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West of Sunset

by Dirk Bogarde

Set in the shadow of Hollywood opulence – the gaudy wastes of Los Angeles – West of Sunset is a sharp and potent satire of movie-making America. However the excessive glitter is embedded in a deeper plot about...

Voices in the Garden

by Dirk Bogarde

The fabulous but wavering old Lady Peverill, known as “Cuckoo”, lives with her husband, the Napoleon-mad military historian Archie. Dissatisfied with all that surrounds her and overcome by sheer boredom, she...

A Careless Widow and Other Stories

by V.S. Pritchett

First published in 1989, here is England's leading man of letters-as old as the century-at the height of his powers, the incomparable V. S. Pritchett, whose brilliantly observed short stories have become classics...

The King of the Rainy Country

by Nicolas Freeling

This was the end of the story that had started 'Once upon a time, in a rainy country, there was a king...' The end had not happened in a rainy country, but on a bone-dry Spanish hillside, three hundred metres...

Two Worlds and Their Ways

by Ivy Compton-Burnett

Sefton and his sister Clemence are dispatched to separate boarding schools. Their father's second marriage, their mother's economies, provide perfect opportunities for mockery, and home becomes a source of shame....

Monday Lunch in Fairyland and Other Stories

by Angela Huth

This is a sparkling collection of short stories, dealing with love, loss and the tiny happenings that make up our everyday experience. Her most brilliant stories are about successful couples who own comfortable...

War Winners

by Ronald Clark

War Winners is a fully illustrated description of the impact of science and technology on war from the days of the American Civil War to Vietnam. The rise of the machine-gun and the attempts to counter it with...

Invitation to the Married Life

by Angela Huth

The married couples in this book have two things in common: a skill in the duplicity that flourishes even in happy marriages, and an invitation to the Farthingoes' ball.

In the months preceding the party, we...

A Man of Letters

by V.S. Pritchett

V. S. Pritchett is widely - and justly - regarded not only as one of the finest short story writers of this century, but as a critic and essayist of astonishing range, perception and originality. Combining an...

Enchanter's Nightshade

by Ann Bridge

In Enchanter's Nightshade, first published in 1937, Bridge presents her reader with a "period piece" of Italian provincial society and distributes our sympathies over a surprising range of characters, several...

The Moment of Truth

by Storm Jameson

With literary ability, clarity of style, and astonishing inventiveness, Storm Jameson tells the story of people who - as may happen to any one of us at any time - are forced to make a supremely momentous decision....

Brief Encounter

by Alec Waugh

First published in 1975, this story tells of how a chance meeting in a café, a piece of grit delicately removed by a gentleman from a lady's eye give birth to an affair... a brief yet unrelenting emotional...

The Present and the Past

by Ivy Compton-Burnett

'I cannot be parted longer from my sons... I am coming back to my home'

Nine years after her divorce from Cassius Clare, Catherine decides to re-enter his life. Her decision causes a dramatic upheaval in the...


by Nicolas Freeling

'Two women had committed suicide, and a third had had to be led gently away by men in white coats. There had been an outbreak of anonymous letters. . .That was not so very much. But there was something more,...

Fuel for the Flame

by Alec Waugh

First published in 1960, this is a tale of an imaginary island on the Equator that has suddenly achieved importance through the discovery of oil - what will happen to the men and women living under the tensions...

At Home and Abroad

by V.S. Pritchett

Admirers of The Spanish Temper, Marching Spain and his wonderfully evocative books on London, Dublin and New York will need no reminding that V.S. Pritchett is one of the very great travel writers of our time,...

Blackkerchief Dick

by Margery Allingham

First published in 1923, this is a historical novel about smugglers set on Mersea Island in the 17th century inspired by a series of seances held by the Allingham family while on holiday on Mersea.

A Day Off

by Storm Jameson

First published in 1933, this outstanding collection is made up of two short novels, A Day Off and The Single Heart, and three long stories which show the variety of the author's great writing skills that make...

There will be a Short Interval

by Storm Jameson

Sergeant Jebb - S.J. as he is called - is a distinguished British historian. He has shaped his life pretty much as he wished, subordinating personal responsibilities and professional rewards to his private standards...

The Balliols

by Alec Waugh

First published in 1934, this book tells the story of the Balliol family as they exist through the suffrage movement and the end of the Edwardian era to the Great War.

The Balliol children are subject to the...