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A Big Slice of Canada - to Go!

by Curtis Walker

 A lively and insightful exploration travelogue written by a modern "Voyageur," driving right the way across Canada during the summer of 2017, to commemorate the country's 150th Anniversary since the signing...

The Importance of Elsewhere

by Randy Malamud

A collection of essays grounded in the author’s own personal and intellectual journeys, which tackles themes questioning the significance and meaning of travel. It asks how and why we travel, where we are...

Okinawa, Japan

by Hudson Benjamin

Okinawa, Japan. The People, History, World War II, Culture and Tradition. Travel and Tourism. Before Okinawa, there was Ryukyu, an independent kingdom ruled by its kings, its people seafarers prospering through...

Netherlands Antilles

by Dean Stephen

Netherlands Antilles. The People, History and Cultural differences, Tourism. Despite the fact that these six islands have been and continue to be politically tied to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, each island...

Nassau & Paradise Island, The Bahamas

by Harvey Issac

Nassau & Paradise Island, The Bahamas. Travel and Tourism. Atlantis Paradise Island Resort is known worldwide for its amazing water adventures, white sand beaches, luxury accommodations and fine dining. Whether...

Maui Island Travel and Tourism

by Pearce Charles

Maui island Travel and Tourism. Vacation, Holiday, Environmental Information. When it comes to outdoor recreation, Maui wins best in show. Just look at that zipliner launching into a canopy of green. Or the...

Marie Galante Island Travel and Tourism

by Cole Gabriel

Marie Galante Island Travel and Tourism. Vacation, Holiday, Honeymoon. Ever since Christopher Columbus caught sight of Marie-Galante and named the island after his ship, the Maria Galanda, visitors have been...

Kiribati Island Travel and Tourism

by Saunders David

Kiribati Island Travel and Tourism. People, Culture and Tradition, Environment. Kiribati is for travellers those who have a passion for exploring and discovering, people who like an adventure off the tourist...

Kauai Island, the Garden Isle

by Butler Kenneth

: Kauai Island, the Garden Isle. Travel and Tourism. Kauai is the oldest island in Hawaii and is a twenty-minute flight from Honolulu. The tropical paradise was formed six million years ago and encompasses 550...

Fuerteventura Island

by Knight John

Fuerteventura Island. Travel and Tourism, Family travel, Vacation, Honeymoon Holiday. The seven sub-tropical Canary Islands bask in sunny splendour off the Atlantic coast of north-west Africa. Millions of sun-starved...

Bosnia and Herzegovina

by Matthews Samuel

Bosnia and Herzegovina. History, People, Culture, Travel and Tourism Environment. When the Romans extended their conquests into the territory of modern Bosnia during the 2nd and 1st centuries bce, the people...

Cut the Crap & Move To Costa Rica: A How-to Guide Based on These Gringos' Experience

by Steve Page, Nikki Page & Kara Starcher

            This "How-to" guide contains information about the process of moving internationally, specifically to Costa Rica. The basics of what people need to know during the first two years after...

Arezzo. Art, History, Culture

by Armando Cherici

The first distinguished monument that speaks of the rebirth of the city as a Commune is the parish church of Santa Maria, built where the straight road coming from Rome begins its steep climb to the hills. According...

Good Food in Paris

by Cécile Van Lith, Nathalie Ruas & Brigitte Sion

You are in Paris, looking for vegetarian food, organic food, raw food, french cuisine with fresh and quality products ? Good food in Paris is made for you. 

You will find a selection of 90 restaurants with healthy...

Land of Plenty

by Charlie Pye-Smith

A charming travelogue exploring the little-understood world of British agriculture

A Simple First Book of Nature - Children's Science & Nature

by Baby Professor

Every first lesson your child needs to know will always be challenging. This book is created to help you introduce nature in your child’s young minds. The book is made simple and very comprehensive to fit...

Nature is Fun! All About Nature for Kids - The Four Elements

by Baby Professor

Let’s define what the four elements are, shall we? There’s the earth, fire, air and water. Let’s go ahead and learn more about each of them by opening the pages of this educational book. This book has...

Kerala Hugged

by Ankur Mutreja

In a borderless world, all would be travelers indeed. India is a small borderless world in itself, and Kerala lies at its southernmost tip. The author lives near the lovely Kashmir, but does that make Kerala...

North Carolina Craft Beer & Breweries

by Erik Lars Myers & Sarah H. Ficke

Boasting more craft breweries than any other state in the South, North Caro¬lina is the state of Southern beer. In 2012, Erik Lars Myers wrote North Carolina Craft Beer & Breweries, which profiled 45 breweries....

The Great Northern Canada Bucket List: One-of-a-Kind Travel Experiences

by Robin Esrock

Renowned travel writer and TV host Robin Esrock has explored every inch of Canada's north to craft the definitive Bucket List. From food and culture to nature and adrenaline rushes, Robin provides the inspiration...