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Medieval Life

by Roberta Gilchrist

"An important and timely volume... an elegant summary of complex theory, and synthesis of an impressive body of material. It will be eagerly read by current and future generations of archaeologists, and will...

Every Third Woman In America: How Legal Abortion Transformed Our Nation

by MD, David A. Grimes & Linda G. Brandon

One in three women in the United States will have an induced abortion in her lifetime. Every Third Woman in America: How Legal Abortion Transformed Our Nation tells the forgotten story of the transition from...

Coding For Dummies

by Nikhil Abraham

Hands-on exercises help you learn to code like a pro

No coding experience is required for Coding For Dummies, your one-stop guide to building a foundation of knowledge in writing computer code for web, application,...

Applied Superconductivity: Handbook on Devices and Applications

by Paul Seidel

This wide-ranging presentation of applied superconductivity, from fundamentals and materials right up to the details of many applications, is an essential reference for physicists and engineers in academic research...

God's People on the Move: Biblical and Global Perspectives on Migration and Mission

by vanThanh Nguyen & John M. Prior

On the highways and byways of every continent, hundreds of millions of immigrants are constantly on the move. Because of growing inequalities of wealth caused by unregulated economic globalization, political...

Can Saul Alinsky Be Saved?: Jesus Christ in the Obama and Post-Obama Era

by Richard William Bledsoe

Revolutionary France of 1789 was the world's first post-Christian society. Leftism is an ersatz religion, and France became the world's first Leftist nation. Leftism is faux Christianity. America is today becoming...

American Tricksters: Thoughts on the Shadow Side of a Culture's Psyche

by William J. Jackson & Peter Thuesen

Tricksters are known by their deeds. Obviously not all the examples in American Tricksters are full-blown mythological tricksters like Coyote, Raven, or the Two Brothers found in Native American stories, or...

Hispanic Ministry in Catholic Parishes: A Summary Report of Findings from the National Study of Catholic Parishes with Hispanic Ministry

by PhD Hosffman Ospino

"The Church is called to be the house of the Father, with doors always wide open." - Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel

In this groundbreaking nationwide study of Hispanic ministries in U.S. parishes, Dr. Hosffman...

The Risk of Returning, Second Edition: A Novel

by Shirley Nelson & Rudy Nelson

Ted Peterson, son of former missionaries to Guatemala, returns to that country to solve the mystery of his father's disappearance. Caught up in a culture of violence and deadly secrets, what he learns is as...

Practical Empathy

by Indi Young

Conventional product development focuses on the solution. Empathy is a mindset that focuses on people, helping you to understand their thinking patterns and perspectives. Practical Empathy will show you how...

Needs Assessment: Trends and a View Toward the Future: New Directions for Evaluation, Number 144

by James W. Altschuld & Ryan Watkins

Explore multiple practical and theoretical dimensions of needs assessment. This volume focuses exclusively on this essential topic for guiding decisions-examining subjects such as:

  • the importance of defining...

Strategic Directions for Career Services Within the University Setting: New Directions for Student Services, Number 148

by Smith

Filled with strategic directions, practical advice and best practices, this volume delivers an overview of emerging trends for the career services profession.

Hot topics include:

  • a blend of research, case studies,...

Critical Perspectives on Global Competition in Higher Education: New Directions for Higher Education, Number 168

by Portnoi & Sylvia S. Bagley

This volume delivers a cutting-edge analysis on vernacular globalization, or how local forces mediate global trends. It delves into the vital facets of the quest for global competitiveness, including:

  • Global...

Effective Implementation In Practice: Integrating Public Policy and Management

by Jodi Sandfort & Stephanie Moulton

A unique approach to policy implementation with essential guidance and useful tools

Cultivating Effective Implementation: The Practice of Integrating Policy and Management presents an instrumental approach to...

Inclusive Teaching: Presence in the Classroom: New Directions for Teaching and Learning, Number 140

by Cornell Thomas

In this volume, the authors focus on the importance of inclusive teaching and the role faculty can play in helping students achieve, though not necessarily in the same way. To teach with a focus on inclusion...

Theology, History, and Biblical Interpretation: Modern Readings

by Darren Sarisky

There is at present a ferment over theological interpretation, some backlash against this seemingly new development, and a bit of unsettlement in the state of historical approaches to the Bible. But students...


by Damian Harvey & Rupert Van Wyk

Queen Victoria was the longest ever reigning British monarch and saw extraordinary developments during her reign, from the development of the railways to the discoveries of Charles Darwin. Discover the stories...

Elizabeth I

by Damian Harvey & Rupert Van Wyk

Elizabeth I ruled during a turbulent time in Tudor history. Find out about her highs and lows from being imprisoned in the Tower of London to inspiring victory over the Spanish Armada. Discover the stories of...

No Life But This

by Anna Sheehan

Rose slept for a hundred years and when she awoke the world as she knew it had vanished, utterly. She has gone from being a cherished only child to being the sole heir to a vast, interstellar empire. From being...

Noses Are Not for Picking

by Elizabeth Verdick & Marieka Heinlen

We’ve all seen it—the nose-picking habit starts as early as the toddler years, and no child is the exception. Young children pick their noses for a variety of reasons, from colds to allergies to curiosity...