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How Sweet the Bitter Soup

by Lori Qian

• With the international political environment being what it is, the difficulties for people to simply get married, or accompany a spouse to their country for a visit, or to actually immigrate are more relevant...

Around The World In Eighty Days

by Jules Verne

Around the World in Eighty Days (French: Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours) is an adventure novel by the French writer Jules Verne, published in 1873. In the story, Phileas Fogg of London and...

A Year in Paris

by John Baxter

A Paperback Original

From the incomparable John Baxter, the bestselling author of The Most Beautiful Walk in the World, a sumptuous and definitive portrait of Paris through the seasons, highlighting the unique...

Roads From the Ashes

by Megan Edwards & Chris Epting

When a wildfire destroyed her home and worldly possessions in the hills above Los Angeles, it didn’t take Megan Edwards long to recognize an opportunity. It took her husband a little longer (“Give me five...

The Puffin Diaries

by Rich Shapiro

Have you ever wanted to take a sabbatical from work and go travelling? ‘Reading these stories again takes me back immediately to the windswept green hills of Rum, the howling huskies of Greenland and the far-off...

Travel As Transformation

by Gregory V. Diehl

A daring, intelligent, and unapologetic call to find yourself through wanderlust. When you travel to a foreign place, do you experience this new life as your old self? Or do you become a new version of you? ...

War Tourism

by Bertram M. Gordon

As German troops entered Paris following their victory in June 1940, the American journalist William L. Shirer observed that they carried cameras and behaved as "naïve tourists." One of the first things Hitler...

Coves of Departure

by John Seibert Farnsworth

In a book that has been called "a love song to nature," the author documents the latest decade of his explorations of the Baja peninsula and the Sea of Cortez. While much of the book narrates his experience...

A Few Feet Short

by Jamey Glasnovic

In the follow-up to his first book, Lost and Found, Jamey Glasnovic ventures into the Himalaya to get away from the monotony of the workaday grind, searching for direction, inspiration and for his place in the...

Inner Ranges

by Geoff Powter & Chris Bonington

Shortlisted for the 2019 Banff Mountain Book Award for Mountain Literature

Shortlisted for the 2019 Boardman Tasker Award

Inner Ranges brings together an enlightening and entertaining selection of mountain writing...

Lines on a Map

by Frank Wolf & John Vaillant

Shortlisted for the 2019 Banff Mountain Book Award for Adventure Travel

Two decades of adventure writing are captured in this entertaining and inspiring collection of travel journalism by renowned adventurer,...

A Stranger's Pose

by Emmanuel Iduma

A unique blend of travelogue, musings and poetry, A Stranger's Pose draws the reader into a world of encounters haunted by the absence of home, estrangement from a lover and family tragedies. The author's recollections...

Falling for London

by Sean Mallen

  • A memoir of a journalist uprooting his family and trying to adjust to life in London, a crumbling apartment, and his dream job becoming his family's nightmare
  • Unique and humorous look at the "glamorous" life...

The Animal One Thousand Miles Long

by Leath Tonino

The phrase “an animal a thousand miles miles long,” attributed to Aristotle, refers to a sprawling body that cannot be seen in its entirety from a single angle, a thing too vast and complicated to be knowable...

Pay No Heed to the Rockets

by Marcello Di Cintio

  • Pay No Heed to the Rockets tells a fresh story about Palestine, one that begins with art rather than war, and one that intentionally avoids depicting Palestinians as merely one-half of the Israeli/Palestinian...

  • Magnetic North

    by Jenna Butler

    “Windburned, eyes closed, this: beneath the keening of bergs, a deeper thresh of glaciers calving, creaking with sun. Sound of earth, her bones, wide russet bowl of hips splaying open. From these sere flanks,...

    The China Option

    by Sophia Camille Erickson

    In 2014 Sophia Erickson graduated from college with an apparently useless degree in European history from an obscure foreign college. Faced with crippling student loan debts and after an anxious couple of months...

    Travel stories

    by Stefano Zinni

    I remember over the years your goal of writing a book about all of your experiences in traveling and finally you're doing it!! I'm excited about this for you because you have had the fortunate opportunities...

    Thoreau's Cape Cod

    by Dan Tobyne

    Beginning in 1849, Henry David Thoreau made four walking tours of Cape Cod. Along the way he recorded his observations on the natural world as well as on the nature of the people he met. His resulting book has...

    The Edge of the World

    by Coral Waight

    In 2006, Coral Waight set out in her little hatchback to begin the first of four road trips around the island of Tasmania, south of where she lives in Melbourne, Australia.

    She planned to the nth degree, but...