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Composition: The Anatomy of Picture Making

by Harry Sternberg

This clear, concise introduction exposes the compositional devices that underlie successful artworks. Its many examples reduce pictures to their basic formal elements, offering an approachable treatment of an...

Five Children and It

by E. Nesbit

Five youngsters discover a bizarre sand creature that grants wishes. Unfortunately, these wishes come undone at sunset, leaving the children to face the unpleasant consequences.

The Soul of Kierkegaard: Selections from His Journals

by Søren Kierkegaard & Alexander Dru

Kierkegaard's journals reflect his further thoughts on the ideas developed in his philosophical and theological works, on his tumultuous career as an author, and on his own relationship with his work and readers....


by Marcel Allain, Pierre Souvestre & Cranstoun Metcalfe

An evil genius terrorizes Paris with diabolical crimes, and a relentless detective pursues the phantom killer from dark alleys to brilliant salons. The first in a wildly popular series of thrillers, this is...

The Art of the Story-Teller

by Marie L. Shedlock

Everything you need to know to tell stories successfully to children: choosing material, creating and maintaining effect, using gestures, capturing straying attentions, and more. 18 ready-for-telling stories...

Identifying Animal Tracks: Mammals, Birds, and Other Animals of the Eastern United States

by Richard Headstrom

For hunters, naturalists, scouts, nature lovers. Diagrams of tracks, tips on identification.

Costume and Ornament of the Middle Ages in Full Color

by Henry Shaw

From knights in battle and ladies playing the harp and organ, to Richard II in royal robes, this splendid archive documents clothing styles and decorative accessories used during the medieval period. 210 full-color...

Crucibles: The Story of Chemistry from Ancient Alchemy to Nuclear Fission

by Bernard Jaffe

Classic popular account of the great chemists Trevisan, Paracelsus, Avogadro, Mendeléeff, the Curies, Thomson, Lavoisier, and others, up to A-bomb research and recent work with subatomic particles. 20 illustrations....

Picture History of the SS United States

by William H., Jr. Miller

159 rare photos depict stages in ship's construction and its christening, intimate views of modern lounges, staterooms, dining rooms, promenade and pool, theaters, ballroom, and play decks. Captions. 159 black-and-white...

Stable Adaptive Systems

by Kumpati S. Narendra & Anuradha M. Annaswamy

This graduate-level text offers a thorough understanding of the global stability properties essential to designing adaptive systems. Its self-contained, unified presentation includes detailed case studies and...

90 Houses of the Twenties: Cottages, Bungalows and Colonials

by Jens Pedersen & Daniel D. Reiff

This outstanding house plan catalog from a prominent Midwestern builder was issued in 1929. Full-color, beautifully realistic illustrations of colonials, bungalows, duplexes, and more are accompanied by floor...

Marine Painter's Guide

by Jack Coggins

Invaluable instruction from an expert on portraying everything from docks and fishing villages to ships and a rocky coastline. Useful tips on perspective and reflections are accompanied by diagrams and drawings....

The Artistic Anatomy of Trees

by Rex V. Cole

Covers every aspect of trees and how to depict them: balancing tree groups, relationship of light and shade, delicacy and weight, distance, tree color, and more. 515 illustrations.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House: The Illustrated Story of an Architectural Masterpiece

by Donald Hoffmann

Painstakingly researched and illuminating account of the making of the Fred C. Robie home. Revealing family documents, excerpts from a 1958 interview with Fred Robie, and 160 black-and-white illustrations.

Songs of Experience: Facsimile Reproduction with 26 Plates in Full Color

by William Blake

This facsimile of Blake's original "Illuminated Book" reproduces 26 full-color plates from a rare 1826 edition. Includes "The Tyger," "London," "Holy Thursday," and other immortal poems.

The Riemann Zeta-Function: Theory and Applications

by Aleksandar Ivic

This text covers exponential integrals and sums, 4th power moment, zero-free region, mean value estimates over short intervals, higher power moments, omega results, zeros on the critical line, zero-density estimates,...

Say It in French

by Dover

Contains over 1,000 useful sentences and phrases for travel or everyday living abroad: food, shopping, medical aid, courtesy, hotels, travel, and other situations.

Creating Welded Sculpture

by Nathan Cabot Hale

Profusely illustrated guide, newly revised, offers detailed coverage of basic tools and techniques of welded sculpture. Abstract shapes, modeling solid figures, arc welding, large-scale welding, more. 196 illustrations....

Etching, Engraving and Other Intaglio Printmaking Techniques

by Ruth Leaf

Comprehensive handbook covers materials and equipment, tools, printing papers, presses, and other essentials. Detailed instructions for etching, engraving, drypoint, collagraphs, tuilegraphs, and the Blake transfer...

Late Victorian Interiors and Interior Details

by William B. Tuthill

This reprint of an 1882 publication features 52 plates of original designs by the author and other architects. Images include fireplaces, staircases, windows, parlors, libraries, and other interiors of residences,...