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The Garden of Leaders

by Paul Woodruff

The Garden of Leaders explores two related questions: What is leadership? And what sort of education could prepare young people to be leaders? Paul Woodruff argues that higher education--particularly but not...

Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy of Mind and Nature

by Douglas S. Duckworth

Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy of Mind and Nature offers an engaging philosophical overview of Tibetan Buddhist thought. Integrating competing and complementary perspectives on the nature of mind and reality, Douglas...

Cultures and Byeond

by Randy Ellefson

Creating a unique, immersive setting one place at a time

Written to help fantasy and science fiction storytellers, game designers, gamers, and hobbyists, CULTURES AND BEYOND (THE ART OF WORLD BUILDING, #3) is...

52 positive thoughts for successful studies

by Alain Ruiz & Agnès Ruiz

Everyone knows the importance of positive thinking in our daily lives. It’s a powerful motive for success, especially for studies. These positive thoughts, chosen carefully, are listed from 1 to 52. We invite...

Obscene Pedagogies

by Carissa M. Harris

As anyone who has read Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales knows, Middle English literature is rife with sexually explicit language and situations. Less canonical works can be even more brazen in describing illicit...

When Right Makes Might

by Stacie E. Goddard

Why do great powers accommodate the rise of some challengers but contain and confront others, even at the risk of war? When Right Makes Might proposes that the ways in which a rising power legitimizes its expansionist...

The Spinoza Collection

by Benedict de Spinoza

By laying the groundwork for the Enlightenment and modern biblical criticism, including modern conceptions of the self and the universe, Spinoza came to be considered one of the great rationalists of 17th-century...

Dislocated subject

by Lorena Preta

“The time is out of joint”. This famous line from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet helps to describe the impression of de-centering, of deconstruction, which we currently live and experience. This phenomenon...

The Mortimer J. Adler Collection

by Mortimer J. Adler

Mortimer Jerome Adler was an American educator, philosopher, and popular author. As a philosopher he worked with Aristotelian and Thomistic thought.

"Unlike many of my contemporaries, I never write books for...

The Oxford Handbook of Morphological Theory

by Jenny Audring & Francesca Masini

This volume is the first handbook devoted entirely to the multitude of frameworks adopted in the field of morphology, including Minimalism, Optimality Theory, Network Morphology, Cognitive Grammar, and Canonical...

What's the Point of Knowledge?

by Michael Hannon

This book is about knowledge and its value. At its heart is a straightforward idea: we can answer many interesting and difficult questions in epistemology by reflecting on the role of epistemic evaluation in...

The Meaning of Surah 24 An-Nur The Light (La Luz) From Holy Quran (El Sagrado Corán) Bilingual Edition English Spanish

by Jannah Firdaus Mediapro

The Meaning of Surah 24 An-Nur The Light (La Luz) From Holy Quran (El Sagrado Corán) Bilingual Edition In English And Spanish Languange.

Surah An-Nur (The Light) is the 24th sura of the Qur'an with 64 ayat....

Marxism, Freedom and the State

by Mikhail Bakunin

This book is Bakunin's version of the split between himself and Karl Marx that took place in the late 1860s and early 1870s. Bauknin saw the schism between them arising out of different perceptions of the function...

Philosophy and the Physicists

by L. Susan Stebbing

In 1937 Susan Stebbing published Philosophy and the Physicists, an in-depth analysis of the works written for the general public by two physicists then at the center of attention in England and the world, James...


by Conor McHugh, Jonathan Way & Daniel Whiting

Epistemology, like ethics, is normative. Just as ethics addresses questions about how we ought to act, so epistemology addresses questions about how we ought to believe and enquire. We can also ask metanormative...

Waste Your Time

by Julian Poerksen & Robert E. Goodwin

"The economization of our entire lifespan and the apparent compulsion to constant self-optimization are dead ends into which the dynamics of the market economy have led us. Julian Poerksen asks how we might...

Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, Volume 55

by Victor Caston

Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy is a volume of original articles on all aspects of ancient philosophy. The articles may be of substantial length, and include critical notices of major books. OSAP is now...


by Gaston Dorren

English is the world language, except that most of the world doesn’t speak it—only one in five people does. Dorren calculates that to speak fluently with half of the world’s 7.4 billion people in their...

The Ego and the Id

by Sigmund Freud

In what is considered one of his most prominent ideas, Austrian psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud explains the dynamic of the human psyche in terms of the roles and conflicts produced by the id, ego, and super-ego....

Fear and Trembling

by Soren Kierkegaard

Søren Kierkegaard was a Danish philosopher, theologian and religious author interested in human psychology. He is regarded as a leading pioneer of existentialism and one of the greatest philosophers of the...