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Fate (1)

by Laura Sánchez Herráez

Book description:

Carme and Joan come from different worlds. She has had a complicated life and, at seventeen, she is alone and with a bleak future ahead of her. He is a rookie cop but with a brilliant career...

The Golden Triangle

by Maurice Leblanc

The Golden Triangle (also known as The Return of Arsène Lupin) was published in 1917 in both the original French and this English translation. It is representative of its time with themes of convalescent soldiers...

The Dark Ships

by Hulbert Footner

Neill didn’t hold with his girl Janet running around with Prescott Fanning. He reckoned Fanning wasn’t straight and said so, but you know what girls are. . . . So Neill had to prove his words, and in doing...

Roman Stoicism

by Edward Vernon Arnold

The world-religions -- Heraclitus and Socrates -- The Academy and the Porch -- The preaching of Stoicism -- The Stoic sect in Rome -- Of reason and speech -- The foundations of physics -- The universe -- The...

Germany's Fighting Machine (Illustrated)

by Ernest F. Henderson

But a few weeks ago the author of this little book was in Germany studying the land and its institutions and full of admiration for its achievements in every field. Two days after he had taken ship for America...


by Rich Cole

It is just another ordinary weekend. All Tom wants to do is hit the road, visit his friend, grab some bottles of beer, and watch baseball.

However, when his loving wife Sera pleads with him to get the groceries...


by Rich Cole

It is just another ordinary weekend. All Tom wants to do is hit the road, visit his friend, grab some bottles of beer, and watch baseball.

However, when his loving wife Sera pleads with him to get the groceries...

The Yoga of Integral Knowledge

by Sri Aurobindo


Sri Aurobindo was an Indian philosopher, yogi, guru, poet. He developed a spiritual practice he called Integral Yoga. In this masterful study of Yoga, Sri Aurobindo explained the spiritual...

Daniel Deronda

by George Eliot

George Eliot’s final novel and her most ambitious work, Daniel Deronda contrasts the moral laxity of the British aristocracy with the dedicated fervor of Jewish nationalists. Crushed by a loveless marriage...

The Woman of Mystery

by Maurice Leblanc

The Woman of Mystery

"Suppose I were to tell you," said Paul Delroze, "that I once stood face to face with him on French. . . ." lisabeth looked up at him with the fond expression of a bride to whom the least...

The Secret Tomb

by Maurice Leblanc

The Secret Tomb

This book was serialised in Le Journal between January and March 1923, in novel form both in French and in this English translation.

Dorothy, rope-dancer and palmist, arrives at the Château de...

The Forgotten Town

by Rich Cole

Rayan Janssen has always thought he had a connection with his twin brother, Jurre, and when his instincts tell him that there’s something wrong, his worries are confirmed when his brother doesn’t return...

Crazy Cat Lady

by Rich Cole

In a dystopian society filled with absurdity and violence, Michelle has chosen to be different. While everyone else has lost sense of humanity, Michelle chooses to maintain hers and ensure her nephew sees only...

iOS 14 User Guide

by Gary Bentford & Kerry Linsfield

The Features of the latest iOS 14 software Just Got Easier for iPhone Users! Discover the Tips and Tricks Now

The iOS 14 is a renowned operating system and of course, it is presently in its fourteenth stage of...

Angels of the Sword Vs Demons of Doom Books 1 & 2 Omnibus

by Jonathan Evan Hudson

Enter a world where a chosen few men and women face off against demons of all sorts. All to save humanity from a fate worse than death. Even if it means inflicting such a fate on demons themselves.

Meet the lonely...

The Yoga of Wisdom

by Yogi Ramacharaka

The Yoga of Wisdom or Gnani Yoga (Jnana yoga) is the path of attaining knowledge of the true nature of reality through the practice of meditation, self-inquiry, and contemplation. It can be defined as the “awareness...

Scenes of Clerical Life

by George Eliot

George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) made her fictional debut when SCENES OF CLERICAL LIFE appeared in 'Blackwood's Magazine' in 1857. These stories contain Eliot's earliest studies of what became enduring themes in...

Miss Pink

by Ingrid Little

Miss Pink was happy in her ordered life until she had to visit Paris on business. Her life was turned upside down in just a few short days.

Just how ? You will have to read to find out.

Keep a box of Kleenex handy...

How to Make Sexy Ladies Become Addicted to You

by Felix Chrisantos

It may surprise you to know that it is much easier to get a very attractive lady to go crazy for you and become your girlfriend than you think. All you need to do is to know the right button to push.

But the...

Hope For The Worried Muslim

by Dr. Muddassir Khan

This book is based on the Quran and the authentic statements of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). The books of many scholars, both past and present, have been referred to when preparing...