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The Romance of Private Life: by Sarah Harriet Burney

by Lorna Clark

Contains two tales - "The Renunciation", which presents a colourful picture of life abroad, when an English girl travels to Italy in search of kin and supports herself as an artist, offering an early feminist...

A Political Biography of Delarivier Manley

by Rachel Carnell

A Tory pamphleteer, playwright and satirical historian, Delarivier Manley was regarded by her contemporaries Jonathan Swift and Robert Harley as a key member of the Tory propaganda team. This biography offers...

Adam Ferguson: History, Progress and Human Nature

by Eugene Heath

Unique among the leading figures of the Scottish Enlightenment, Ferguson saw two eighteenth-century revolutions, the American and the French. This monograph contains essays that range across all of Ferguson's...

Guilty Money: The City of London in Victorian and Edwardian Culture, 1815-1914

by Ranald C Michie

This is an engaging study of the place occupied by the City of London within British cultural life during the Victorian and Edwardian periods. Michie uses both literary and popular novels to examine socio-economic...

The Revenue Imperative: The Union's Financial Policies During the American Civil War

by Jane S Flaherty

Provides a comprehensive overview of the Union financial policies during the American Civil War. This work argues that the revenue imperative, the need to keep pace with the burgeoning expenses of the conflict,...

Mary Cholmondeley Reconsidered

by Carolyn W de la L Oulton

This book provides a necessary critical reappraisal of one of the most challenging and subversive of nineteenth-century women writers.

A Political Biography of John Toland

by Michael Brown

John Toland was notorious. A pamphleteer, a polemicist and a prankster of the first order, modern scholarship has struggled to position his writings within the debates of his day. This study is the first to...

Barriers to Competition: The Evolution of the Debate

by Ana Rosado Cubero

Focuses on the different methods that economic science has employed in order to detect and measure barriers to entry. This book presents a chronological analysis of competing Harvard and Chicago Schools' interpretations...

Montesquieu and England: Enlightened Exchanges, 1689-1755

by Ursula Haskins Gonthier

Gonthier sets Montesquieu's work in the context of early eighteenth-century Anglo-French relations, taking a comparative approach to show how Montesquieu's engagement with English thought and writing persisted...

A Political Biography of Richard Steele

by Charles A Knight

Richard Steele is famous as an early writer of sentimental drama and as half of the writing team, Addison and Steele. He is notable both for the indirect propaganda he developed with Addison and for the open...

Law and Imperialism: Criminality and Constitution in Colonial India and Victorian England

by Preeti Nijhar

Laws that were imposed by colonizers were as much an attempt to confirm their own identity as to control the more dangerous elements of a potentially unruly populace. This title uses material from both British...

Experimentation on the English Stage, 1695-1708: The Career of George Farquhar

by Elisabeth J Heard

At the beginning of the eighteenth century, British theatre saw a shift from what critics call 'Restoration' to 'sentimental' comedy. Focusing on the career of the Irish dramatist George Farquhar (1678-1707),...

Slave Agriculture and Financial Markets in Antebellum America: The Bank of the United States in Mississippi, 1831-1852

by Richard Holcombe Kilbourne Jr

Offers the study of Antebellum southern slavery and the credit system. This work explains how the Bank of the United States supported the government's and the nation's credit abroad by providing seemingly limitless...

Convergence and Divergence of National Financial Systems: Evidence from the Gold Standards, 1871-1971

by Anders Ogren

This collection of essays aims to form a focused, original and constructive approach to examining the question of convergence and divergence in Europe.

The Soldier's Orphan: A Tale: by Mrs Costello

by Clare Broome Saunders

This is a novel virtually forgotten by modern readers, but one that deserves reassessment with this critical edition. Raised by guardians, Louisa's fate is intertwined with the neighbouring Stanley family, including...

Ireland and Empire, 1692-1770

by Charles Ivar McGrath

Historians often view early modern Ireland as a testing ground for subsequent British colonial adventures further afield. McGrath argues against this passive view, suggesting that Ireland played an enthusiastic...

Visions of an Unseen World: Ghost Beliefs and Ghost Stories in Eighteenth Century England

by Sasha Handley

A study of the production, circulation and consumption of English ghost stories during the Age of Reason. This work examines a variety of mediums: ballads and chapbooks, newspapers, sermons, medical treatises...

Harlequin Empire: Race, Ethnicity and the Drama of the Popular Enlightenment

by David Worrall

Under the 1737 Licensing Act, Covent Garden, Dury Lane and regional Theatres Royal held a monopoly on the dramatic canon. This work explores the presentation of foreign cultures and ethnicities on the popular...

Enlightenment and Modernity: The English Deists and Reform

by Wayne Hudson

The writers known as the English deists were not simply religious controversialists, but agents of reform who contributed to the emergence of modernity. This title claims that these writers advocated a failed...

Regionalizing Science: Placing Knowledges in Victorian England

by Simon Naylor

Victorian England, as is well known, produced an enormous amount of scientific endeavour, but what has previously been overlooked is the important role of geography on these developments. This book seeks to...