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Why Education Is Useless

by Daniel Cottom

"A tour de force, implicitly summarizing and commenting on more than two millennia of arguments about the function of education."—Michael Bérubé, author of The Employment of English: Theory, Jobs, and the...

Peoples of the River Valleys: The Odyssey of the Delaware Indians

by Amy C. Schutt

Offers a fresh interpretation of the history of the Delaware, or Lenape, Indians in the context of events in the mid-Atlantic region and the Ohio Valley.

Asian Medicine and Globalization

by Joseph S. Alter

As more and more Asian medical practices cross into Western culture through the popularity of yoga and herbalism, and as Western medicine finds its way east in the form of plastic surgery, these systems of meaning...

Mechthild of Magdeburg and Her Book: Gender and the Making of Textual Authority

by Sara S. Poor

Sometime around 1230, a young woman left her family and traveled to the German city of Magdeburg to devote herself to worship and religious contemplation. Rather than living in a community of holy women, she...

Censorship and Cultural Sensibility: The Regulation of Language in Tudor-Stuart England

by Debora Shuger

"This is a major work. Shuger deals with the rules of appropriate language use in early modern Europe, making an argument about censorship in sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century England that is original,...

Gender and Christianity in Medieval Europe: New Perspectives

by Lisa M. Bitel & Felice Lifshitz

Gender and Christianity in Medieval Europe seeks to explain the convergence of religion and gender in medieval Christendom. Essays in the volume examine how Europeans identified themselves as women, men, and...

The Most Beautiful Man in Existence: The Scandalous Life of Alexander Lesassier

by Lisa Rosner

"Reading this book is a bit like stumbling across a new Pepys, or discovering the journals of James Boswell."—Roy Porter, author of London: A Social History

Expectations of Justice in the Age of Augustine

by Kevin Uhalde

Expectations of Justice in the Age of Augustine examines the complex and varying roles Christian bishops played during late antiquity and how their experiences fundamentally affected Christian ideals of divine...

Chechnya: From Nationalism to Jihad

by James Hughes

The conflict in Chechnya involves many of the most contentious issues in contemporary international politics. By providing us with a persuasive and challenging study, Hughes sets out the indispensable lessons...

The Romance of Adultery: Queenship and Sexual Transgression in Old French Literature

by Peggy McCracken

"A provocative study of an intriguing subject. . . . The Romance of Adultery establishes perceptive and tantalizing connections between literature and history while sensibly resisting the teptation to see the...

Optiques: The Science of the Eye and the Birth of Modern French Fiction

by Andrea Goulet

Goulet argues that modern narrative forms are crucially structured by scientific and philosophical debates about the nature of vision.

Libya and the United States, Two Centuries of Strife

by Ronald Bruce St John

"This is a wonderfully measured, insightful, comprehensive treatment of the subject that will, in my estimation, become a standard not only for the academic community but also for the policy and intelligence...

Dangerous to Know: Women, Crime, and Notoriety in the Early Republic

by Susan Branson

This tale of kidnapping, betrayal, and murder follows the lives of two women on the margins of early nineteenth-century society, showing how they manipulated conventions to further their own ends while redefining...

Tragicomic Redemptions: Global Economics and the Early Modern English Stage

by Valerie Forman

Valerie Forman contends that three seemingly unrelated domains—new economic theories and practices; the discourses of Christian redemption; and the rise of tragicomedy as the stage's most popular genre—were...

Writing and Holiness: The Practice of Authorship in the Early Christian East

by Derek Krueger

Drawing on comparative literature, ritual and performance studies, and the history of asceticism, Derek Krueger explores how early Christian writers came to view writing as salvific, as worship through the production...

The Writing on the Wall: How Asian Orthography Curbs Creativity

by William C. Hannas

Based on the latest scholarship in cognitive science and linguistics, and the author's intimate experience with East Asian languages, The Writing on the Wall provides a balanced and thoughtful account of one...

Women as Unseen Characters: Male Ritual in Papua New Guinea

by Pascale Bonnemere

Rituals have always been a focus of ethnographies of Melanesia, providing a ground for important theorizing in anthropology. This is especially true of the male initiation rituals that until recently were held...

Sanctifying the Name of God: Jewish Martyrs and Jewish Memories of the First Crusade

by Jeremy Cohen

"The slaughter of the Jews in the Rhineland in 1096 is one of the better-known events of the First Crusade. Cohen analyzes the texts of the Jewish accounts of these massacres in light of the martyrdom tradition...

Fighting for the Farm: Rural America Transformed

by Jane Adams

Explores the political dimensions of North American agriculture.

Profound Science and Elegant Literature: Imagining Doctors in Nineteenth-Century America

by Stephanie P. Browner

By the latter part of the nineteenth century, the physician had supplanted the clergyman as the nation's most esteemed professional, as the body had seemingly replaced the soul as a person's most prized possession....