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An Abandoned Mind

by Charlotte Harris

Description Dr Harry Crow, about whose work you will read in this honest and compelling story, often used to refer to people with severe obessive compulsive disorder (OCD) as being 'hag-ridden' by their disease....


by Deirdre Geraghty

Description This short collection of stories gives the reader a real, tangible and understandable description of the ideas, feelings and processes by which someone enters a period of psychosis. Geraghty's considerable...

An Awkward Fit

by Helen Maczkowiack

Description This book is the biography of Helen Maczkowiack's son, Stephen, who suffered from schizophrenia and took his own life at just 29. It captures the haunting story of a young man's desperate struggle...


by Fatma Durmush

Description Calestro is near Mars and is the central place with igloos and of course mad people. Igloos and everyone's IQ tremendously high. A narrative poem. The central character is Grace? Who is Grace? What...

Berty Tumblefluff and Friends

by Lee Pritchett

Description 'Berty Tumblefluff and Friends' is collection of magical, illustrated fairytale / children's fantasy stories about boys, girls, wizards, witches, dragons, goblins talking animals and more. The book...

A Thread of Hope

by Denise Fletcher

Description Thread of Hope is more than a word salad. It reads like a zine exploring the boundaries of the mental illness system. This chapbook of semi-autobiographical poetry, prose and artistry demonstrates...

Changing Speed

by Mark Senior

Description Just another book about depression, anxiety, stress? Take this autobiographical journey with Mark Senior and discover for yourself that this book could never be just another book. Many write of mental...

A Trip to the Palace

by Ivorn Summing

Description The story is based on true events and as such, it is not simply fictional, though the writing style may appear to indicate otherwise as names and certain places have been altered. I see this short...

Burning Candle

by Terence Beresford

Description Terry Beresford's Poems describe the experiences of manic depression and the range of emotions that this illness brings. A consistent themes through the poetry is Terry's experiences as a fire fighter...

Bedlam and Other Stories

by Mark Fleming

Description Mark Fleming's debut novel 'BrainBomb' was published as a Chipmunka paperback in the summer of 2009, to rave reviews. Semi-autobiographical, it weaved a lurid diary of bipolar illness against a backdrop...


by Lisa Montgomery

Description Anti Social Behaviour Orders have been given a fair amount of press coverage debating their effectiveness. Whilst some see them as the only means of avoiding further incidents others insist that...

Cherry Blossoms & Barren Plains

by Larry L Franklin

Description Some 218,000 men and women with severe psychiatric disorders are incarcerated in an American prison or county jail. Most committed violent crimes -- sometimes murder -- while propelled by a crazed...

When We Were Gods

by Peter Gigi

Description 'When We Were Gods' is the true story of a lost, forgotten and dispossessed generation. Fuelled with the fury, cynicism, dreams and humour of people who are bored with media deceptions and mass produced...

Adrenaline Rush

by Lee Harris

Description When Alexis woke up one morning, she had no idea that she would be thrown headfirst into a struggle for dominance that had been raging for the better part of two millennia. Little did she know that...


by David Wardrop

Description AFTER by David Wardop is a story about mental anguish and suicide told in two parts. Keith Campbell is a quiet and shy boy who loves comic books and science fiction until he begins to contemplate...

Clinical Depression

by David Raymond Jordan

Description This is the story of how, through naivity and misfortune, I transgressed from a normal healthy young man stood at life's launch pad into the nightmare of clinical mental illness. It tells of how...

Christmas Poems

by Zekria Ibrahimi

Description This difficult volume is about the far side of Christmas. We prefer to see only the tree and the tinsel, the mere exterior, and we forget, neglect, ignore the inner soul of religion. And religion...

Children and Teenagers with Aspergers

by Anna Van Der Post et al

Description A varied collection of parents' stories about raising children and teenagers with Aspergers. The contributors have bravely written totally honest, deeply moving and sometimes harrowing accounts about...

Are you the Social?

by Lorraine Chetwynd

Description This was often the first question asked by patients and their families when we visited, because Community Psychiatric Nurses did not wear the traditional navy blue uniform associated with the nursing...

Christopher's Story

by Julie Telfer

""From beginning to end this book kept me riveted and on an emotional rollercoaster. Julie brings Kanner's Autism sharply into focus, with all the trials and tribulations the family have experienced. Everyone...