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CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Exams (Exams 220-701 & 220-702)

by James Pyles & Michael Pastore

Don't Let the Real Test Be Your First Test!

CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Exams (Exams 220-701 & 220-702) is filled with 1,000 realistic practice questions to prepare you for these challenging exams. To...

An Imperfect Offering: Humanitarian Action for the Twenty-First Century

by James Orbinski

"A doctor who has witnessed the worst forms of inhumanity in hot spots around the globe takes an unflinching look at the political and economic forces that provoke human suffering and offers a moving meditation...

How to Determine Your True Life Purpose.

by Raymond Desmarais

Before a person can find true happiness in their lives;they must know what their true life purpose really is. This book will help You to determine what that purpose is. Knowing what makes You happiest is what...

How to Know What You What You Don,t Know

by Normand Desmarais

Book one (Stolen Freedoms-'The Stone is Cast' was an introduction to the lies and deceits and secrets that have been hidden from us, which lead to The Ripple Effect-'Countdown to Freedom', which gave more food...

The Forever Queen: Sometimes, a desperate kingdom is in need of one great woman

The Saxon #1

by Helen Hollick

USA Today Bestseller!

What kind of woman becomes the wife of two kings, and the mother of two more?

Saxon England, 1002. Not only is Æthelred a failure as King, but his young bride, Emma of Normandy, soon discovers...

Reconciliation: Healing the Inner Child

by Thich Nhat Hanh

Based on Dharma talks by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and insights from participants in retreats for healing the inner child, this book is an exciting contribution to the growing trend of using Buddhist practices...

Motivating Students: 25 Strategies to Light the Fire of Engagement

by Carolyn Chapman & Nicole Vagle

Learn why students disengage and how to motivate them to achieve success with a five-step framework. Research-based strategies and fun activities show how to instill a lasting love of learning in students of...

You've Got to Reach Them to Teach Them: Hard Facts About the Soft Skills of Student Engagement

by Mary Kim Schreck

Navigate the hot topic of student engagement with a true expert. The author explores the many factors involved in bringing out the best in students, such as relationships, emotions, environment, and expectations....

Free-Motion Machine Quilting: From Practice to Perfection - Troubleshooting Guide - 50+ Designs

by Don Linn

Build Your Skills with Mr. Quilt. Refine your free-motion skills with a series of machine quilting exercises using your table-top sewing machine.

Little Girls, Big Style: Sew a Boutique Wardrobe from 4 Easy Patterns

by Mary Abreu

With 23 projects in sizes 2-6, you can create a closet full of clothes for any little girl in your life. Everything you need to learn is here, from the basic sewing to the stylish finishing. It's all about handmade!...

Lazarus Rising

by John Howard

John Howard spent decades under media scrutiny, and while his credentials as a political leader, devoted family man and sports tragic are beyond dispute, in this autobiography he reveals much more about himself....

Come on Shore and We Will Kill and Eat You All: A New Zealand Story

by Christina Thompson

"A multilayered, highly informative and insightful book that blends memoir, historical and travel narrative...vivid and meticulously researched."--San Francisco Chronicle

Toponymity: An Atlas of Words

by John Marciano

From the beloved author of Anonyponymous, a fascinating compendium of familiar words that come from surprising locations.

Golf from the Ground Up: A New Focus on Fundamentals from a Master Teaching Pro

by Bob Mullen & Geoff Bryant

Like Hogan's classic best-seller Five Lessons, this is a detailed look at the fundamental platform in golf: grip, alignment, stance, ball position, body turn, and footwork. Shows how not just to learn, but master,...

Mastering the Craft of Making Sausage

by Warren R. Anderson

Recipes for making 100 sausages at home: beef and pork sausages, cased and uncased, sausages from poultry and game, emulsified sausage, cured sausages, fermented-style sausages and more . Complete instructions...

Plain Sailing: The Sail-Trim Manual for New Sailors

by Dallas Murphy

By focusing on "wind awareness," Plain Sailing will help all sailorsbetter understand the principles and practice of sail trim-how to adjust sailsso they interact most efficiently with the wind. There is a direct...

Why Book of Sailing

by Scott Welty

The science behind sailboats, told in layman's terms.

Christina's Matilda

by Edel Wignell & Elizabeth Botté

Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda, Who'll come a-Waltzing Matilda with me?' Everyone knows the words. Many people know that the Australian poet 'Banjo' Paterson wrote them. But how may people know the origin...

Arlo and the Vortex Voyage

by Juliet Blair

Winner, IP Picks Best Junior Prose, 2010 When Arlo and Kate go rock-climbing, the last thing they expect is to be caught up in a vortex and transported through to another universe. The absence of television...

The Sky Dreamer

by Anne Morgan & Céline Eimann

When Liam's sister dies, his world turns grey. He spends hours watching clouds crossing the wintry skies, hoping that Cassie is out there somewhere. On the night before Liam's birthday, Cassie sails the Sky...