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King Henry the Fourth

by John Abbott

While France was deluged with the blood of a civil war, young Henry was busily pursuing his studies in college. He could have had but little affection for his father, for the stern soldier had passed most of...

A Short History of Persia

by George Rawlinson

The history of the Persian Empire dates from the conquest of Astyages by Cyrus, and therefore commences with the year B.C. 558. But the present inquiry must be carried considerably further back, since in this,...

A History of the Germanic Empire

by S. A. Dunham

With Germany prior to the dissolution of the Roman power, the present compendium has no concern: the history of that period is, or ought to be, familiar to every reader. Our object is to contemplate that celebrated...

A History of Italy 476-1600

by Henry Sedgwick

In the year 476 an unfortunate young man, mocked with the great names of the founders of the City and of the Empire, Romulus Augustus, nicknamed Augustulus, was deposed from the throne of the Caesars by a Barbarian...

A Short History of France from Caesar to Waterloo

by Agnes Robinson

Two thousand years ago the name of France was Gaul. When Julius Caesar invaded the country, some fifty years before the birth of Christ, he found it divided into three principal parts: there was Aquitaine, the...

A Biography of Cromwell

by Estelle Ross

IN THE CLOSING YEAR OF the sixteenth century, in the quiet little town of Huntingdon, Oliver Cromwell first saw the light. He was born on April 25, 1599, and baptized at St John's Church on the 9th of the same...

Early Kings of Norway

by Thomas Carlyle

Till about the Year of Grace 860 there were no kings in Norway, nothing but numerous jarls, - essentially kinglets, each presiding over a kind of republican or parliamentary little territory; generally striving...

A Short History of Germany

by Ernest Henderson

GERMANY stands in the centre of Europe, and on her soil all the great international struggles have been fought, the Thirty Years' War, the early campaigns of the Spanish Succession War, the Seven Years' War,...

History of the Plague of London

by Daniel Defoe

The father of Daniel Defoe was a butcher in the parish of St. Giles's, Cripplegate, London. In this parish, probably, Daniel Defoe was born in 1661, the year after the restoration of Charles II. The boy's parents...

Louis the Fourteenth

by John Abbott

Then, instantly seizing another staff from the hands of an attendant, he waved it joyfully above his head, and shouted triumphantly, "Long live the king, Louis XV.!" A huzza burst from the lips of the assembled...

History of Scotland

by Margaret Macarthur

The Romans, who had already made themselves masters of South Britain, were led into the northern part of the island by Julius Agricola, a.d. 80. But the Celts whom they found there, and whom they calledCaledonians,...

History of Germany

by George Priest

The German Empire of 1740 was established on Christmas Day 800 when the Pope placed the imperial crown on the head of Charlemagne in Rome. From that time until far down the Middle Ages the Empire stood forth...

Henry of Navarre

by Paul Willert

FRENCH historians, anxious to vindicate in all things the priority of their nation, point out that in 1512, five years before Luther denounced the sale of indulgences, Lefevre, a lecturer on theology and letters...

Gustav Vasa and the Swedish Revolution

by Paul Watson

Gustav I, born Gustav Eriksson of the Vasa noble family and later known as Gustav Vasa, was King of Sweden from 1523 until his 1560 death, previously self-recognised Protector of the Realm from 1521, during...

History of Norway

by Hjalmar Boyesen

The Norsemen are a Germanic race, and belong, accordingly, to the Aryan family. Their next of kin are the Swedes and Danes. Their original home was Asia, and probably that part of Asia which the ancients called...

History of Europe 1870-1919

by Charles Hazen

THE year 1870 will long remain memorable in the annals of Europe. For in that year occurred a great and decisive war whose outcome was destined to exercise a large and profound influence upon the history of...

History of Europe 1500-1815

by Carlton Hayes

Five hundred years ago a European could search in vain the map of "the world" for America, or Australia, or the Pacific Ocean. Experienced mariners, and even learned geographers, were quite unaware that beyond...

History of Germany

by Bayard Taylor

The Germans form one of the most important branches of the Indo-Germanic or Aryan race - a division of the human family which also includes the Hindoos, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Celts, and the Slavonic tribes....

History of Florence and the Affairs of Italy

by Niccolo Machiavelli

Theodoric possessed great talents both for war and peace; in the former he was always conqueror, and in the latter he conferred very great benefits upon the cities and people under him. He distributed the Ostrogoths...

History of England 1760 - 1801

by William Hunt

George III. was in his twenty-third year when he succeeded his grandfather, George II., on October 25, 1760. His accession caused general satisfaction. The jacobite schism had come to an end; no one imagined...