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Her Spanish Boss

by Barbara McMahon

When Rachel Goodson starts working for Luis Alvares he's prickly and suspicious. But as they draw closer, and their secrets spill out, Rachel knows Luis's heart is still with his late wife. So she's stunned...

The Nanny and the Sheikh

by Barbara McMahon

Needed: a mother for the sheikh's children…

Melissa Fox's trip to the kingdom of Qu'Arim is a perk of her job with the Valentine family. When she arrives, she works for Bella Lucia, but when she expertly calms...

Snowbound Reunion

by Barbara McMahon

Watching the snowflakes fall and make everything look perfect, Cath Morgan knows she's made the right decision to spend Christmas alone, far away from the city and her husband, Jake. For six years Cath has dreamed...

The Sheikh's Secret

by Barbara McMahon

The ordinary girl…

Laura has been absolutely swept off her feet by a gorgeous new man—she's never been made to feel so special!

And the sheikh!

But as they become closer, Talique is torn. Laura doesn't know his...

Winning Back His Wife

by Barbara McMahon

Once they were blissfully married…

For ten years Heather Jackson has tried to forget she was once a loving young wife. She had to make an impossible decision between her family or her husband—it was her marriage...

Pregnant: Father Needed

by Barbara McMahon

Seeing that unmistakably blue line staring up at her from a pregnancy test should have been the happiest day of Amber Woodworth's life. But it was also the same day she discovered she was a widow….

Now Amber...

Their Pregnancy Bombshell

by Barbara McMahon


Her only daughter has just gotten married, and now, nearing forty, Sara Simpson is celebrating…her own marriage! It was hard being a single mom, but with her new live-life-to-thefull attitude,...

His Inherited Wife

by Barbara McMahon

Inheriting half of her late husband's company means Shannon Morris is now Jase Pembrooke's business partner—to their mutual dismay!

Working together, they are forced to confront their growing attraction. Then...

Her Desert Family

by Barbara McMahon


Bridget Rossi isn't used to mingling amongst the seriously rich and famous. But through her cousin, Bridget has just been invited to stay with a powerfully sexy sheikh...

His Convenient Fiancee

by Barbara McMahon

She needs a fiance for a night…

Molly McGuire needs a temporary fiance—and when fate steps in at the last moment Molly's saved…. Nick Bailey is sexy, successful and cynical—and he's hers for the night!


Marriage in Name Only

by Barbara McMahon


After all she's been through, Jenny Gordon is scared of letting anyone close. But now she's forced to confront her fears—Jenny's been made guardian of a little girl! Moreover,...

The Boss's Convenient Proposal

by Barbara McMahon

Will the boss take a bride?

Mitch Holden has made Ginny Morgan a very generous proposal…. If she is willing to be his secretary, Mitch will pay for her son's operation. Ginny is happy to work for Mitch, but...

The Tycoon Prince

by Barbara McMahon

Torn between duty…and desire!

Prince Jean LeBlanc is the sole remaining heir to the throne of Marique. Only, he refuses to have anything to do with his royal heritage. As Marique's royal ambassador it's Clarissa...

The Sheikh's Proposal

by Barbara McMahon

Marriage by royal command!

Sara Kinsale is stunned to be thrown together with a prince of the desert, and even more so to find herself unbelievably attracted to the elusive Sheikh Kahrun bak Samin…. Especially...

His Secretary's Secret

by Barbara McMahon

Her boss, her boyfriend—her secret!

Millionaire tycoon Matt Gramling has two golden rules for avoiding love-struck secretaries:

#1 Never employ anyone under 50!

#2 Never date a woman over 25….

Outraged, Karla...

The Substitute Wife

by Barbara McMahon

Marriage in the making!

Deanna Stephens needs a job and a place to live—and Jay Masters's advert for a live-in nanny sounds perfect. Though one look at Jay and his two adorable little girls, and Dee knows her...

The Marriage Test

by Barbara McMahon

Marriage under fire

Though Sara Blackstone adores her husband, Alec constantly puts his job first—so Sara walks out on their marriage after only a year. She doesn't know then that she's pregnant with Alec's...

The Husband Campaign

by Barbara McMahon

To catch a groom…

Kerry has always loved Jake Mitchell, but he's never felt the same way about her. She decides to try to forget about him…until she finds an old family journal containing instructions on how...

Marrying Margot

by Barbara McMahon

Three sisters uncover secrets that lead to marriage—with the men of their dreams!

Marrying Margot Beaufort had been the happiest event of Rand Marstall's life, but when she lost their baby their marriage had...

Georgia's Groom

by Barbara McMahon

Three sisters uncover secrets that lead to marriage—with the men of their dreams!

Georgia Beaufort is dismayed to find Dev Tolliver watching over his stepfather's estate—and keeping an eye on the new female...