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The Mammoth Book of Westerns

by Jon E. Lewis

The Western, though a singularly American art form, is one of the great genres of world literature with a truly global readership. It is also durable despite being often unfairly maligned. Ever since James Fenimore...

The Mammoth Book of Combat: Reports from the Frontline

by Jon E. Lewis

Over a hundred eyewitness accounts of the reality of combat from some of the finest writers of the last century and our own. Lucid, vivid, complex images of conflict, from Walt Whitman on the American Civil...

Spitfire: The Autobiography

by Jon E. Lewis

A celebration of the machine and the men who took to the skies in defence of Britain. It is also the dramatic illustration of a little understood truth: the Spitfire did more than win the Battle of Britain -...

Mammoth Books presents Political Conspiracies and Mind Control

by Jon E. Lewis

Bar Codes Mark Relfe's book 'The New Money System: 666' implies that the average barcode has satanic significance. Can it really be that these codes apparently indicate 666; the mark of the devil and his coming...

Mammoth Books presents Missing Persons and Mysterious Deaths

by Jon E. Lewis

Alexander Litvinenko Mr Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian living in London, was poisoned by Polonium-210, traced by alpha detectors to a British Airways flight from Moscow to Heathrow. A Champions League match...

Mammoth Books presents Aliens and Extra-Terrestrials

by Jon E. Lewis

Alien Abduction Some 2,740 US citizens claim to have been abducted by aliens each day. That's an incredible 2% of a population of 300 million. Surely statistically some of these cases must bear truths? Area...

Mammoth Books presents Terrorist Attacks and Clandestine Wars

by Jon E. Lewis

7/7 Is the government covering up evidence of bungling by the intelligence services before the 7/7 bombings in London? 9/11 Did George Bush stage the 9/11 attack, or at least purposefully allow for it to occur...

Mammoth Books presents Religious Cabals

by Jon E. Lewis

The Dead Sea Scrolls Why was it so important these documents should not be seen? What ancient historical secret was so big that it had to be buried forever? Freemasons Is this group of seemingly innocuous middle-aged...

Mammoth Books presents Secret Organisations

by Jon E. Lewis

Black Helicopters

Black helicopters are believed by some to be used for the surveillance of patriotic groups opposed to the takeover of the United States by foreign powers. Those sinister, silent, Black Hawk...

London: The Autobiography

by Jon.E Lewis & Jon E. Lewis

In London: The Autobiography the life of the capital is told, for the first time, by those who made it and saw it at first hand.

From Roman times to the 21st century, Londoners and visitors to the city have recounted...

The Mammoth Book of Antarctic Journeys: 35 eye-witness accounts of adventure in the Antarctic

by Jon E. Lewis

The very best writing on the Antarctic, from James Cook's eighteenth-century assertion that 'no man will ever venture further than I have done' to Lynne Cox's description of her epic, icy swim in the twenty-first...

Survivor: The Autobiography

by Jon E. Lewis

This collection of classic tales comprises over 50 accounts of true-life adventure taken from contemporary memoirs, letters and journals. They span the years 1800 to the end of the 20th century, in a period...

The Mammoth Book of Men O' War: Stories from the glory days of sail

by Mike Ashley & Jon E. Lewis

Eighteen classic sea-faring tales by the best-loved writers of the genre, including Patrick O'Brian, C. S. Forester, Richard Woodman, Herman Melville and Frederick Marryat. Featuring favourite heroes such as...

The Mammoth Book of Boys Own Stuff

by Jon E. Lewis

Step 1: Turn off the TV, the PC, the PS3, the Wii...

Step 2: Open up The Mammoth Book of Boy's Own Stuff and get into boyhood like it's meant to be ...

A guide to life, the universe and pretty much everything...

The Mammoth Book of The Deep

by Jon E. Lewis

Dive in. Death is only a breath away &

Just when you thought it was safe & The Mammoth Book of The Deep presents 30 true-life stories of danger, endurance and adventure from this final frontier. Encounter great...

The Mammoth Book of Polar Journeys

by Jon E. Lewis

Exerting a magnetic pull our imaginations, the poles have been the object of many gripping first-hand accounts of exploration -- literally, journeys to the ends of the earth

A passport to the last wildnernesses...

The Mammoth Book of Journalism

by Jon E. Lewis

The newspaper has recorded and influenced modern history like nothing else on earth. From The Washington Post's exposure of Watergate, Tom Wolfe's 1960's social documentary in The Electric Cool-Aid Acid Test...

The Mammoth Book of Fighter Pilots

by Jon E. Lewis

From yesteryear's flying aces to today's top guns, The Mammoth Book of Fighter Pilots presents, in the words of the combat pilots who fought them, fifty incredible air battles that have shaped military history...

The Mammoth Book of Pirates

by Jon E. Lewis

A rollicking tour of the history of the high seas with Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, 'Calico Jack' Rackham, Anne Bonney and other figures of maritime legend.

Includes Francis 'The Scourge of Spain' Drake's audacious...