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The Body of the Beasts

by Audrée Wilhelmy & Susan Ouriou

Reminiscent of Gaétan Soucy’s The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches and William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, Audrée Wilhelmy’s The Body of the Beasts is a startling, gorgeously written novel that...

A Twilight Celebration

by Marie-Claire Blais & Nigel Spencer

Daniel, a middle-aged novelist and loving father alienated from one of his sons and unsure how to care for his daughter, is on his way to an international conference of writers. The gathering is to be held in...

Mama's Boy Behind Bars

by David Goudreault & Jc Sutcliffe

Now I've killed another person. I'm a serial killer. Sure, two people is hardly serial, but it's a good start. I'm still young. Who knows where opportunities might lead me? Opportunity makes the thief, or the...

The Dishwasher

by Stéphane Larue & Pablo Strauss

The Dishwasher is Stephane Larue’s debut novel. Published in French in 2016 by Le Quartanier, it won the 2017 Quebec Booksellers’ Prize, the 2017 Senghor Prize, was shortlisted for the 2017 Governor-General’s...

The Cracks in Our Armor

by Anna Gavalda & Alison Anderson

In this collection of short stories, all written in the first person, Anna Gavalda paints the lives of seven people. An ode to those who confront their vulnerabilities and admit their weaknesses, these pieces...

Autopsy of a Boring Wife

by Marie-Renée Lavoie

Like a Québécois Bridget Jones’s Diary, Marie-Renée Lavoie’s Autopsy of a Boring Wife tells the hysterically funny and ultimately touching tale of forty-eight-year-old Diane, a woman whose husband leaves...

Hear Our Defeats

by Laurent Gaudé & Alison Anderson

Timely and provocative, Hear Our Defeats is a novel about the battles that define us. The battles lost, won, and those still being fought.

A French intelligence officer, Assem, is tasked with tracking down a...


by Maude Veilleux, Aleshia Jensen & Aimee Wall

Winter blankets Montreal, while a bookseller and her lover dream of Prague. As the narrator’s open marriage becomes the subject of a novel, reality blurs with fiction, and she tries to reconcile the need to...

Little Culinary Triumphs

by Pascale Pujol & Alison Anderson

Set in the storied Parisian quarter of Montmarte, this heartwarming, comic tale is a must for foodies, Francophiles, and lovers of a good story well told.

Made famous by artists, writers, and bon vivants of every...

Nothing But Dust

by Sandrine Collette & Alison Anderson

By the time Rafael is born, the family farm has already gone to hell. Rafael's father has abandoned them. His older brothers, the twins Mauro and Joaquin, blame Rafael for their father's departure and exact...

In the End They Told Them All to Get Lost

by Laurence Leduc-Primeau & Natalia Hero

We’re never quite sure what made Chloé take a flight to an unnamed country in South America. This series of short vignettes provides a glimpse of her scattered thoughts as she attempts to adjust to life in...


by Frankétienne, Asselin Charles & Jean Jonassaint

Dézafi is no ordinary zombie novel. In the hands of the great Haitian author known simply as Frankétienne, zombification takes on a symbolic dimension that stands as a potent commentary on a country haunted...

In Every Wave

by Quimper Charles & Guil Lefebvre

A man loses his daughter while swimming one summer. This little gem of a novella–sad and beautiful and spellbinding all at once–is the tale of how he strives to be reunited with her again, whether back home...

Revenge of the Translator

by Brice Matthieussent & Emma Ramadan

The work of a novelist and translator collide in this visionary and hilarious debut from acclaimed French writer Brice Matthieussent. Revenge of the Translator follows Trad, who is translating a mysterious author’s...

Madame Victoria

by Catherine Leroux & Lazer Lederhendler

Leroux is extremely well reviewed, and her last book with Lazer, The Party Wall, did very well. It was Shortlisted for the 2016 Giller Prize, was selected for Indies Introduce Summer/Fall 2016, and was winner...

Do You Hear in the Mountains... and Other Stories

by Maïssa Bey, Erin Lamm & Alison Rice

New translation of multiple-award-winning Algerian writer Maissa Bey's autofiction about the plight of North African immigrant women in Paris.

Thunder and Light

by Marie-Claire Blais & Nigel Spencer

Originally published in 2001, Thunder and Light is the second volume in Marie-Claire Blais’s prize-winning Soifs series, hailed as one of the greatest undertakings in modern Quebec fiction. Powered by its...

Concrete Flowers

by Wilfried N'sondé & Karen Lindo

- Battered by her father, a young woman evolves before being devoured by family and her current situation.

- The theme of hope among the immigrant populations who lived in the Paris projects.

- N’Sondé is an...

Hunting Party

by Agnès Desarthe, Christiana Hills & Jessie Chaffee

The unsuspecting member of a hunting party in the French countryside, Tristan is out of place. Cajoled into going by his wife, who is anxious to ingratiate herself with the locals of their new village, Tristan’s...

The Cabin at the End of the World

by Paul Tremblay


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