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Bajan Affair

by Pauline Pearce

Description Bajan Affair is Pauline Pearce's 2nd publication by Chipmunka. It is written in diary format as an uplifting, humorous account of a holiday she spent on the Caribbean island of Barbados. Pauline...

Black Magic

by Suzannah Knight

Description & About the Author After a year travelling around the World Suzannah comes back to England to start university. Things start to go wrong as she is tempted into experimenting with drugs. She drops...

Why Vicky?

by Vicky Jones

Description Vicky didn't intend to write a book but it all came about when shortly after the birth of her son Harvey she suffered with severe post-natal depression. Desperate for any kind of release from all...


by Mark Fleming

Description 'BrainBomb' is a novel telling the lurid story of bi-polar illness from the inside. It is related as an ongoing blog, with flashbacks, and deranged fantasies instigated by insomnia. It details the...


by Horace Smith

Description This book looks at culture being one of the greatest causes of ill health, and our affinity to it. Culture is a set pattern learnt by a group of people. If we look at Hitler and the Nazis, they had...

Bipolarity and ADHD to Folding Mirrors

by Marc Latham

Description This book of poems owes as much inspiration to rock music as poetry. The early poems in the collection were inspired by rock lyrics rather than poetry, with songs proclaiming the twisted effects...

Black Sun

by Fatma Durmush

Description Black Sun started life as a disintegrated bits and pieces things which was jumbled in Durmush's mind in the minds of the cretins and in the minds of the silent screams which is dyslexia. Reading...

Bathed in Blue

by Rona Ross

""Bathed in Blue; Richly Informative. Ms. Ross does not only give us a resourceful reference for bipolar disorder but also a fascinating narrative of her daughter's suicidal process."" - By Dr Paul Wong, Clinical...


by Rosealine Allen

Description For her second book with Chipmunka, Rosealine Allen presents this unusual musical script. 'Blue' poses an interesting theme, spread over several decades. Starting from the mid 1960s this unique play...

With Authentic Stains

by Peter Vealey

Description The words in the music I have loved, have inspired and influenced me and are also paramount, which is why there are songs/lyrics within; their rhythm is in this collection. My whole life has been...

Bi-Polar on Benefits

by Sandy Knox

Description This book is about the reality of coping with Bi-polar Disorder when it has devastated your world. It's about living with Bi-polar on benefits as opposed to, say, Bi-polar on Bollinger, which is...

Broken Whole

by Keith Adams

Description Described as ""...probably the most entertaining account of mania you'll ever read..."", this raw, inspirational, story shows that a man can live a full, productive life with a serious mental illness....


by Richard M Clements

Description The Necronomicon - fabled book of the Black Arts, lost in antiquity and supposedly bound in human skin - the legend promises absolute power to the finder, but at a price that some are only too willing...

Born to Be

by Bryan Hodgekins

Description 'Born to Be' is about Bryan Hodgekins life, suffering the bombing, evacuation, playground of bombed out building, begging for money (mud larking) and accepting it as normal. The child never questioned...

Cat Talk

by Doctor Rosaleen O`Brien

Description Coming Soon About the Author I have been in receipt of trauma counselling since 1999 on a daily basis,at times speaking till the early hours of the morning.Support from my trauma Counsellor helps...

£500 a Line and Other Poems

by Liz Bentley

Description £500 a line is a poetry book. The title of the book is a tongue-in-cheek response to the pressure of wining a £5000 writing commission from Shape (disability arts) as part of the Cultural Olympiad....

Changing Speed 2

by Mark Senior

Description Just another book about depression, anxiety, stress? Take this second autobiographical journey with Mark Senior and discover for yourself that this book could never be just another book. Many write...

Beyond Psychosis

by Tom McNeight

Description ""A mental illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder can seriously affect one's appraisal of life. Both in a negative way and a positive way. In a negative way, to try to function like a...

Yo Yo

by Celia Pearson

Description This book is like a roller-coaster, it chronicles the many twists and turns, high points and low points of Celia's extraordinary life. Celia is a very strong woman, there have been many distressingly...

Welcome to My World

by Gellespi Donks

Description The story takes you on a teenage journey following the life of 'comedy girl' as she is sucked into the system that is mental health. Its funny with a sprinkle of emotional drama and at times you...