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Ayshe, An Anatolian Tale

by Fatma Durmush

This book started life as a short story in a children's writing group. 'Anatolian Tale' is about the backwaters of Turkey; it is a story of Ayshe growing up in Anatolia and the hardships she endures. Girls in...

In 2 Minds

by Fabia Cerra

In this achingly honest memoir Fabia Cerra tells the story of her struggle with mental illness, from an abused childhood, an adolescence in which she became the World Disco Dancing Champion, and an adulthood...

Berty Tumblefluff and Friends

by Lee Pritchett

Berty Tumblefluff and Friends' is collection of magical, illustrated fairytale / children's fantasy stories about boys, girls, wizards, witches, dragons, goblins talking animals and more. The book contains sequel...

I Thought I Was the King of Scotland

by Jimmy Gilmour

This is who I thought I would be. I knew I would be able to write a small book after my second breakdown, but I am not very good at wording things, but I have tried my best. These false beliefs went on until...

Journey Into My Life

by Lisa Diallo

Everything that you read in this book is a moment in my life, as you are probably familier with the facts that we all have our ups and downs as our lives are a constant chain of experiences, there are times...

Latent Schisms, Blatant Isms

by Andrew Stephenson

For as long as I can remember I have been driven by an inner conflict, the desire to conform on the one hand, the desire to rebel on the other. My struggle with these polar opposites have led me into conflict...

In Company of Brute

by Durlabh Singh

Under the impact of the dark forces of hostility and indifference, the author suffers a mental breakdown. Slowly he fights back, aided by his writings, to regain semblance of sanity and human dignity. A pilgrim's...

Out of the Slippery Pit

by Linda Palucci

Garth Brooks had a song a few years back- "The Dance" even now when I hear it, I cry. "I could have missed the pain, but I'd have had to miss the Dance" But lots of things still make me cry. I know I am not...

Patterns of Mourning

by Melissa Lee-Houghton

Patterns of Mourning began after a tragic bereavement and takes the course of a damaging love-affair in which the narrator becomes increasingly unstable and detached from reality. Written by a young mother coming-of-age,...

For Pity's Sake: One More Email - One More Year

by William Carter

When the young Natasha Nemcova arrived in England to start a new life, she wanted to seek her fortune and find the man of her dreams. Instead she found a married hedonist, 35 years older than herself, who schooled...

Barkin: Short Stories from the World of Psychosis

by Deirdre Geraghty

This short collection of stories gives the reader a real, tangible and understandable description of the ideas, feelings and processes by which someone enters a period of psychosis. Geraghty's considerable gift...

Dead City Streets

by Shane Leah

The symptoms of schizophrenia are rooted in the heart. By and large, it is a state of mind caused by the negativity of influences and forces greater than the patients will to power. This biographical novel is...

On Anti-Psychiatry: An Essay

by Mark Ellerby

Mark Ellerby's essay on anti-psychiatry is a well-balanced, open minded analysis of this new and divisive movement. Mark uses his experience as a mental health service user to explore the backlash against traditional...


by Dorothy Mitchell

Hollybeck is set in the early 1900s, and is a story about how two friends, Emma Watkins and Trudy Spence, take unexpected paths in their lives. Both girls start from similar working class conditions, but whereas...

Meeting Mister Mephistopheles

by Zekria Ibrahimi

This is a play about the entry into Hell, about the agony that has no relief, about the distress that cannot be soothed, about the pain that will never be cured... It is set in the aloofness of a Cambridge college,...

Gathering Roses

by Ellen Weisberg

Gathering Roses' is a young adult novel with a much wider appeal. Introverted and studious Lori Solomon meets nonconformist Grateful Dead follower, Nick Warren, and soon finds herself on a seemingly endless...

Ordinary People

by Fatma Durmush

Description Coming soon About the Author Fatma Durmush has had schizophrenia for thirty odd years and after living with that amount of mental health problems she when she reached forty decided she would begin...

Mary's Story: A Moment of Madness?: A Moment of Madness?

by Lynne Garnham-King

The book is Mary's story. It is a true story. It is about a psychotic experience with a supernatural twist! I had the good fortune to meet Mary during my role as a counselor. Mary claimed that she had been hearing...

In the Dark Backyard

by Mark Harnden

In The Dark Backyard is informative, harrowing and yet comic. It is the story of a young man who becomes afflicted with manic depression, a young man who survives to tell the tale. With the benefit of hindsight,...

Crossing Out The Emperor

by Michael Black

Crossing Out The Emperor is an exploration into the states of mind of Beethoven in various states of love and deafness, and Napoleon during his invasion of Russia in 1812. Are these states of mind romantic and...