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His Shotgun Proposal

by Karen Toller Whittenburg

Texas Sheikhs: Though their veins course with royal blood, their pride lies in the Texas land they call home!


A hurricane of hot remembrance crashed against Mac Coleman. The one-night seductress...

The Matchmaker's Plan

by Karen Toller Whittenburg

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Get me a date with a wonderful mate!

Cupid's Plan Goes Awry When Her Arrows Hit Home…

For once, intrepid matchmaker Ainsley Danville Dunbar doesn't know how to proceed. There's instant...

The Matchmaker's Sister

by Karen Toller Whittenburg

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Get me a date with a wonderful mate!

Love's On The Loose In Providence…

Nothing less than divine intervention can quell the commotion when the Danville girls of Providence, Rhode Island,...

The Blacksheep's Arranged Marriage

by Karen Toller Whittenburg

PETER BRADDOCK: The youngest Braddock brother puts honor to the test and lives up to the proud Braddock legacy!

The Braddock blood ran fierce and true in Peter Braddock. Yet his scandalous past kept the youngest...

The Playboy's Office Romance

by Karen Toller Whittenburg

BRYCE BRADDOCK: The Middle Braddock Brother Has Never Met a Woman He Can't Charm. Except One…

SpoilecL.Braddock! Lara Richmond couldn't believe that irresponsible playboy, Bryce Braddock, would be CEO of Braddock...

The C.E.O.'s Unplanned Proposal

by Karen Toller Whittenburg

Cinderella by Mistake!

When a case of mistaken identity landed Katie Canton in the Braddock world of wealth and power, she couldn't resist the temptation to mingle with the famous family. Especially fascinating...

Christmas Wishlist

by Karen Toller Whittenburg

Kat Harmon did not believe in Santa Claus. And she wasn't sure her kids should, either; it would only set them up for disappointment. Her twins had visions that St. Nick would bring them kittens, dogs—and a...

The Matchmaker's Apprentice

by Karen Toller Whittenburg

The minute Dr. Ivan Donovan saunters into her office, Ainsley Danville's got only one thing on her mind—proving her genius at matchmaking. The handsome Texan is, in Ainsley's professional opinion, the perfect...

Two-Penny Wedding

by Karen Toller Whittenburg

The Magic Wedding Dress

And the bride wore… What?

Gentry Northcross was determined to marry the man of her dreams in the wedding gown of her choice. She would not, under any circumstances, put on the "magic"...

Fifty-Cent Groom

by Karen Toller Whittenburg

The Magic Wedding Dress

"You don't know me, but could you unbutton my dress?"

Millionaire playboy Ben Northcross had heard some great pickup lines in his time, but this one took the cake, coming as it did from...

Million-Dollar Bride

by Karen Toller Whittenburg

The Magic Wedding Dress

Here comes the bride…

Eliza Richards knew she had no business trying on that million-dollar wedding gown. It didn't look like it should cost a million bucks, so what was all the fuss about?...

Santa Suit

by Karen Toller Whittenburg


The man in the red suit…

had a lot to answer for, in Kate Harmon's opinion! He'd let her down and now her twins' heads were filled—not with visions of sugarplums but kittens, dogs and a daddy!...

Please Say "I Do"

by Karen Toller Whittenburg

Three Weddings & a Hurricane

She's determined to make it the wedding of the century!

The Brewster wedding was to be the triumph of Hallie Bernhardt's career. Never mind that the bride hadn't shown up and the groom...

Bachelor Falls

by Karen Toller Whittenburg

The Showers forecast calls for heavy gusts of romance…as a warming trend turns friends into lovers!

A groom in love…

Ross Kilgannon had it all—the looks, the money and the fiancée of his dreams. He was all...