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The Adaptation Industry

by Simone Murray

Adaptation constitutes the driving force of contemporary culture, with stories adapted across an array of media formats. However, adaptation studies has been concerned almost exclusively with textual analysis,...

The Critical Turn in Tourism Studies: Creating an Academy of Hope

by Irena Ateljevic, Nigel Morgan & Annette Pritchard

In today's increasingly complex tourism environment, decision-making requires a rounded, well-informed view of the whole. Critical distance should be encouraged, consultation and intellectual rigour should be...

Beyond Words

by Carol-Lynne Moore & Kaoru Yamamoto

Beyond Words presents a range of illuminating approaches to examining every day social interactions, to help the reader understand human movement in new ways.

Carol-Lynne Moore and Kaoru Yamamoto build on the...

Therapeutic Uses of Rap and Hip Hop

by Susan Hadley & George Yancy

In perceiving all rap and hip-hop music as violent, misogynistic, and sexually charged, are we denying the way in which it is attentive to the lived experiences, both positive and negative, of many therapy clients?...

Urban Geography

by Tim Hall & Heather Barrett

This extensively revised and updated fourth edition not only examines the new geographical patterns forming within and between cities, but also investigates the way geographers have sought to make sense of this...

Research in Practice for Forensic Professionals

by Kerry Sheldon, Jason Davies & Kevin Howells

This book explores applied research methods used in forensic settings - prisons, the probation service, courts and forensic mental health establishments - and provides a comprehensive 'how-to' guide for forensic...

Globalizing Human Rights

by Christian Peterson

Globalizing Human Rights explores the complexities of the role human rights played in U.S.-Soviet relations during the 1970s and 1980s. It will show how private citizens exploited the larger effects of contemporary...

The Security Governance of Regional Organizations

by Emil J. Kirchner & Roberto Dominguez

The Security Governance of Regional Organizations assesses the effectiveness of regional organizations as regional or global security providers, and examines how policy preferences, resources, capabilities,...

The Conceptual Politics of Democracy Promotion

by Christopher Hobson & Milja Kurki

How do different meanings of the concept of 'democracy' operate in democracy promotion? How do conceptual decisions influence real political events? How is policy and reflection on democracy promotion shaped...

Magazine Editing

by John Morrish & Paul Bradshaw

Including comprehensive coverage on both print and online, consumer and free magazines, Magazine Editing looks at how magazines work and explains the dual role of the magazine editor. John Morrish and Paul Bradshaw...

Understanding U.S.-Latin American Relations: Theory and History

by Mark Eric Williams

This book examines U.S.-Latin American relations from an historical, contemporary, and theoretical perspective. By drawing examples from the distant and more recent past-and interweaving history with theory-Williams...

Alexander the Great

by Ian Worthington

This exciting new edition is an indispensable guide for undergraduates to the study of Alexander the Great, showing the problems of the ancient source material, and making it clear that there is no single approach...

Tourism Supply Chain Management

by Haiyan Song

Fierce global competition in the tourism industry is now focused on integral parts of supply chains rather than on individual firms. The highly competitive environment has forced tourism firms to look for ways...

China's Assimilationist Language Policy: The Impact on Indigenous/Minority Literacy and Social Harmony

by Gulbahar H. Beckett & Gerard A. Postiglione

China has huge ethnic minorities - over 40 different groups with a total population of over 100 million.  Over time China's policies towards minority languages have varied, changing from policies which have...

Integrity in Historical Research

by Tony Gibbons & Emily Sutherland

There have been serious debates between historians, novelists and filmmakers as to how best present historical narratives. When writers and filmmakers talk of using historical research with integrity, what exactly...

Politics of Religion in Western Europe

by François Foret & Xabier Itçaina

Religion is becoming increasingly important to the study of political science and to re-examine key concepts, such as democracy, securitization, foreign policy analysis, and international relations.

The secularization...

Sri Lanka and the Responsibility to Protect

by Damien Kingsbury

This book provides a study of the war by Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to create a separate state in Sri Lanka. It examines the ways in which this war should, in principle, have invoked 'Responsibility...

Intertextual and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Cormac McCarthy

by Nicholas Monk

This collection offers a fresh approach to the work of Cormac McCarthy, one of the most important contemporary American authors. Essays focus on his work across the genres and/or in constellation with other...

The Routledge Companion to Religion and Science

by James W. Haag, Gregory R. Peterson & Michael L. Spezio

The field of religion and science is one of the most exciting and dynamic areas of research today. This Companion brings together an outstanding team of scholars to explore the ways in which science intersects...

Rhetoric, Remembrance, and Visual Form

by Anne Teresa Demo & Bradford Vivian

This volume offers a multifaceted investigation of intersections among visual and memorial forms in modern art, politics, and society. The question of the relationships among images and memory is particularly...