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Watching Babylon: The War in Iraq and Global Visual Culture

by Nicholas Mirzoeff

Groundbreaking and compelling, Watching Babylon examines the experience of watching the war against Iraq on television, on the internet, in the cinema and in print media.

Mirzoeff shows how the endless stream...

Advancing East Asian Regionalism

by Melissa Curley & Nicholas Thomas

Developments in East Asia have progressed rapidly in terms of regionalism since the 1997 crisis. The end of the Asian miracle called into question not only the capacity of regional states to meet the needs of...

The Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell Volume 29: Detente or Destruction, 1955-57

by Bertrand Russell & Andrew Bone

Détente or Destruction, 1955-57 continues publication of Routledge's multi-volume critical edition of Bertrand Russell's shorter writings. Between September 1955 and November 1957 Russell published some sixty-one...

Watching with The Simpsons: Television, Parody, and Intertextuality

by Jonathan Gray

Using our favourite Springfield family as a case study, Watching with The Simpsons examines the textual and social role of parody in offering critical commentary on other television programs and genres.


Science Images and Popular Images of the Sciences

by Peter Weingart & Bernd Huppauf

What is a popular image of science and where does it come from? Little is known about the formation of science images and their transformation into popular images of science. In this anthology, contributions...

Experiences of Mental Health In-patient Care: Narratives From Service Users, Carers and Professionals

by Mark Hardcastle, David Kennard & Sheila Grandison

Commended in the Mental Health category of the 2008 BMA Medical Book Competition.

This book offers an insight into the experience of psychiatric in-patient care, from both a professional and a user perspective....

Historical Dictionary of Baroque Art and Architecture

by Lilian H. Zirpolo

The Historical Dictionary of Baroque Art and Architecture relates the history of the Baroque Era through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and over 500 cross-referenced dictionary entries...

He's a Rebel: Phil Spector--Rock and Roll's Legendary Producer

by Mark Ribowsky

Spector's achievements are well-chronicled in this tightly-written and very accessible book.

Citation: In a Class by Himself

by Phil Georgeff

Based on interviews from those who knew the thoroughbred, including famed jockey Eddie Arcaro, this book is the full story of the greatest sports figure in the history of horseracing, a champion who won or placed...

European Landscapes of Rock-Art

by Christopher Chippindale & George Nash

Rock-art - the ancient images which still scatter the rocky landscapes of Europe - is a singular kind of archaeological evidence. Fixed in place, it does not move about as artefacts as trade objects do. Enigmatic...

Protein Engineering Handbook

by Stefan Lutz & Uwe Theo Bornscheuer

This introduction collects 17 innovative approaches to engineer novel and improved proteins for diverse applications in biotechnology, chemistry, bioanalytics and medicine. As such, key developments covered...

Becoming a Green Building Professional: A Guide to Careers in Sustainable Architecture, Design, Engineering, Development, and Operations

by Holley Henderson

A career guide for professionals in sustainable architecture, design, planning, development, and related consulting

For those considering a new career or a career change focused on green and sustainable building...

Network Governance in Response to Acts of Terrorism: Comparative Analyses

by Naim Kapucu

High performance during catastrophic terrorist events require the ability to assess and adapt capacity rapidly, restore or enhance disrupted or inadequate communications, utilize flexible decision making swiftly,...

Consumption and Spirituality

by Diego Rinallo, Linda Scott & Pauline Maclaran

This book sheds light on the consumption of spiritual products, services, experiences, and places through state-of-the-art studies by leading and emerging scholars in interpretive consumer research, marketing,...

The Forgotten Prophet: Bishop Henry McNeal Turner and the African American Prophetic Tradition

by Andre E. Johnson

This book is a study of the prophetic rhetoric of African Methodist Episcopal Church bishop Henry McNeal Turner. By locating Turner within the African American prophetic tradition, Johnson examines how Bishop...

Matriarchy, Patriarchy, and Imperial Security in Africa: Explaining Riots in Europe and Violence in Africa

by Marsha Robinson

Matriarchy, Patriarchy and Imperial Security in Africa will appeal to professionals and students of imperial and world history, international security and conflict resolution, development, globalization, and...

China Joins Global Governance: Cooperation and Contentions

by MINGJIANG LI, Lai-Ha Chan & Gerald Chan

China Joins Global Governance: Cooperation and Contentions, edited by Mingjiang Li, provides a comprehensive and insightful examination of China’s role in global governance. This insightful collection makes...

Money, Corruption, and Political Competition in Established and Emerging Democracies

by Jonathan Mendilow

Money, Corruption, and Competition in Established and Emerging Democracies, edited by Jonathan Mendilow, investigates the effectiveness of public subsidization of political competition as an anti-corruption...

Peers of Beinan:  The Great Succession Crisis

by Laurel A. Rockefeller

"The price of being a woman. Princess Anlei always expected to be queen after her mother. But when the Great Council upholds an ancient law forbidding daughters of sovereign queens from assuming the throne,...

Geology for Nongeologists

by Frank R. Spellman

Geology for Nongeologists introduces basic concepts in geology: how rocks, minerals, and fossils are classified, how wind, ice, and water have shaped the earth, how mountains are formed, and how volcanoes, geysers,...