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The Heat: A Wyatt Thriller

by Garry Disher

Wyatt needs a job.

A bank job would be nice, or a security van hold-up. As long as he doesn't have to work with cocky idiots and strung-out meth-heads like the Pepper brothers. That's the sort of miscalculation...

Bitter Wash Road

by Garry Disher

A modern western set in an isolated Australian bush town with a soaring crime rate, where a local constable with a troubled past must investigate the death of a teenage girl whose murder threatens to set the...


by Garry Disher

A chilling series of stories of flight and fear.

It?s a great feeling, breaking away from home, school and the restrictions of your childhood years, testing yourself in the world at last. First flight, first...


by Garry Disher

In this thrilling installment in Garry Disher's jewel thief series, Wyatt escapes from a boat with policewoman Liz Redding and a fortune in stolen gems, only to find himself embarking on quite a mission. While...


by Garry Disher

'heart-pounding suspense' Publisher's Weekly

What do you do if an outsider tells you the teachings of Ratface and the White League are wrong? What if Ratface shuts you away behind an electric fence, or if he...

Good One, Erm

by Garry Disher & Craig Smith

Good One, Erm is a warm and moving story of cranky neighbours and family love by the author of The Bamboo Flute.

It?s not easy moving house and making new friends. Especially not when the neighbours think you?re...

Walk Twenty, Run Twenty

by Garry Disher

A stunning tale of intrigue and survival in the dusty outback, from the author of The Divine Wind.

Rick?s cousins are two specks floating on the horizon, leaving him far behind on the treacherous bush track....

The Bamboo Flute

by Garry Disher

'musical and haunting' Publisher's Weekly

Paul is a dreamer, his head alive with rippling pianos, gentle violins and the smiles of Margaret, the one he loves. But in the cold light of day, Margaret snubs him...

Two-way Cut

by Garry Disher

'Disher is brilliant.' Sydney Morning Herald

Leah Flood is on the run. The cops are after her and she has to keep one step ahead. The irony is that Leah is a cop too. But she?s a cop who made a mistake. Leah...

Moondyne Kate

by Garry Disher

`a fabulous and creative novel? Daily Advertiser

I goses by the name Moondyne Kate...

I was a Orphan Girl and fell into a great melancholy

of the spirit, great discouragement was my lot...

Canongate was a colourful...

Maddie Finn

by Garry Disher

Maddie Finn lives with her mother above a converted stable in the grounds of a big house owned by the gloomy Harold Delamore. It's their `cosy refuge against the world? and Maddie's favourite task is to walk...

From Your Friend, Louis Deane

by Garry Disher

`...stunning... Disher is brilliant? Sydney Morning Herald

We always hurt the ones we love...

When Louis?s parents decide to move from the city to a small coastal town, Louis finds himself at odds with everything...

Eva's Angel

by Garry Disher

Eva Hicks has come to Italy for love and art. What she finds in the shifting light of Tuscany are gunshots along the terraced hillsides, the enigmatic Nye and a sense of her misplaced faith.

Meanwhile, in a crypt...

The Divine Wind

by Garry Disher

`an outstanding piece of writing...a powerful novel...? Reading Time

Friendship is a slippery notion. We lose friends as we change and our friends don?t, or as we form other alliances, or as we betray our friends...

The Apostle Bird

by Garry Disher

`a masterful achievement? Magpies

We have come here to scratch for gold.

Once we had a house, a business and a Packard sedan,

but they are gone now, seized by the bank.

The year is 1934, the time of the Great Depression....

Blood Moon: An Inspector Hal Challis and Sergeant Ellen Destry Investigation

by Garry Disher

The fifth Hal Challis investigation, set in southeast Australia

It’s been a busy few days for Inspector Hal Challis. The school year has just ended, and with the sudden influx of rowdy teenagers on break, Waterloo...

Chain of Evidence

by Garry Disher

Inspector Hal Challis has been summoned to his boyhood home, Mawson’s Bluff in the Australian Outback, where his father is dying. There his past comes back to haunt him... and endanger his life. Meanwhile,...


by Garry Disher

It takes months for Australian social psychologist Janine McQuarrie to succumb to her husband’s pressure to attend spouse-swapping parties, but eventually she gives in. Then, driving with her young daughter...

Kittyhawk Down

by Garry Disher

The once-peaceful beach resort of Bushrangers Bay, not far from Melbourne, is the site of multiple crimes that must be investigated by Homicide Squad Inspector Hal Challis of the Mornington Peninsula Police...

The Dragon Man

by Garry Disher

Meet Hal Challis, Detective for the Mornington Peninsula police force in Southeast Australia, in the first investigation in this prize-winning crime series


A serial killer is on the loose in a small coastal...