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The Building

by Richard B Snodgrass

The Building, the first book of the Furnass Towers Trilogy, is the story of the well-intentioned but ill-conceived attempt to construct a high-rise building in the middle of a stricken mill town. It is the story...

The Finer Grain

by Henry James

Collection of classic Henry James long stories, including The Velvet Glove, Mora Montravers, A Round of Visits, Crapy Cornelia, and The Bench of Desolation.

This volume was the last collection of tales published...

The Lesson of the Master

by Henry James

Exemplifying Henry James's famous belief that "Art makes life," The Lesson of the Master is a piercing study of the life that art makes. When the tale's protagonist—a gifted young writer—meets and befriends...

The Letters of Henry James

by Henry James

The Complete Letters of Henry James fills a crucial gap in modern literary studies by presenting in a scholarly edition the complete letters of one of the great novelists and letter writers of the English language....

The Madonna of the Future

by Henry James

We had been talking about the masters who had achieved but a single masterpiece -- the artists and poets who but once in their lives had known the divine afflatus and touched the high level of perfection. Our...

The Middle Years

by Henry James

It may be the most affecting and profound of James's stories about writers. The novelist in the tale speculates that he has spent his whole life learning how to write, so a second life would make sense, "to...

The Outcry

by Henry James

The Outcry, Henry James's final novel, is an effervescent comedy of money and manners. Breckenridge Bender, a very rich American with a distinct resemblance to J.P. Morgan, arrives in England with the purpose...

The Portrait of a Lady

by Henry James

The Portrait of a Lady is a novel by Henry James, first published as a serial in The Atlantic Monthly and Macmillan's Magazine in 1880–81 and then as a book in 1881. It is one of James's most popular long...

The Pupil

by Henry James

The Pupil is a short story by Henry James, first published in Longman's Magazine in 1891. It is the emotional story of a precocious young boy growing up in a mendacious and dishonorable family. He befriends...

The Real Thing and Other Tales

by Henry James

This story, often read as a parable, plays with the reality-illusion dichotomy that fascinated James, especially in the later stages of his career. For the illustrator who narrates the story, the genuine article...

THE PRINCESS AND CURDIE - A Fantasy Tale for young Adults

by George MacDonald & With Illustrations by James Allen & Charles Folkard

The Princess and Curdie is a children's classic fantasy novel by George MacDonald from late 1883. The book is the sequel to The Princess and the Goblin and the adventure continues……

Two years have passed...

The Sacred Fount

by Henry James

The narrator speculates upon the relationships between house guests at a weekend party. The Sacred Fount is a curiously intimate revelation of Henry James’ interests and methods.

Henry James, OM, son of theologian...

The Spoils of Poynton

by Henry James

The Spoils of Poynton is a novel by Henry James, first published under the title The Old Things as a serial in The Atlantic Monthly in 1896 and then as a book in 1897. This half-length novel describes the struggle...

The Tragic Muse

by Henry James

Henry James puts the gimlet eye on an actress and a painter, and the passions they arouse among friends and possible lovers. He also finds inspiration in a character suggested by Oscar Wilde in what scholar...

The Wings of the Dove

by Henry James

This novel tells the story of Milly Theale, an American heiress stricken with a serious disease, and her effect on the people around her. Some of these people befriend Milly with honorable motives, while others...

Views and Reviews

by Henry James

“When you lay down a proposition which is forthwith controverted, it is of course optional with you to take up the cudgels in its defence. If you are deeply convinced of its truth, you will perhaps be content...

Washington Square

by Henry James

Washington Square is a short novel by Henry James. Originally published in 1880 as a serial in Cornhill Magazine and Harper's New Monthly Magazine, it is a structurally simple tragicomedy that recounts the conflict...

What Maisie Knew

by Henry James

What Maisie Knew is a novel by Henry James, first published as a serial in the Chap-Book and (revised and abridged) in the New Review in 1897 and then as a book later that year. It tells the story of the sensitive...

Lamb Jokes

by Joe King

SMILE is all you need.”

Looking for funny jokes? Settle in: You're in the right place. From clean knock-knock jokes and the top corny jokes to hilarious one-liners and clever riddles, we've got the jokes guaranteed...

Koala Jokes

by Joe King

SMILE is all you need.”

Looking for funny jokes? Settle in: You're in the right place. From clean knock-knock jokes and the top corny jokes to hilarious one-liners and clever riddles, we've got the jokes guaranteed...