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Bounded Bureaucracy and the Budgetary Process in the United States

by Jay Eungha Ryu

Bureaucracies have been criticized from various perspectives and blamed for a variety of failings. This book provides solid data on how bureaucracies can expedite information processing and reduce organizational...

Voices of Determination: Children that Defy the Odds

by Kevin P. Chavous & Geoffrey Canada

"Kevin Chavous is an expert on American education policy, having been an elected member of the DC Council in our nation’s capital. He dealt with Congress and the major national organizations on a...

The Idea of Leisure: First Principles

by Robert A. Stebbins

People are becoming progressively happier and enjoying an ever-improving quality of life, they say, mostly because they are putting their skills and reason to work. The Idea of Leisure is based on the assumption...

Con Game: Bernard Madoff and His Victims

by Lionel S. Lewis

“While many books have been written about Bernard Madoff, this is the first to focus in detail on his victims and the story of how they became involved in the Ponzi scheme. . . . [Lewis] has written an...

Virgil's Golden Egg and Other Neapolitan Miracles: An Investigation into the Sources of Creativity

by Michael Ledeen

Naples has been a great creative center for hundreds of years. Neapolitan creativity has survived centuries of foreign occupation, widespread misery, the end of its role as a great capital city, repeated natural...

A Complete Guide to the Snakes of Southern Africa

by Johan Marais

This comprehensive guide covers all 151 snakes indigenous to southern Africa. Species accounts detail behaviour, ID, reproduction and snake venoms, with full-colour photographs. Simple icons give essential information...

Aloes in Southern Africa

by Gideon Smith & Braam van Wyk

Aloes in Southern Africa explores the character and biology, habits, features and distribution of African aloes. It details 58 species, their cultivation and propagation, plus medicinal, cosmetic and culinary...

Guide to Succulents of Southern Africa

by Gideon Smith & Neil Crouch

This accessible guide features 250 of our most widespread and interesting succulents. Colour photographs and authoritative text give key identification features, and distribution maps show occurrence in southern...

Peril Beyond the Waterfall

by Christine Porter

In the magical empire of Laenutia, beyond a gateway of cascading water, lies a kingdom in peril. The forces of evil are gathering, ready to oust the rightful rulers of the land. Chaos hovers as the ruthless...


by Conrad Schultz

Betrayed by love, Rupert Richter wants more than anything to be free of intimacy, but his quest for peace is plagued by high drama and beautiful women.

Missing & Murdered

by Alan Morris

Missing & Murdered lays bare the fascinating world of forensic anthropology. As the popularity of TV programmes such as the CSI trilogy and Silent Witness attests, people are fascinated by forensic science as...

Victor: My Journey

by Victor Matfield & De Jongh Borchardt

As one of the most capped Springboks ever, Victor Matfield is a national hero who transcends rugby provincialism and has fans across the world. His rugby exploits and achievements are numerous: he was an instrumental...

What's that Butterfly?: A starter's guide to butterflies of South Africa

by Steve Woodhall

What's that Butterfly? introduces the novice to a selection of the more than 660 species of butterfly in South Africa. The butterflies are arranged into groups that have broadly similar appearance and habits,...

Roast Duck on Sunday: Two Sisters, Two Kitchens and a Treasury of Recipes

by Zuretha Roos & Annalie Nel

A beautifully illustrated cookbook for home cooks looking for new ideas or more traditional, family recipes, ranging from super simple to more outlandish dishes.

Filmer's Spiders: An Identification Guide for Southern Africa

by Martin R Filmer, Norman Larsen & Linda Duigan

Fully revised and updated, this book features all 63 families of spider that occur in this region. A fresh layout, full-colour photographs - many of them new - and diagrams of diagnostic features make this an...

Basic Bird ID in Southern Africa

by Peter Ginn & Geoff McIlleron

This clear, concise book offers a down-to-earth system for newcomers to the field of birding. It trains the reader step by step in the art of observing birds, allowing beginners to use a field guide more effectively....

Know the Bible in 30 Days: Discover Facts, Insights and Inspiration in God's Word, Cultural Traditions, Biblical and World History, Story Summari

by J. Stephen Lang

Discover facts, insights and inspiration in God's word. In just 30 days, you can develop a fuller understanding of the Bible! Best-selling author J. Stephen Lang helps make the Scriptures more accessible through...

Choose This Day: 366 Devotions

by Ray McCauley

Choose This Day is a daily devotional by one of South Africa's outstanding preachers, Pastor Ray McCauley of Rhema Bible Church. These easy-to-read devotions give you a fresh word for each day, helping you to...

Advance your life: Practical advice you need to succeed

by Dr John Tibane

Are you willing to dramatically improve the quality of your life? Are you prepared to alter the course of your life to accomplish your deepest desires? Dr John Tibane wants to help you to create the life you...

Advances in Microbial Physiology

by Robert K. Poole

Advances in Microbial Physiology is one of the most successful and prestigious series from Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier. It publishes topical and important reviews, interpreting physiology to include...