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The Journey of Advaita

by Priti Sinha

About the Book

The Journey of Advaita elucidates the richness, depth and profundity of Advaitic thought right from Vedas to Integral Advaitism of Sri Aurobindo and further how it is being incorporated in modern...

The Allegory of the Cave

by Plato

Plato's Allegory of the Cave is one of the most elegant and important metaphors in Western philosophy. It is a dialogue between Plato's brother Glaucon and his mentor Socrates, narrated by the latter, in which...

Philosophy of Life

by Kanta Arora

About the Book

This volume illustrates, compares and discusses as to how Guru Na?nak with his transcendental exposition, sharp skill, argumentative capability and common poetic language further enriched, explained,...

Setting Health-Care Priorities

by Torbjörn Tännsjö

With much of the world's population facing restricted access to adequate medical care, how to allocate scarce health-care resources is a pressing question for governments, hospitals, and individuals. How do...

Public Oratory

by LiBook

Are you afraid and are you insecure to speak in public?

Do you want to speak in front of an audience but are you ashamed to know the reaction of the people?

"Public Oratory" is the book that will be your guide...

The Triune Story

by Robert W. Jenson, Brad East & Bruce D. Marshall

At the time of his death in the autumn of 2017, Robert W. Jenson was arguably America's foremost theologian. Over the course of a career spanning more than five decades, much of Jenson's thought was dedicated...

Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy Volume 5

by David Sobel, Peter Vallentyne & Steven Wall

This is the fifth volume of Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy. Since its revival in the 1970s political philosophy has been a vibrant field in philosophy, one that intersects with jurisprudence, normative...

The Dark Sides of Empathy

by Fritz Breithaupt & Andrew B. B. Hamilton

Many consider empathy to be basis of moral action. However, the ability to empathize with others is also a prerequisite for deliberate acts of humiliation and cruelty toward them. In The Dark Sides of Empathy...

Empire and Communications

by Harold A. Innis

Empire and Communications is Innis's important contribution to the debate about how media influenced the development of consciousness and societies. In this foundational work, he traced humanity's movement from...

LCM Journal. Vol 5, No 2 (2018). Emerging Chinese Theory and Practice of Media

by AA.VV., Emma Lupano, Hugo de Burgh & Bettina Mottura

TABLE of CONTENTS: Emerging Chinese Theory and Practice of Media, Hugo de Burgh, Emma Lupano, Bettina Mottura - Dual Identity and Multiple Tasks: Contemporary Chinese Party Media's Involvement in Political Communication,...

LCM Journal. Vol 5, No 1 (2018). Research Perspectives on Bioethically-relevant Discourse

by AA.VV., Kim Grego & Priscilla Heynderickx

Table of Contents:

Research Themes in Bioethically-relevant Discourse: An Overview

Kim Grego, Priscilla C. Heynderickx

Scientific Knowledge and Legislative Drafting: Focus on Surrogacy Laws

Giuliana Elena...

The Meaning of Surah 10 Yunus (Prophet Jonah AS) From Holy Quran (????????? ?????) Bilingual Edition English and Russian

by Jannah Firdaus Mediapro

The Meaning of Surah 10 Yunus (Prophet Jonah AS) From Holy Quran (????????? ?????) Bilingual Edition In English and Russian Languange.

Yunus (Jonah) is the 10th chapter (surah) of the Quran with 109 verses (ayat)....

Patan?jali's Yogasu?tra

by K. Ramakrishna Rao

About the Book

Patan?jali’s Yogasu?tra: A Psychological Study is an attempt at an English translation of Patan?jali’s Yogasu?tra with commentary rendered in current psychological idiom. It features an extensive...

Althusser and Contingency

by Stefano Pippa

The notion of contingency plays a central role in Althusser’s attempt to recast Marxist philosophy and to free the Marxist conception of history from notions such as teleology, necessity and origin. Drawing...


by Orietta Ombrosi & Raphael Zagury-Orly

Drawing on the relationship between Derrida and Levinas and on the unresolved tension between their philosophical corpuses, this book aims to offer new possible interpretations on the future of democracy. What...

Phenomenology and Pathography of Memory

by Pio Colonnello

The concept of memory has always been a crucial topic in philosophical discourse. This book re-traces the thought of major philosophers such as Edmund Husserl, Paul Ricoeur, Hannah Arendt, Karl Jaspers, William...

Pragmatism and Vagueness

by Claudine Tiercelin

For most early pragmatists, including the founder C. S. Peirce and L. Wittgenstein, vagueness was a real and universal principle and not a mere defect of our knowledge or thought. This volume begins by exploring...

Cognition Switch #6

by Carl Zimmer, Alex O'Brien, Hayley Birch & Catherine de Lange et al.

Cognition Switch: An Artefact for the Transmission of New Ideas

Issue #6: June 2019

Featuring Ideas by:

Alex O’Brien, Hayley Birch, Catherine de Lange, Carl Zimmer, Moheb Costandi, Virginia Gewin, Emma Young,...

How I Stayed Alive When My Brain Was Trying to Kill Me, Revised Edition

by Susan Rose Blauner


Suicide has touched the lives of nearly half of all Americans, yet it is rarely talked about openly. In her highly acclaimed book, Susan Blauner—a survivor...

The Translation of Noble Quran English Edition Color Coded Version

by Jannah Firdaus Mediapro & Jannah An-Nur Foundation

The Translation of Noble Quran (?????? ???????????? ??????) In English Languange Color Coded Version.

The Noble Quran is the Holy Book or the Scripture of the Muslims. It lays down for them the law and commandments,...