of InStyle UK's "Best New Books to Read in 2018" One of LitHub's 20 Books You Should Read This April One...

Entrapment in Blood

by Joseph Rodriguez

Our constitution clearly states, that no man shall be deprived of life or liberty, without due process of law. What happens when the very ones sworn to protect our liberties, are the very ones who try to take...

Senatorial Privilege

by Leo Damore

An achievement of reportorial diligence, this book tells a story that the most imaginative crime novelist would have been hard put to invent. -- People Dominating the bestseller lists for half a year, this groundbreaking...

In Plain Sight

by Kathryn Casey


On a cold January morning, the killer executed Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse in broad daylight. Eight shots fired a block from the Kaufman County Courthouse. Two months later,...

The Colored Waiting Room

by Kevin Shird & Nelson Malden

Extraordinary conversations between a confidante of Martin Luther King Jr. and a modern-day activist leads to the game-changing realizations that a second-wave civil rights movement is unfolding and that we...

The Honour Killing

by J.S. Hamilton

When a teenage Sri Lankan au pair goes missing, it’s up to the Bradford police to find her. When they fail, the objective turns to justice. For DCI James Turnbull, the case is a puzzling contrast to his career...

The Face of a Monster

by Patricia Earnest Suter

The year 2018 will herald the 200th anniversary of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus. The timing seems right for the story of a real monster. German-born immigrant Anton Probst...