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Fodor's Amsterdam

by Fodor's Travel Guides

Written by locals, Fodor's travel guides have been offering expert advice for all tastes and budgets for over 80 years.

Amarone and the fine wines of Verona

by Michael Garner

The Veronese wine regions of Soave and Valpolicella – home to Amarone – are currently producing some of the world’s most drinkable quality wines. But both regions still struggle with a reputation for cheap,...

Maria Antoinette

by John Abbott

In the year 1740, Charles the Sixth, emperor of Austria, died. He left a daughter twenty-three years of age, Maria Theresa, to inherit the crown of that powerful empire. She had been married about four years...

Edinburgh: A Traveller's Reader

by David Daiches

Edinburgh is a city whose history is written on its face. The Old Town on its crowded rock, sloping down from the Castle to Holyroodhouse, has not significantly changed its atmosphere since the turbulent fifteenth...

Rick Steves Ireland 2018

by Rick Steves & Pat O'Connor

Wander rustic towns, emerald valleys, lively cities, and moss-draped ruins: with Rick Steves on your side, Ireland can be yours!

Inside Rick Steves Ireland 2018 you'll find:

  • Comprehensive coverage for planning...

Moon Oslo

by David Nikel

Moon Travel Guides: Your World Your Way

One of Europe's fastest growing cities, Oslo offers visitors a perfect mixture of art, culture, and wilderness. Discover Norway's vibrant capital with Moon Oslo.

  • Strategic...

Lord Clive

by George Malleson

Towards the close of the year 1744 there landed at Madras, as writer in the service of the East India Company, a young Englishman just entering the twentieth year of his existence, named Robert Clive. The earlier...

King Henry the Fourth

by John Abbott

About four hundred years ago there was a small kingdom, spreading over the cliffs and ravines of the eastern extremity of the Pyrenees, called Navarre. Its population, of about five hundred thousand, consisted...

Gustav Vasa

by Paul Watson

THE manor of Lindholm lies in the centre of a smiling district about twenty miles north of the capital of Sweden. Placed on a height between two fairy lakes, it commands a wide and varied prospect over the surrounding...

Henry the Eighth

by Albert Pollard

What manner of man was this, and wherein lay the secret of his strength? Is recourse necessary to a theory of supernatural agency, or is there another and adequate solution? Was Henry's individual will of such...


by James Headlam

Otto Eduard Leopold Von Bismarck was born at the manor-house of Schoenhausen, in the Mark of Brandenburg, on April 1, 1815. Just a month before, Napoleon had escaped from Elba; and, as the child lay in his cradle,...

Charles XII - King of Sweden

by Carl Klingspor

Two centuries ago when the kingdoms of Northern Europe were struggling for supremacy on the Baltic and control of the narrow portal to the sea, there appeared a young prince, the marvel of his age, who made...

Camino Portugués Maps

by John Brierley

Spiritual seekers and travelers will find all the resources they need to walk the Way of St. James in this complete set of maps and town plans covering the sacred route from Lisbon, via Porto, to Santiago de...

A Camino Pilgrim's Guide Sarria - Santiago - Finisterre

by John Brierley

The only guidebook covering three short routes to Santiago de Compostela: just the last five stages of the Camino de Santiago (Camino Francés) from Sarria to Santiago; the Camino Finisterre and its Muxía extension;...

Camino de Santiago Maps

by John Brierley

A complete set of maps and town plans in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and Polish make up this indispensible guidebook for spiritual seekers and travelers wishing to walk the way...

Rick Steves Italy 2018

by Rick Steves

From the Mediterranean to the Alps, from fine art to fine pasta: with Rick Steves on your side, Italy can be yours!

Inside Rick Steves Italy 2018 you'll find:

Comprehensive coverage for planning a multi-week trip...

A History of Italy 476-1600

by Henry Sedgwick

In the year 476 an unfortunate young man, mocked with the great names of the founders of the City and of the Empire, Romulus Augustus, nicknamed Augustulus, was deposed from the throne of the Cæsars by a Barbarian...

A History of the Germanic Empire

by S. A. Dunham

With Germany prior to the dissolution of the Roman power, the present compendium has no concern: the history of that period is, or ought to be, familiar to every reader. Our object is to contemplate that celebrated...

A History of Holland

by George Edmundson

The title, "History of Holland," given to this volume is fully justified by the predominant part which the great maritime province of Holland took in the War of Independence and throughout the whole of the subsequent...

George Fetherling's Travel Memoirs 3-Book Bundle

by George Fetherling

The travel writing of celebrated writer George Fetherling is filled with vivid prose and bizarre characters.


One Russia, Two Chinas

A travel narrative written over the course of ten years, One Russia,...