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Alfie the Werewolf: 6: Werewolf Secrets: Werewolf Secrets

by Paul van Loon

Alfie and his friends are on holiday. A break from all the werewolf mysteries and spooky goings on? No chance! When Alfie discovers a creepy old house full of mysterious portraits and a family tree that features...

Alfie the Werewolf 5: The Evil Triplets

by Paul van Loon

Alfie is enjoying life as a werewolf - until his crazy, werewolf-hating neighbour, Mrs Chalker, arrives back in town. And she appears to have turned over a new leaf. Can Alfie trust her? Then things gets even...

Alfie the Werewolf: 4: Wolf Wood: Wolf Wood

by Paul van Loon

Wolf Wood has been home to generations of werewolves, including Grandpa Werewolf, and holds an important secret. But unscrupulous developers plan to destroy the woods and build blocks of flats and carparks. The...

Alfie the Werewolf 3: Silvertooth

by Paul van Loon

When a mysterious stranger suddenly turns up claiming to be Alfie's guardian, Alfie's happy days living with Tim's family are over.Soon, Alfie's trapped in a cage with a grouchy vampire and a mysterious creature...

Alfie the Werewolf: 2: Full Moon

by Paul van Loon

Alfie and Tim are looking forward to their school trip, until Tim gets flu and has to stay behind. Alfie will have to cope without his best friend for once, but at least it's not Full Moon and he won't be turning...

Alfie the Werewolf: 1: Birthday Surprise: Birthday Surprise

by Paul van Loon

Alfie can't wait to turn seven like his friend Tim, but something strange is happening. When on his birthday, under the light of the full moon, he sprouts fur, grows fangs and develops a wolfish appetite, it's...

SOS Adventure: Tusk

by Colin Bateman

When danger threatens, call SOS! Packed with excitement and adventure, this will appeal to boys ? and girls ? everywhere.

SOS Adventure: Fire Storm

by Colin Bateman

Michael and Katya have travelled with the SOS team to bring fresh water to a small island in the Phillipines.But a series of small earthquakes bring warning that the long-dormant volcano that dominates the island...

SOS Adventure: Icequake

by Colin Bateman

When danger threatens, call SOS! Packed with excitement and adventure, this will appeal to boys ? and girls ? everywhere.

Sundered Lands: 3: Fire Over Swallowhaven

by Allan Frewin Jones

Trundle, Esmeralda and Jack are racing across the skies of the Sundered Lands, in search of the nest of the wondrous phoenix bird.There they will surely find the Crown of Fire, third of the six lost crowns of...

Manage Your Stress for a Happier Life: Teach Yourself

by Terry Looker

Teach Yourself - the world's leading learning brand - is relaunched in 2010 as a multi-platform experience that will keep you motivated to achieve your goals. Let our expert author guide you through this brand...

Jiggy McCue: Jiggy's Genes 1: Jiggy's Magic Balls

by Michael Lawrence

In the Jiggy's Genes series we will meet a whole host of Jiggy's ancestors and discover that, through centuries past, there have always been Jiggys!It's not easy being a peasant. Jiggy's medieval life is one...

No Way to Go

by Bernard Ashley

Amber is shocked when her brother falls to his death from a tower block. She's convinced it wasn't an accident, and so begins her journey to discover the truth and bring some kind of justice for Connor. With...


by Bernard Ashley

Ben Maddox is in trouble... After disobeying her orders on his last assigment, Ben has been banished by his boss, to work in the archives at Zephon TV. But he is desperate to follow up a hot lead about drug...

Down To The Wire

by Bernard Ashley

As top reporter at Zephon TV, Ben Maddox is used to breaking the news - and sometimes he even makes it. When he is sent to investigate the situation on Kutuliza, he finds himself face-to-face with slick politicians,...

Ten Days To Zero

by Bernard Ashley

When journalist Ben Maddox is thrust full-throttle into an investigation for Zephon TV, he worries that he's in over his head. But as he digs deeper, he realises that what's really important is being prepared...

Revenge House

by Bernard Ashley

When Sophia and her mum move into Revenge House, on the lonely and windswept Romney Marshes, little do they know how the timbers of the ancient building are steeped in the secretive life of the marshes. They...

Little Soldier

by Bernard Ashley

When Kaninda survives a brutal attack on his village in East Africa he joins the rebel army, where he's trained to carry weapons, and use them.

But aid workers take him to London, to a new family and a comprehensive...

Tiger Without Teeth

by Bernard Ashley

Hard Stew always gets what he wants, but he's not the only thing chasing Davey. There's also a secret - the sort that jumps up on you and is more frightening than a hundred Hard Stews. The sort you've got to...

Loose: The Future of Business is Letting Go

by Martin Thomas

Google breaks the traditional rules of branding by changing its logo everyday. Doritos handed over the US premium advertising slot in the Superbowl to a couple of amateur filmmakers. The software industry is...