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Building Wealth All-in-One For Canadians For Dummies

by Bryan Borzykowski, Andrew Bell, Matthew Elder & Andrew Dagys et al.

The comprehensive, six-books-in-one package Canadian investors can trust with their money

Designed for those investors who are already familiar with the fundamentals of the investment process and are looking...

Chelmno and the Holocaust: The History of Hitler's First Death Camp

by Patrick Montague

As the first extermination camp established by the Nazi regime and the prototype of the single-purpose death camps of Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec, the Chelmno death camp stands as a crucial but largely unexplored...

Surprised by Laughter Revised and   Updated

by Terry Lindvall

For C. S. Lewis, merriment was serious business, and like no book before it, Surprised by Laughter explains why. Author Terry Lindvall takes readers on a highly amusing and deeply meaningful journey through...

Loving Your Child Too Much

by Gary Sibcy & Tim Clinton

Packed with 10 essential parenting strategies, Clinton and Sibcy help parents understand the strengths and weaknesses of parenting styles, and offer a proven method for raising healthy, happy, well-balanced...

Then Sings My Soul Book 3

by Robert Morgan

The long-awaited third installment!

In 2003, Robert Morgan released what would become a future classic for over a million readers, a unique book entitled Then Sings My Soul.  This collection of the world’s...

Moments of Truth

by John F. MacArthur

We are in desperate need of moments of truth. Truth that can shine through the clutter of modern life. Truth that we can welcome without hesitation. Truth that is good for our souls.

The Bible is the only source...


by Traci Harding

Enter a world of mystery and hauntings fair and foul ... A fabulously spooky ghost story from one of Voyager's bestselling authors, traci Harding.

The Others

by Siba al-Harez

A best-seller in Arabic, The Others is a literary tour de force, offering a glimpse into one of the most repressive societies in the world. Siba al-Harez tells the story of a nameless teenager at a girls’...

In Their Father's Country

by Anne-Marie Drosso

Claire and Gabrielle Sahli are sisters growing up in 1920s Cairo. Of mixed descent, they occupy a precarious position in Egypt’s increasingly nationalist wealthy classes. While others like them leave, the...

An Imam in Paris

by Daniel L. Newman

In the 1820s, Rifa‘a Rafi‘ al-Tahtawi, a young Muslim cleric, was a leading member of the first Egyptian educational mission to Paris, where he remained for five years, documenting his observations of European...

Sexuality in Islam

by Abdelwahab Bouhdiba

In this classic work, Abdelwahab Bouhdiba asserts that Islam is a lyrical view of life in which sexuality enjoys a privileged status. Drawing on both Arabic and Western sources and seeking to integrate the religious...

Self-Criticism After the Defeat

by Sadik al-Azm, Faisal Darraj & Ajami Fouad

A devastating critique of the Arab world’s political stagnation by one of its most revered thinkers. The 1967 War – which led to the defeat of Syria, Jordan and Egypt by Israel – felt like an unprecedented...

Adam Gould

by Julia O'Faolain

Paris in the 1890s. Adam Gould, whose Anglo-Irish father has disowned him, works in a lunatic asylum run by the celebrated Dr Blanche, some of whose patients once starred in France’s social firmament and still,...

The Peace Process

by Afif Safieh

Afif Safieh served as Palestinian General Delegate in London, Washington and Moscow from 1990 to 2009. During this time, he met and interacted with the leading figures of our times: from Yasser Arafat, John...

The Lamppost Diary

by Agop J. Hacikyan

 For young Tomas, nothing in Istanbul is certain, except for the lamppost that he touches every day for luck on his way to school. World War Two rages, the spectre of the Armenian genocide haunts his parents...

Many and Many a Year Ago

by Selcuk Altun

Kemal Kuray is lucky to escape with his life after his beloved F-16 hurtles to the ground in a test flight. Convalescence comes in the form of a comfortable monthly allowance and an opulent apartment in a mysterious...

Shi‘ism and the Democratisation Process in Iran

by Ibrahim Moussawi

Since its emergence in 1979, the Islamic Republic of Iran has remained a conundrum for observers, particularly in the West. Shi‘ism and the Democratisation Process in Iran examines the fundaments of Iran’s...

The Olive Grove

by Deborah Rohan

The Moghrabis have lived in Palestine for centuries. Near the end of the First World War, Ottoman soldier Kamal Moghrabi is imprisoned by his Turkish masters. Reunited with his family after being freed by British...

The New Post-Oil Arab Gulf

by Nabil Sultan, David Weir & Zeinab Karake-Shalhoub

The sharp increase in oil revenues since 2002 has left the Arab Gulf States with billions of petro-dollars. But how will these countries fare in the post-oil era?   The rulers of these states are taking serious...

Cairo Stories

by Anne-Marie Drosso

Egypt is the setting for this collection, but the stories are universal –whether it’s the girl whose mother no longer recognises her, a young man who uses the changing political climate to avenge his despotic...