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Canon EOS 7D For Dummies

by Doug Sahlin

Get the most out of the new Canon EOS 7D with this fun and friendly guide

The new Canon EOS 7D comes equipped with a huge 18.0 megapixel sensor, many beginner-friendly features to aid in getting great pictures,...

Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization

by Graham Hancock

From Graham Hancock, bestselling author of Fingerprints of the Gods, comes a mesmerizing book that takes us on a captivating underwater voyage to find the ruins of a lost civilization that’s been hidden for...

Teaching As a Subversive Activity

by Neil Postman

A no-holds-barred assault on outdated teaching methods--with dramatic and practical proposals on how education can be made relevant to today's world.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Soft Touch

by Betina Krahn

To tame a tough man, it takes...The Soft Touch.

She is a softhearted Baltimore heiress...

Lovely but disastrously tenderhearted Diamond Wingate has terrible trouble saying "No": to the poor and unfortunate who...

To Say Nothing of the Dog

Oxford Time Travel #3

Hugo Award for Best Novel 1999, Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 1999

by Connie Willis

From Connie Willis, winner of multiple Hugo and Nebula Awards, comes a comedic romp through an unpredictable world of mystery, love, and time travel...

Ned Henry is badly in need of a rest.  He's been shuttling...

Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women

National Book Critics Circle for General Non-fiction 1991

by Susan Faludi

Skillfully Probing the Attack on Women’s Rights

“Opting-out,” “security moms,” “desperate housewives,” “the new baby fever”—the trend stories of 2006 leave no doubt that American women are...

Potent Pleasures

by Eloisa James

Eloisa James breathes new life into one of the most popular fiction genres with her highly original debut novel Potent Pleasures, a charming, vividly peopled Regency romance. With an uncanny wit and an eye for...

Invictus: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Made a Nation

by John Carlin

Beginning in a jail cell and ending in a rugby tournament—the true story of how the most inspiring charm offensive in history brought South Africa together. After being released from prison and winning South...

Wisdom of the Elders

by Robert Fleming

"Know whence you came. If you know whence you came, there is really no limit to where you can go."

--James Baldwin

In these troubled times, wisdom often seems in short supply. But as this magnificent volume reminds...

The Wild Frontier: Atrocities During the American-Indian War from Jamestown Colony to Wounded Knee

by William M. Osborn

The real story of the ordeal experienced by both settlers and Indians during the Europeans' great migration west across America, from the colonies to California, has been almost completely eliminated from the...

Witsec: Inside the Federal Witness Protection Program

by Pete Earley

For decades no law enforcement program has been as cloaked in controversy and mystery as the Federal Witness Protection Program. Now, for the first time, Gerald Shur, the man credited with the creation of WITSEC,...

The Hand I Fan With

by Tina Mcelroy Ansa

Bestselling author Tina McElroy Ansa is back with another tale from Mulberry, Georgia, the richly drawn fictional town and home of the extraordinary Lena McPherson.  Lena, now forty-five and tired of being...

Creature Discomforts

Dog Lover's Mysteries #13

by Susan Conant

A hike in the woods has memorable consequences for dog writer Holly Winter in this latest of Susan Conant's Dog Lover's Mysteries.

When Holly Winter awakens, battered and bruised, clinging to a boulder on the...

The Ministry of Special Cases

by Nathan Englander

From its unforgettable opening scene in the darkness of a forgotten cemetery in Buenos Aires, Nathan Englander's debut novel The Ministry of Special Cases casts a powerful spell. In the heart of Argentina's...

A New Day: 365 Meditations for Personal and Spiritual Growth

by Anonymous

"Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey  toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind  us."--Samuel Smiles.

In 365  daily meditations, here is spiritual and  psychological guidance through the...

Out of the Scientist's Garden: A Story of Water and Food

by Richard Stirzaker

The garden is the lens through which we can explore how the world can manage water and feed itself.

Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind Body Medicine

by Deepak Chopra

Here is an extraordinary new approach to healing by an extraordinary physician-writer -- a book filled with the mystery, wonder, and hope of people who have experienced seemingly miraculous recoveries from cancer...

Stem Cell Technologies: Basics and Applications: Basics and Applications

by Satish Totey & Kaushik D. Deb

Cutting-edge coverage of stem cell biology and applications

Featuring contributions from leading global experts, this authoritative volume addresses all major areas of stem cell biology and their potential therapeutic...

Spaghetti for the Soul: A Feast of Faith, Hope and Love

by Kathy Troccoli & Ellie Lofaro

Imagine a restaurant where the menu offers

Full Life

More Life

Better Life

Eternal Life

Who wouldn’t want a taste of that?

In Spaghetti for the Soul, Kathy Troccoli and Ellie Lofaro invite you to a fabulous feast...

Mortal Stakes

Spenser #3

by Robert B. Parker

Everybody loves a winner, and the Rabbs are major league. Marty is the Red Sox star pitcher, Linda the loving wife. She loves everyone except the blackmailer out to wreck her life.

Is Marty throwing fast balls...