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Little Women: Official BBC TV Tie-In Edition

by Louisa May Alcott

Curl up with a classic this Christmas.

Loved by generations around the world, Louisa May Alcott's Little Women is a truly universal coming-of-age story, as relevant and engaging today as it was when originally...

The Farthing Wood Collection 2

by Colin Dann

A second collection of stories about the Animals of Farthing Wood brought together in one volume.

In FOX'S FEUD young fox cub, Dreamer, has been killed in a vicious attack, and the animals in White Deer Park...

In Fair Silesia

by Gustav Nieritz & Ireland E Mary

Joseph and Helena are so poor their mother can not afford to feed them. They must go to live with their uncle in Reichenstein. They hope to get a job in the factory like other children do in their time, and...

The Teahouse of the August Moon

by Vern Sneider & Larry Mccaffery

American-style democracy and capitalism come to the sleepy village of Tobiki in this uplifting comedy of cultural conflict set on Okinawa at the end of World War II.

The hapless Captain Fisby, with the help of...

Summary Of "Life After Life: The Bestselling Original Investigation That Revealed Near-Death Experiences - By Raymond Moody"

by Sapiens Editorial

DESCRIPTION OF THE ORIGINAL BOOK: When Raymond A. Moody published his book Life after Life in 1975, it caused a real commotion among doctors, scientists and people, in general. The subject of what happens after...

Helping Children Develop a Positive Relationship with Food: A Practical Guide for Early Years Professionals

by Jo Cormack

This simple, insightful resource explains how to help children develop a healthy relationship with food. Giving practical guidance on how to support lasting positive eating behaviours in children, it includes...

The Concise Dictionary of World Place Names

by John Everett-Heath

Every populated place, however small, has a name, and every name is chosen for a reason. This fascinating dictionary gives the history, meanings, and origin of an enormous range of country, region, island, city,...

A Dictionary of the Internet

by Darrel Ince

This dictionary provides thousands of terms related to the Web, software technology, jargon, e-commerce, security, and the technical and organizational infrastructure of the Internet. There are also useful links...

Oxford Studies Ancient Philosophy

by Victor Caston

Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy is a volume of original articles on all aspects of ancient philosophy. The articles may be of substantial length, and include critical notices of major books. OSAP is now...

Political Jurisprudence

by Martin Loughlin

Political jurisprudence is the branch of jurisprudence that treats law as an aspect of human experience called 'the political'. This is an approach that many contemporary jurists, those whose work presupposes...


by Tyron Goldschmidt & Kenneth L. Pearce

Idealism is a family of metaphysical views each of which gives priority to the mental. The best-known forms of idealism in Western philosophy are Berkeleyan idealism, which gives ontological priority to the...

European Pain Management

by Christopher Wells, Bart Morlion & Christopher Eccleston

The European Pain Federation EFIC is made up of Chapters of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). Its Health Care Professionals look after a population of over 740 million people in its...

The Oxford History of Hinduism: Hindu Law

by Patrick Olivelle & Donald R. Davis

Through pointed studies of important aspects and topics of dharma in Dharma??stra, this comprehensive collection shows that the history of Hinduism cannot be written without the history of Hindu law. Part One...

Religion and Modernity

by Detlef Pollack & Gergely Rosta

This is not a book that provides a new integrated theory of religious change in modern societies, but rather one that develops theoretical elements that contribute to the understanding of some contemporary religious...

The Anatomy of Dance Discourse

by Karin Schlapbach

Within the newly thriving field of ancient Greek and Roman performance and dance studies, The Anatomy of Dance Discourse offers a fresh and original perspective on ancient perceptions of dance. Focusing on the...

Reforming French Culture

by George Hoffmann

Reforming French Culture is a ground-breaking work on the literary genre of Reformation satire—colloquial, obscene, scatological—designed to mock the excesses as well as the essence of the Roman Catholic...

Beyond the Ancient Quarrel

by Patrick Hayes & Jan Wilm

In Plato's Republic, Socrates spoke of an 'ancient quarrel between literature and philosophy' which he offered to resolve once and for all by banning the poets from his ideal city. Few philosophers have taken...

Literature and Party Politics at the Accession of Queen Anne

by Joseph Hone

Literature and Party Politics at the Accession of Queen Anne is the first detailed study of the final Stuart succession crisis. It demonstrates for the first time the centrality of debates about royal succession...

The Oxford History of Anglicanism, Volume V

by William L. Sachs

The Oxford History of Anglicanism provides a global study of Anglicanism from the sixteenth century to the twenty-first. The five volumes in the series look at how Anglican identity was constructed and contested...

Liturgy and Byzantinization in Jerusalem

by Daniel Galadza

The Church of Jerusalem, the 'mother of the churches of God', influenced all of Christendom before it underwent multiple captivities between the eighth and thirteenth centuries: first, political subjugation...