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Mother Teresa, CEO: Unexpected Principles for Practical Leadership

by Ruma Bose & Louis Faust III

Mother Teresa's distinctive leadership style- based in absolute simplicity and practicality-helped her to build one of the word's largest and most successful global organizations. This book- the first to examine...

Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 24 Hours

by Ryan Stephens, Ron D. Plew & Arie D. Jones

In just 24 sessions of one hour or less, you’ll learn how to use SQL to build effective databases, efficiently retrieve your data, and manage everything from performance to security! Using this book’s straightforward,...

Other Side of Wall Street, The, Portable Documents: In Business It Pays to Be an Animal, In Life It Pays to Be Yourself

by Todd A. Harrison

In The Other Side of Wall Street, founder and former hedge fund honcho Todd Harrison shares never-before-told stories from the hidden side of Wall Street, including the adrenaline rush of trading...

Doc Holliday: The Life and Legend

by Gary L. Roberts

"You can't beat this story for drama. . . . An omnibus ofeverything ever known, spoken, or written about DocHolliday."

-Publishers Weekly

"An engagingly written, persuasively argued, solidly documentedwork of...

The Savage Truth on Money

by Terry Savage

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth onmoney

If you are overwhelmed by money decisions?and in today'spost-crisis economy, who isn't??Terry Savage can help. In TheSavage Truth, Second Edition,...

Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography and Styling

by Helene Dujardin

Tips and techniques for making food lookgood—before it tastes good!

Food photography is on the rise, with the millions of foodbloggers around the word as well as foodies who document theirmeals or small business...

Nonprofit Financial Management: A Practical Guide

by Charles K. Coe

A timely, practical, and concise handbook of best practices fornonprofit financial management

In 2010 an estimated 325,000 charities, membership groups, andtrade associations?with small nonprofits disproportionatelyrepresented?stand...

Barbarians of Oil: How the World's Oil Addiction Threatens Global Prosperity and Four Investments to Protect Your Wealth

by Sandy Franks & Sara Nunnally

An engaging look at the global oil industry and how to navigatethe price volatility and new policies associated with it

Oil is a constantly changing industry, and withthe recent BP oil spill in the Gulf of...

Project Management Accounting: Budgeting, Tracking, and Reporting Costs and Profitability

by Kevin R. Callahan, Gary S. Stetz & Lynne M. Brooks

Praise for Project Management Accounting

"Let me start with what the Second Edition of Project Management Accounting is is not an inch wide and a mile deep. Instead, it provides multiple lenses to...

Financial Statement Fraud Casebook: Baking the Ledgers and Cooking the Books

by Joseph T. Wells

A comprehensive look at financial statement fraud from theexperts who actually investigated them

This collection of revealing case studies sheds clear insightsinto the dark corners of financial statement fraud....

How to Lead by The Book: Proverbs, Parables, and Principles to Tackle Your Toughest Business Challenges

by Dave Anderson

Biblical solutions to dozens of the toughest challenges leadersface today.

Concise, to-the-point, and highly useable, How to Lead by THEBOOK presents a series of personal and business challengesrecognizable to...

What Do I Say: The Therapist's Guide to Answering Client Questions

by Linda N. Edelstein & Charles A. Waehler

The must-have guide to honestly and sensitively answering your clients' questions

Written to help therapists view their clients' questions as collaborative elements of clinical work, What Do I Say? explores the...

Biodegradable Polymers in Clinical Use and Clinical Development

by Abraham J. Domb & Neeraj Kumar

This book focuses on biodegradable polymers that are already in clinical use or under clinical development. Synthetic and natural polymers will be included. This excludes polymers that have been investigated...

Sustainable and Resilient Communities: A Comprehensive Action Plan for Towns, Cities, and Regions

by Stephen J. Coyle & Andrés Duany

The ultimate step-by-step action plan guidebook for making communities resilient, resourceful, and healthy

Many of today's communities face an unprecedented struggle to adapt and maintain their environmental,...

Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012

by Tatjana Dzambazova, Greg Demchak & Eddy Krygiel

Complete and thorough update to this Autodesk Official TrainingGuide!

With pages of focused discussions, detailed exercises, in-depthcoverage, and compelling examples, this comprehensive guide showsyou how to...

Forensic Analytics: Methods and Techniques for Forensic Accounting Investigations

by Mark Nigrini

Discover how to detect fraud, biases, or errors in your datausing Access or Excel

With over 300 images, Forensic Analytics reviews andshows how twenty substantive and rigorous tests can be used todetect fraud,...

The Olive Season

by Carol Drinkwater

I scan the terraces, planted with row upon row of ancient olive trees. It is April, late spring. Here in the hills behind the Cote d'Azur the olive groves are delicately blossomed, with their tiny, white-forked...


by Mike Dash

In 1630s' Holland thousands of people, from the wealthiest merchants to the lowest street traders, were caught up in a frenzy of buying and selling. The object of the speculation was not oil or gold, but the...

The Coffee-House: A Cultural History

by Markman Ellis

When the first coffee-house opened in London in 1652, customers were bewildered by this strange new drink from Turkey. But those who tried coffee were soon won over. More coffee-houses were opened across London...


by Alex Butterworth & Ray Laurence

This startling new book concentrates on the twenty years between 59 and 79AD, thus beginning with the earthquake which all but destroyed Pompeii and ending with the volcanic eruption which has become part of...