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Macroeconomics and the History of Economic Thought

by H.M. Krämer, Heinz D. Kurz & H.-M. Trautwein

The essays in this Festschrift have been chosen to honour Harald Hagemann and his scientific work. They reflect his main contributions to economic research and his major fields of interest. The essays in the...

Russian Economic Development Since the Revolution

by Maurice Dobb

The story of the economic development of the Soviet Union provided the first case in history of the establishment of a socialist economy and was therefore of great interest for economists and economic historians...

The Mobile Marketing Revolution: How Your Brand Can Have a One-to-One Conversation with Everyone

by Jed Alpert

One-to-One is transforming our world-here' s how you can join the Revolution

What would your organization do with a technology that lets you crowdsource instantly and effortlessly and reach people who WANT to...

Tools & Techniques of Estate Planning, 15th edition

by Stephan R Leimberg & Jonathan Ellis

Stephan Leimberg's Tools & Techniques of Estate Planning provides the tools (systems and products that can be used) and techniques (methods to implement the tools to be the most effective) that every estate...

Essays on Neuroscience and Political Theory

by F. Vander Valk

The past 20 years have seen increasingly bold claims emanating from the field of neuroscience. Advances in medical imaging, brain modelling, and interdisciplinary cognitive science have forced us to reconsider...

Guitar Zero: The Science of Becoming Musical at Any Age

by Gary Marcus

Just about every human being knows how to listen to music, but what does it take to make music? Is musicality something we are born with? Or a skill that anyone can develop at any time? If you don't start piano...

Try Not to Breathe

by Jennifer Hubbard

Along she came…

Everyday, Ryan Turner must face the reality that everyone knows what he did. It’s in they way they speak to him. It’s in the way they look at him. Ryan’s only solace comes from the local...

Chasing the Sun

by Tracie Peterson

Bestselling author Tracie Peterson launches an exciting, romantic new series about a feisty young woman fighting to protect her family's Texas ranch against mounting threats.

From the Library of Charles Spurgeon: Selections From Writers Who Influenced His Spiritual Journey

by James Bell

An inspiring collection of over 200 writings from the thinkers and writers who most influenced Charles Spurgeon, including Jonathan Edwards, Matthew Henry, and John Milton.

The Messenger

by Siri Mitchell

As lives hang in the balance, a young woman must choose between helping the man she's come to love and holding onto her pacifist faith.

Student Writing in the Quantitative Disciplines: A Guide for College Faculty

by Patrick Bahls

The book introduces readers in the often-overlooked math-related fields and STEM disciplines to the ideas of writing-to-learn (WTL) and writing in the disciplines (WID). It offers a guide to the pedagogy of...

Audel Water Well Pumps and Systems Mini-Ref

by Roger D. Woodson

Introducing an Audel "Mini-Ref" for tradespeople working on water well pumps and pumping systems

Water well pumps are used everywhere, with installations numbering in the millions. It's hard to believe that no...

Introduction to Graphic Design Methodologies and Processes: Understanding Theory and Application

by John Bowers

A concise, visually based introduction to graphic design methodologies

Graphic design has emerged as a discipline complete with a body of scholarly literature devoted to its underlying theory. Introduction to...

The Psychology of Money: An Investment Manager's Guide to Beating the Market

by Jim Ware

Discover the Ideal Investment Strategy for Yourself and Your Clients

"To enhance investment results and boost creativity, Jim Ware replaces the maxim know your investments with know yourself. And he gives us...

Natural Born Success: Discover the Instinctive Drives That Make You Tick!

by Paul Burgess

Have you ever wondered why some tasks come naturally to you, while others leave you feeling frustrated and bored?

Paul Burgess believes it's because we all have a unique combination of Instinctive Drives that...

Real Traders II: How One CFO Trader Used the Power of Leverage to make $110k in 9 Weeks

by Eva Diaz

The follow-up to Real Traders, Real Lives, Real Money, this book explains how a landscape gardener turned full-time trader transformed $32 000 into $110 000 in nine weeks trading contracts for difference (CFDs)....

Mortgage Stressbusters

by Alex Brooks

Dreaming of being debt free? Wondering what a tumultuous property market will mean for your financial future? Wanting to buy, sell or invest in property without being ripped off or paying a mortgage for the...

Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology

by William J. , Jr. Bacha & Linda M. Bacha

Designed to provide students with a foundation in understanding and interpreting histologic and cytologic preparations, Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology is a practical benchside reference focusing on the...

Passport to Profits: Why the Next Investment Windfalls Will Be Found Abroad and How to Grab Your Share

by Mark Mobius

Emerging market investment advice from a seasoned pro

Mark Mobius, the man the Wall Street Journal has proclaimed "the King of the Emerging Market Funds," spends eight months of the year traveling the globe in...

Leading Ladies #2

by Elizabeth Kimmel

In the second installment of Elizabeth Cody Kimmel's funny new middle grade series, the magazine is up and running and while the girls may have won the competition to get school funding, now they face new and...