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Betrayed: How the Education Establishment has Betrayed America and What You Can Do about it

by Laurie H. Rogers

Betrayed aims to tell the truth of public education - from the perspective of a parent who has fought the education bureaucracy.


by Nora Vivian Odendahl

Articles and books on educational testing written for specialists in the field are often inaccessible to non-specialists, whereas those written for the layperson may oversimplify or omit key concepts and issues....

Mentoring Matters: A Toolkit for Organizing and Operating Student Advisory Programs

by Mark Benigni

Mentoring Matters is an action plan with all the resources necessary to launch a school-based mentoring program. The forty-five thirty-minute lessons will serve as the foundation of your mentoring program.

Lopsided Schools: Case Method Briefings

by Gerard Giordano

Lopsided Schools introduces readers to the case method. It is intended for school administrators, instructors, guidance counselors, teacher trainers, school board members, parents, and the general public. It...

Change the World with Service Learning: How to Create, Lead, and Assess Service Learning Projects

by Katy Farber

This book guides teachers from all content areas and grade levels to create outstanding Service Learning projects with students like no other book does.

Writing Instruction for Generation 2.0

by Gloria E. Jacobs

Forward-thinking teachers who wish to understand the 21st century literacies, understand what youth are doing in respect to those literacies, and discover how they can apply this knowledge to classroom instruction...

Caterpillars of Eastern North America: A Guide to Identification and Natural History

by David L. Wagner

This lavishly illustrated guide will enable you to identify the caterpillars of nearly 700 butterflies and moths found east of the Mississippi. The more than 1,200 color photographs and two dozen line drawings...

Educational Change: From Traditional Education to Learning Communities

by Clifford H. Edwards

Educational Change: From Traditional Education to Learning Communities outlines the transition of curriculum and instruction as well as classroom discipline historically.

How to Keep Good Teachers and Principals: Practical Solutions to Today's Classroom Problems

by Lonnie Melvin

This book serves as a helpful, hands-on toolbox to give educators more tools and strategies, including a new behavior modification model called Self-Correcting Behavior Modification.

Story Power: Breathing Life into History

by Elizabeth Cervini Manvell

When students hear something interesting, something they connect to personally, they pay attention and want to know more. The stories in primary materials - a diary, letter, census record, photograph, official...

Perfect Lives

by Polly Samson

In an English seaside town, lovers and children, young men and middle-aged women weave in and out of each other?s lives and stories. A mother is tormented by her daughter?s tattoo; another only pretends to love...

Stramash!: Tackling Scotland's Towns and Teams

by Daniel Gray

Fatigued by bloated big-game football and bored of a samey big cities, Daniel Gray went in search of small town Scotland and its teams. At the time when the Scottish club game is drifting towards its lowest...

Sinclair's Retreat

by Robert Ennever

Devastated by his wife's death, John Sinclair is working obsessively in an attempt to mask his grief when he suffers a health crisis. His doctor advises country 'Rest and Relaxation.' 'The Retreat', an up-market...

Sardinia, the Brotherhood of Orso

by Robert Ennever

Sardinia, two and a half centuries before Christ. It is a night for wolves and witches. Across a wind-swept plateau two young lovers are pursued by a group of villagers intent on vengeance. Terrified, hungry...

The American School Superintendent: 2010 Decennial Study

by Theodore J. Kowalski

This book is an extension of decade studies of the American school superintendent dating back to the 1920s.

Nothing Left Unsaid: Words to Help You and Your Loved Ones Through the Hardest Times

by Carol Orsborn

Saying the wrong thing in a delicate situation is a widespread fear. It’s difficult for most people to find the right words when confronted with life’s most troubling moments: illness or death of a loved...

Changing the System: The Music of Christian Wolff

by Chase & Thomas

Christian Wolff is a composer who has followed a distinctive path often at the centre of avant-garde activity working alongside figures such as John Cage, Merce Cunningham, and Cornelius Cardew. In a career...

Adrian Willaert and the Theory of Interval Affect: The Musica Nova Madrigals and the Novel Theories of Zarlino and Vicentino

by R. McKinney

The 'theory of interval affect' originates not with Nicola Vicentino or Gioseffo Zarlino, but with their teacher, influential Venetian composer Adrian Willaert (1490-1562). Because Willaert left no theoretical...

Consumption Challenged: Food in Medialised Everyday Lives

by Halkier

With its innovative theoretical approach and rich empirical data relating particularly to the field of food consumption, Consumption Challenged will appeal not only to sociologists of consumption, risk and the...

Progress or Perish: Northern Perspectives on Social Change

by Linjakumpu & Wallenius-Korkalo

Multidisciplinary in nature, Progress or Perish brings together the work of leading scholars to explore the changes that individual and social agency can effect. It engages with the wider theoretical and methodological...