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Where Will You Go from Here?: Moving Forward When Life Doesn't Go as Planned

by Valorie Burton

Has the unexpected knocked you off course? You lost your job to the latest round of layoffs. A relationship you thought would last forever, didn’t. A health challenge is disrupting your life. Life doesn’t...

The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck: A Novel

by Kathleen Y'Barbo

Unlikely romance is sometimes just an inconvenient marriage away


Charlotte Beck may be entering adulthood, but she can’t seem to keep to her stubborn, independent spirit from bucking social protocol. Fed...

The Canary List: A Novel

by Sigmund Brouwer

Protected by the dark of night, Jaimie Piper runs. But is anywhere safe when Evil is hunting you?


She’s just a twelve year-old girl, bumped around between foster homes and relegated to school classes for...

Obama Health Law: What It Says and How to Overturn It: The Left's War Against Academic Freedom

by Betsy McCaughey

The fight against ObamaCare is just beginning. The new health law, signed on March 23, 2010, destroys our constitutional rights. For the first time in history, the federal government will dictate how doctors...

The Art and Craft of Entertaining

by Kimberly Kennedy

Where do I begin?

That's the question we start with when thinking about throwing a party -- and for many of us, that's the question we end with, too. We may like the idea of entertaining friends and family...

God of the Towel: Knowing the tender heart of God

by Jim Mcguiggan

Jim McGuiggan’s passionate devotional readings draw the reader beyond the commands, the laws, and the history to reveal God’s tender love.

Since childhood, you’ve sung the words, “Jesus loves me, this...

Training the Boss: An Erotic Lesbian BDSM Fantasy

by Seth Daniels & Caralyn Knight

From the moment Samantha walked in Belinda knew that her new secretary was going to be trouble. Samantha was sexy and established from the very beginning that she was the one that was going to be in control....

The Big WHY?: Understanding Adversity and Transforming Your Troubles Into Triumphs

by Walter Hallam

Angela Hallam lived a life of grace, service, and joy, yet her life was cut short in a plane crash. Why did this happen? How could God have allowed this to happen?

Pastor Walter Hallam explores these questions...

Global Call to Prayer

by Germaine Copeland

2 Chronicles 7:14 "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins, and...

Authentic: Dare to Be Real

by Taffi Dollar

The Father God is much more concerned about what is happening on the inside of His children than what they do outwardly. As your inner life grows and prospers in Him, your outward life will follow.

Your struggle...

The Old Man In The Corner

by Baroness Orczy

These twelve mysteries concern a mysterious armchair detective who solves crimes from reports and using logic. The stories describe murders, blackmail, theft and deception, but all have as their setting the...

The Greatest Coach Ever: Timeless Wisdom and Insights of John Wooden

by Fellowship of Christian Athletes

In this inspiring book, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes features forty tributes from athletes, coaches, and other influential leaders like Bobby Bowden, Tom Osborne, Sue Semrau, Tony Dungy, Mike Singletary,...

Political Islam and Governance in Bangladesh

by Ali Riaz & Christine

This book provides a broad-ranging analysis of the growth and impact of 'political Islam' in Bangladesh, and reactions to it. Grounded in empirical data, experts examine the changing character of Bangladeshi...

The Construction of Irish Identity in American Literature

by Christopher Dowd

This book examines the development of literary constructions of Irish-American identity from the mid-nineteenth century arrival of the Famine generation through the Great Depression. It goes beyond an analysis...

Public Management in Israel

by Itzhak Galnoor

As government management in Israel is gradually replaced by private sector management, this book provides a timely analysis of the machinery of government in Israel. It highlights the inadequacy of the...

Developments and Innovation in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture and Storage Technology: Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Capture, Transport and Industrial Application

by M M Maroto-Valer

Carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and storage (CCS) is the one advanced technology that conventional power generation cannot do without. CCS technology reduces the carbon footprint of power plants by capturing and...

Skaifey: Life in the Fast Lane

by Mark Skaife

Autobiography of the most successful driver in Australian motorsport historyHe is the most successful driver in Australian motorsport history. One of the icons of the sport, ultimately a Holden hero after starting...

The Big Fella: The Rise And Rise Of BHP Billiton

by Robert Macklin & Peter Thompson

The never-before-told story of BHP Billiton's global conquests, told by the key players. BHP is part of Australia's DNA; but it remains an enigma. The Big Fella: The rise and rise of BHP Billiton is the compelling...

When It Rains

by Maggie MacKellar

The heart-wrenching but triumphant story of rebuilding a life and a family.'My body, suddenly, carries two stories of loss ... One is easy for people to recognise. My mother died of cancer. I watched her age...

Hell On The Way To Heaven

by Chrissie Foster & Paul Kennedy

An Australian mother's love, the power of the Catholic Church and the fight for justice over child sexual abuse. Chrissie and Anthony Foster were like any other young family, raising their three daughters in...