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Survivor of Nam: P.O.W. - Book #2: P.O.W. - Book #2

by Donald E. Zlotnik

The second exciting book in this authentic series about Vietnam involves a 17-year-old corporal who is imprisoned by the Viet Cong and must endure the horrors of his capture until the U.S. Special Forces can...

Survivor of Nam: Court Martial - Book #4: Court Martial - Book #4

by Donald E. Zlotnik

You fought the enemy in Vietnam--and came home to another kind of war. Book 4 of Survivor of Nam by Donald E. Zlotnik.

Survivor of Nam: Baptism - Book #1: Baptism - Book #1

by Donald E. Zlotnik

Private David Woods, newly arrived in Vietnam, faces his first bloody firefight and a deadly mission into Laos. Book 1 of Survivor of Nam.

Survivor of Nam: Black Market - Book #3: Black Market - Book #3

by Donald E. Zlotnik

Book 3 of this exciting Vietnam adventure series involves the military Black Market, where everything is for sale: contraband military supplies, drugs, booze, and even women. Now the time has come for the payoffs...