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A Book Of Remarkable Criminals

by Henry Irving

A well-researched book detailing the life and crimes of criminals who were all, in a way, small criminals, but each remarkable in his or her own way.

They were not all remarkable as criminals, but their life...


by Clarence Darrow

A wonderfully comprehensive look at the subject of crime, written by American lawyer Clarence Darrow. Looks at everything from the reasons people commit crimes, to the effects and ethics of punishment, to the...

Lives Of The Most Remarkable Criminals

by Arthur Hayward

Lives of the Most Remarkable Criminals Who have been Condemned and Executed for Murder, the Highway, Housebreaking, Street Robberies, Coining or other offences in a fantastic ebook edition.

A detailed account...

Mr. Justice Raffles

by E.W. Hornung

Mr. Justice Raffles was a 1909 novel written by E.W. Hornung. It featured his popular character A. J. Raffles a well-known cricketer and gentleman thief. It was the fourth and last in his four Raffles books...

The History Of The Remarkable Life Of John Sheppard Containing A Particular Account Of His Many Robberies And Escapes

by Daniel Defoe

A particular Account of his rescuing his pretended Wife from St. Giles's Round House. Of the wonderful Escape himself made from the said Round-House. Of the miraculous Escape he and his said pretended Wife made...

The Life, Crime, And Capture Of John Wilkes Booth

by George Alfred Townsend

A detailed account of the man who assassinated Abraham Lincoln. This, in its day, was a "media sensation." The assassination of Abraham Lincoln launched John Wilkes Booth into infamy--not the kind of "fame"...

The Positive School Of Criminology

by Enrico Ferri

Ferri disputed Lombroso's emphasis on biological characteristics of criminals; instead, he focused on the study of psychological characteristics, which he believed accounted for the development of crime in an...

Romance Scam Survivor

by Jan Marshall

"How could you give money to someone you’ve never met?"

That’s the first question most people ask.

For Jan Marshall, life was good. She had worked hard, set herself up well, and was looking for a companion...

Music, Murder and Mayhem - A True Story!

by Tiwanda 'Ne Ne' Lovelace & Tiwanda Lovelace

An un-cut non-fiction description of how some music industry personnel murders its artist and writers quietly behind the scenes. People assume that artist just sign bad deals that allow producers or managers...

Murder by Numbers

by James Moore

What is the connection between the number 13 and Jack the Ripper? Why was the number 18 crucial in catching Acid Bath murderer John George Haigh? And what is so puzzling about the number 340 in the chilling...

I Let Him Go

by Denise Fergus

On 12th February 1993, Denise's life changed forever. As she was running errands at New Strand Shopping Centre, she let go of her two-year-old son's hand to take out her purse. Denise never saw her son again....

Citizens By Degree

by Deondra Rose

Since the mid-twentieth century, the United States has seen a striking shift in the gender dynamics of higher educational attainment as women have come to earn college degrees at higher rates than men. Women...


by Charles Fox

This title was previously published as Uncommon Youth

The true account behind the glamorous life and tragic times of J. Paul Getty III, whose kidnapping made headlines in 1973, as seen in Ridley Scott's All the...

Participant Recruitment and Retention in Intervention and Evaluation Research

by Audrey L. Begun PhD, Lisa K. Berger PhD & Laura L. Otto-Salaj PhD

This practical "how to" guide integrates a comprehensive, interdisciplinary review of literature, alongside a wealth of the authors' combined research experience, into a framework for behavioral health and other...

The Women In The Black Dress

by DeAndre' West


-Dalia Diaz has suffered from Split Personality Disorder since she was a child. Her parents were overwhelmed and forced to do the unthinkable.  Follow Dalia as she and her other personality seek revenge...

The Baby Snatchers

by Mary Creighton

A shocking true story of one woman's fight to find the three babies stolen from her in 1960s Ireland.

Girls on the Rampage

by Wenzell Brown

The public has always had a fascination with true crime, from the Victorian era to the present day. Wenzell Brown, who worked with troubled teenagers in New York, turned their stories into fodder for his books....

My Father's Kidnapping and Retrieval in Pakistan

by Syed S Saqib

What would you do if your parent was snatched from his home by brutal thieves? It’s a question most people thankfully never have to answer. But when, Syed Saqib, a Pakistani born American, arrives in his native...

Enngonia Road

by Richard Stanton

On a lonely highway in the middle of the night, two teenage Aboriginal girls are killed in a crash. Like rag dolls, their bodies are thrown from the Toyota Hilux when it rolls at high speed. One suffers massive...

Garden State Gangland

by Scott M. Deitche

The Mafia in the United States might be a shadow of its former self, but in the New York/New Jersey metro area, there are still wiseguys and wannabes working scams, extorting businesses, running gambling, selling...