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Petra's Ghost

by C.S. O'Cinneide

A man's pilgrimage becomes something from his darkest nightmares when secrets arise and ghosts haunt his path.

A woman has vanished on the Camino de Santiago, the ancient five-hundred-mile pilgrimage that crosses...

The Commander

by Fred Langan

One of the great entrepreneurial success stories of Newfoundland and Canada.

Harry Steele was born in Musgrave Harbour, an isolated outport on the eastern coast of Newfoundland. Harry went to university, joined...

The Spring of Joy: A Little Book of Healing

by Mary Webb

The Spring of Joy was Mary Webb's collection of nature essays. First published in 1917 with an introduction by Walter de la Mare, these essays contain the core of Webb's nature mysticism and reveal her precise,...

The Men of the Last Frontier

by Grey Owl

In 1931 Grey Owl published his first book, The Men of the Last Frontier, a work that is part memoir, part history of the vanishing wilderness in Canada, and part compendium of animal and First Nations tales...

The Adventures of Sajo and her Beaver People

by Grey Owl

The Adventures of Sajo and her Beaver People is a 1935 children's adventure novel, written by Canadian author Grey Owl. It was based on the real-life events. The novel became a best seller, and contributed to...

Pilgrims of the Wild

by Grey Owl

Pilgrims of the Wild is Grey Owl’s autobiographical account of his transition from successful trapper to preservationist. With his Iroquois wife, Anahereo, Grey Owl set out to protect the environment and the...

The Twilight of Magic

by Hugh Lofting

In the days when magic was everywhere, a little boy in possession of a magic whispering shell does a service for his young king. Here is a glamorous tale of castles, kings, and cavalcades of knights, of princesses...

Vegan Ketogenic Recipes

by Deborah Ramos

Have you ever desired a diet plan that will help you lose the unwanted weight? Would you like to lose fat quickly and safely and still maintain optimal health?  Ketogenic diet is one of the best health promotion...

Self-Esteem Proven Methods For Overcoming Low Self-Esteem, Building Confidence And Maintaining Self-Worth

by Peter Whyte

This is a stop button to any self esteem that is experiencing a downward

spiral. The applications contained in this guide are so innovative to help

anyone build a healthy sense of self worth and achieve a positive...

Walden And Civil Disobedience

by Henry David Thoreau

Walden And Civil Disobedience details Thoreau's life for two years and two months in second-growth forest around the shores of Walden Pond, not far from his friends and family in Concord, Massachusetts. Walden...

The Language of Music

by Walter Spalding & John Guerrier De'Bey

Music is a universal language that unites us beyond words and through rhythm, we transcend racism, prejudice, and hate. it tells us stories of great men and women that existed far beyond our time and their...

Hitler And The Secret Societies

by Julius Evola

This Volume presents a selection of articles and writings of Julius Evola that span over his entire life. Since his death, Evola's writings have influenced right-wing, reactionary and conservative political...

Manuale di Trading Online per Principianti

by Dario Abate

Questo Manuale di Trading Online si rivolge agli aspiranti trader e ai trader principianti, che vogliono migliorare i propri risultati finanziari e ottenere maggiore successo sui mercati.

È una Guida al Trading...

Public Finance: Legal Aspects

by Emiliia Dmytrenko, Yurii Pyvovar, Danil Getmantsev & Olena Hedziuk et al.

Monograph “Public finance: legal aspects” is a paper written by the team of leading Ukrainian scholars in the sphere of finance law and initiated by Financial Law Center and Department of Financial Law of...

The World Set Free

by H. G. Wells

The World Set Free is a series of three fantasias of possibility, stories which all turn on the possible developments in the future of some contemporary force or group of forces. The World Set Free was written...

Enterprising  Internet Affiliate Strategy

by Laura Maya

Today, we simply must take the Mobile and Social Web into account if we intend on building a long term, sustainable internet marketing business. 

And it is in the traffic generation & affiliate businesses strategy...

Summary of Atomic Habits

by Instant & Summary

A Complete Summary of Atomic Habits

Hired as the performance director of professional cycling for England in 2003, Dave Brailsford had his work cut out for him. For the previous century, British cyclists performed...

Idiom Attack Vol. 2: Doing Business (Spanish edition)

by Peter Liptak, Jay Douma & Matthew Douma

*** Idiom Attack 2 - Doing Business (Spanish Edition) ***

Ataque de Modismos 2 - Haciendo negocios

Finally, a proven system to master Business English Idioms and speak like a native in the workplace...  


Idiom Attack Vol. 2: Doing Business (Korean edition)

by Jay Douma, Matthew Douma & Peter Liptak

*** Idiom Attack 2 - Doing Business (Korean Edition) *** 

??? ?? 2 - ???? ***

Finally, a proven system to master Business English Idioms and speak like a native in the workplace...  

...without breaking the bank...

Idiom Attack 2 - Doing Business (German Edition)

by Peter Liptak, Jay Douma & Matthew Douma

*** Idiom Attack 2 - Doing Business (German Edition) ***

Angriff der Redewendungen 2 - Geschäfte machen

Finally, a proven system to master Business English Idioms and speak like a native in the workplace...  ...