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Walking in Norway: A walking guide

by Constance Roos

Guidebook includes 20 walking and trekking routes in the main mountain areas of Norway from the Far South to the sub-Arctic regions. Includes Hardangervidda, Aurlandsdalen, Rondane, Jotunheimen, Alvdal Vestfjell,...

Peacock Bass Addition Book 3

by Larry Larsen

Book 3 in the Peacock Bass Series, Peacock Bass Addiction focuses on catching America’s greatest gamefish, the peacock bass. It offers tips on where, when and how to catch this exciting fish, including range/seasonal...

Bass Pro Strategies: Locating and Catching Techniques of the Professionals Book 3

by Larry Larsen

Professional fishermen have opportunities to devote extended amounts of time to bass fishing and they don’t last long in the business unless they can learn from the experience and quickly apply that knowledge....

Bass Fishing Facts: An Angler's Guide to Bass Lifestyles and Behavior Book 6

by Larry Larsen

Productive bass anglers are those who can relate the facts of fishing to the current conditions. They utilize their knowledge about bass to determine the most effective bait and presentation. Wise anglers study...

Larry Larsen on Bass Tactics: How You Catch More and Bigger Bass

by Larry Larsen

Larry Larsen on Bass Tactics is the ultimate how-to book that focuses on proven productive methods. It is dedicated to serious bass anglers –those who are truly interested in learning more about the sport...

Dancing on Knives

by Jenny Pausacker

Dancing on Knives is a gripping story about family and growing up from award-winning author Jenny Pausacker.

When Rochelle Parfitt?s parents split up her mother coped brilliantly, topping a perfect marriage with...

Crime Seen

by Jenny Pausacker

Crime Seen is a chilling mystery from award-winning author Jenny Pausacker.

Every boy ought to have a hobby. Harris Johnston?s hobby is murder ? just reading about it, okay?

Most of his friends are into sport...


by John Heffernan

Sykie Martin sets off on an adventure to the Isle of Gloomb. Her mission ? rescue The Princess.

She travels on the New Leaf, a beautiful white sailing boat, crewed by a bunch of strange characters: an Onion...

The Story of Napeti

by Nancy Hahn

The Story of Natepi is a true story of how the bond between brother and sister and family values can overcome adversity. Natepi like her brother Mark ( Lost Boy of Sudan) is a true hero. The Story of Natepi...

Fish & Dive the Caribbean V1: A Candid Destination Guide from Cancun to the British Islands Book 1

by Larry Larsen

Sooner or later every saltwater angler and diver begins casting glances toward the far off horizons of the Caribbean.

The Chinese Labour Corps

by Mark O'Neill & Anne McCullagh Rennie

From the black soil plains of Australia to the rolling hills of England comes an uplifting tale of passion, courage and determination Alice Ferguson is eight years old when a savage bushfire tears her family...

Dangerous Odds: My Secret Life Inside an Illegal Billion Dollar Sports Betting Operation

by Marisa Lankester

DANGEROUS ODDS is the explosive, never been told, behind the scenes look into the world of illegal sports betting, revealed by an insider, who happens to be a woman.  Marisa Lankester, a young beauty with a...

The Words That Made Australia: How Australia Made Its Own Luck - And Could Now Throw It All Away

by Chris Feik & Robert Manne

"This is not a book of documents, snippets or worthy speeches. Instead it presents the original essays and the moments of insight that told us what Australia is and could be.

These are the essential statements...

Universal Design for Learning: Theory and Practice

by Anne Meyer, David H Rose & David Gordon

"Universal Design for Learning is one of the few big and truly transformative ideas to emerge in education over the past two decades." - Martha L. Minow, Harvard Law School dean and civil-rights advocate ***...

84 Day Body Alkaline Challenge Action Manual

by Monica Wright & Matt Thom

A Great Alkaline Body in 84 Days

The Secret to a Great Body revealed by the World's Fittest Couple in your very own Step by Step Action Manual—full of daily checklists to follow, 19 different fusion workout...

Puss in Boots

by Kathryn Jackson

Puss in Boots is a clever cat who won’t settle for having a poor master. So he dupes a wicked giant out of his grand castle, claims the surrounding land as his master Caraba’s, and charms the king, who lets...

The Bunny Hop (Sesame Street)

by Sarah Albee & Maggie Swanson

Early one Easter morning, bunnies begin turning up in the strangest (and funniest) places all over Sesame Street. Where did they come from? This is a hilarious tale told in rollicking rhyme—a great way to...

The Monsters on the Bus (Sesame Street)

by Sarah Albee & Joe Ewers

The Wheels on the Bus, a perennial favorite of the toddler set, gets a uniquely Sesame Street spin in this very funny Little Golden Book. Elmo, Grover, and Cookie Monster board a bus and meet some wacky passengers,...

Over on Sesame Street (Sesame Street): A Counting Rhyme

by Naomi Kleinberg & Tom Brannon

Learning numbers can really be lots of fun! Around and about on Sesame Street, there are all sorts of things to be counted, from Muppets, moms, and Twiddlebugs to kites, fruit, and flowers. From one to ten,...

Abby's Pink Party (Sesame Street)

by Naomi Kleinberg & Tom Brannon

Abby Cadabby is feeling blue because it's her birthday—and no one remembered! Even a walk around Sesame Street with Elmo doesn't cheer Abby up. But there's something going on behind the scenes, and toddlers...