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Blunder: Why Smart People Make Bad Decisions

by Zachary Shore

"Engaging...Teases out the cause and effect of seven [cognition] traps with witty stories of famous teach the basis of good judgment. L ike all good historians he's hoping we can avoid making the...

Fruitless Fall: The Collapse of the Honey Bee and the Coming Agricultural Crisis

by Rowan Jacobsen

"Jacobsen reminds readers that bees provide not just the sweetness of honey, but also are a crucial link in the life cycle of our crops."-Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Caligula for President: Better American Living Through Tyranny

by Cintra Wilson

"Imperial tyranny for everyone": a hilariously chilling vision of America's future, as inspired by the despotic, profligate, and callous reign of Caligula, the world's first compassionate conservative.

101 Tax Secrets For Canadians: Smart Strategies That Can Save You Thousands

by Tim Cestnick

Nothing can better protect hard-earned income and help to accumulate wealth than savvy tax strategies. In this comprehensive guide, Canada's foremost tax expert, Tim Cestnick, offers 101 tips for year-round...

Lift Up Your Hearts: A Prayer Book for Anglicans

by Andrew Davison, Andrew Nunn & Toby Wright

An accessible, adult, catholic prayer book which can become the well-used friend of the reader -- it can be kept and prayed with. This is not another book for the shelf but to accompany us in our journey. We...

Franks and Saracens: Reality and Fantasy in the Crusades

by Avner Falk

This is the first and only book to examine the Crusades from the added viewpoint of psychoanalysis, studying the hidden emotions and fantasies that drove the Crusaders and the Muslims to undertake their terrible...

3G Evolution: HSPA and LTE for Mobile Broadband

by Erik Dahlman, Stefan Parkvall & Johan Skold

Reflecting the recent completion of LTE's specification, the new edition of this bestseller has been fully updated to provide a complete picture of the LTE system. The latest LTE standards are included on the...

Experiencing the Presence of God: Teachings from the Book of Hebrews

by A. W. Tozer, James L. Snyder & Randy Alcorn

Tozer's teachings on the book of Hebrews examine what it means to dwell in God's presence. Explore the epistle's sweeping grasp of history and see your own struggles in the "hero stories" recounted there.

Exploring the Landscape of Scientific Literacy

by Cedric John Linder & Leif Östman

Offering new ways to look at the key ideas and practices associated with promoting scientific literacy, this book takes a pragmatic and inclusive perspective on curriculum reform and learning and presents a...

The Adventures of Duncan & Mallory: The Beginning

by Robert Asprin & Mel. White

Duncan was the naive son of a minor nobleman, more interested in romance than war. Mallory was a dragon, more interested in con jobs and quick money than being a fearsome monster. When they team up, their adventures...

Agroecological Economics: Sustainability and Biodiversity

by Paul Wojtkowski

Agroecology is the science of applying ecological concepts and principles to the design, development, and management of sustainable agricultural systems. Agroecological economics, a subsection of agricultural...

Light and Video Microscopy

by Randy O. Wayne

The purpose of this book is to provide the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, and informative guide on light microscopy. Light and Video Microscopy will prepare the reader for the accurate interpretation of an...

Cross-Layer Resource Allocation in Wireless Communications: Techniques and Models from PHY and MAC Layer Interaction

by Ana I. Perez-Neira & Marc Realp Campalans

Resource allocation in wireless networks is traditionally approached either through information theory or communications networks. To break down the barriers between these distinct approaches, this book (whose...

Forensic Victimology: Examining Violent Crime Victims in Investigative and Legal Contexts

by Brent E. Turvey & Wayne Petherick

This new textbook provides students with the basic principles and practice standards of forensic victimology--the scientific study of victims for the purposes of addressing investigative and forensic issues....

Waste Management for the Food Industries

by Ioannis S. Arvanitoyannis

The continuously increasing human population, has resulted in a huge demand for processed and packaged foods. As a result of this demand, large amounts of water, air, electricity and fuel are consumed on a daily...

Mechanics of Asphalt: Microstructure and Micromechanics: Microstructure and Micromechanics

by Linbing Wang

A State-of-the-Art Guide to the Mechanics of Asphalt Concrete

Mechanics of Asphalt systematically covers both the fundamentals and most recent developments in applying rational mechanics, microstructure characterization...

Dusty, Deek, and Mr. Do-Right: High School Football in Illinois

by Taylor Bell

From small towns like Metamora, Aledo, and Carthage to East St. Louis and Chicago's South Side, Illinois's high school football fields have been the proving ground for such future stars as Dick Butkus, Red Grange,...

MATLAB for Neuroscientists: An Introduction to Scientific Computing in MATLAB

by Pascal Wallisch, Michael Lusignan & Marc Benayoun

This is the first comprehensive teaching resource and textbook for the teaching of MATLAB in the Neurosciences and in Psychology. MATLAB is unique in that it can be used to learn the entire empirical and experimental...

Forest Management and Planning

by Pete Bettinger, Kevin Boston & Jacek Siry

This book provides a focused understanding of contemporary forest management issues through real life examples to engage students. The methodology for the development of quantitatively-derived forest management...

Cross-Layer Resource Allocation in Wireless Communications: Techniques and Models from Phy and Mac Layer Interaction

by Ana I. Perez-Neira & Realp Campalans, Marc

Resource allocation in wireless networks is traditionally approached either through information theory or communications networks. To break down the barriers between these distinct approaches, this book bridges...