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Callan's Proposition

by Barbara McCauley

Outside the office, Callan Sinclair didn't know that Abigail Thomas existed. But Abigail had definitely noticed the broad shoulders and intense brown eyes of her employer. His powerful presence had taken her...

Texas Pride

by Barbara McCauley

No Man's Wife

Full of Texas pride, Jessica Stone was determined to single-handedly rebuild her life—with no help from any man! But when a sexy stranger offered his services and set Jessica's pulse pounding,...

Texas Temptation

by Barbara McCauley

Forbidden Love

Tormented by haunting memories, Jared Stone denied himself happiness. But when sultry Annie Baily unexpectedly came back to town, he desperately wanted to believe in forgiveness. Because his brother's...

Texas Heat

by Barbara McCauley

Steel Magnolia

No one was going to take away Savannah Roberts's niece—especially not Jake Stone, who claimed to be the child's long-lost half brother. Savannah was her legal guardian and nothing could change...

Gabriel's Honor

by Barbara McCauley


To Melanie Hart, escape looked as futile as the dark night once Gabriel Sinclair discovered her and her son hiding in an abandoned farmhouse. The beauty's barely hidden fear told Gabriel...

Seduction Of The Reluctant Bride

by Barbara McCauley


Sam McCants was a steer-ropin', dust-on-his-britches kind of cowboy. So what in tarnation was this purebred Texan thinking, getting himself hitched to a citified bride—even...

Midnight Bride

by Barbara McCauley


That's how Agent Caleb hunter found the woman known to him only as Sarah. But he had reason to believe she didn't truly have amnesia and was not what she appeared. To test...

Nanny and the Reluctant Rancher

by Barbara McCauley


From the first moment Kat Delaney walked through his door, single dad Logan Kincaid knew his life was about to be turned upside down. There was something decidedly unsettling about...

Killian's Passion

by Barbara McCauley


Killian Shawnessy was arrogant, imposing…and worth a bundle. And it was up to feisty Cara Sinclair to deliver the brooding heir to his long-lost family. Yet after locating the mysterious...

Secret Baby Santos

by Barbara McCauley


Long, lean and devastatingly handsome, Nick Santos had been shy Maggie Smith's fantasy man. So when she had the chance to take Nick as her very first lover, virginal Maggie became the...

Reese's Wild Wager

by Barbara McCauley

A wild poker wager won Reese Sinclair a… woman! Two weeks slinging hash at his rough-hewn tavern was just the thing to tip persnickety Sydney Taylor’ s tiara. No woman could shake his ivory tower of bachelorhood,...

Taming Blackhawk

by Barbara McCauley

He could tame any wild mustang—but no woman had come close to taming Rand Blackhawk. Yet one lady spitfire dared enter the arena with the tantalizing Texas maverick. Socialite Grace Sullivan desperately needed...

In Blackhawk's Bed

by Barbara McCauley

Passing through a small Texas town, Seth Blackhawk found himself rescuing a set of young twins in trouble. His bravery resulted in an injury that had the lone wolf agreeing to Hannah Michaels's more than generous...

Where There's Smoke...

by Barbara McCauley

Emily Barone could remember nothing about her near-death experience in a Boston fire—except for the rock-hard chest and strong arms of the fireman who pulled her to safety. She and Shane Cummings generated...

That Blackhawk Bride

by Barbara McCauley

A mere three days before debutante Clair Beauchamp's big society wedding, sexy investigator Jacob Carver stunned her with news that she was actually a Blackhawk from Wolf River, Texas. Handed the perfect escape...

Name Your Price

by Barbara McCauley

Some prices are too high to pay...

Unfortunately, millionaire Trace Ashton had discovered this cold truth the hard way when his fiancee had accepted a one-hundred-thousand-dollar buy off. The betrayal had left...