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Ring of Fire: An Indonesia Odyssey

by Lawrence Blair & Lorne Blair

Based on the Emmy award-winning documentary series of the same name, Ring of Fire is a first-person account of the adventures of two English brothers as they explore the astonishingly rich cultures of the Indonesian...

Distant Greens: Golf, Life and Surprising Serendipity On and Off the Fairways

by Paul Sochaczewski

Distant Greens travels to the highest golf course in the world, where breathless Tibetan precepts come face to face with the Indian military. To a golf course in the Amazon jungle, near the source of rubber,...

The Painted Alphabet: A Mythical Story of Bali

by Diana Darling

Magic, depravity, spiritual ambition, sensuality, and love — The Painted Alphabet binds mythic and modern time together in a rich, slyly suggestive novel based on an old Balinese poem. In a fresh and startling...

Twilight in Djakarta

by Mochtar Lubis

Jakarta's darker hues are brought to light as Mochtar Lubis touches upon the fragile truths of politics, poverty, corruption and crime. Through the eyes of a fictional character, Suryono, Lubis plunges into...

The Transformational Truth of Tarot: The Fool's Journey

by Tiffany Crosara

It's about time a book came out revealing the deep transformational power Tarot possesses for healing- look no further.

The Unknown Mother: A Magical Walk with the Goddess of Sound

by Dielle Ciesco

Wrenne meets a Goddess who shares secrets and profound wisdom about the power of sound, words, and voice to heal and transform ourselves and our world.

A Sacred Storm: Part III of The Reiki Man Trilogy

by Dominic C. James

Two Religions. Two Messiahs. One Truth.

Levitate the Primate: Handjobs, Internet Dating, and Other Issues for Men

by Michael Thomsen

A lovestory in fragments, told in the margins of a new philosophy of 21st Century sexuality.

Outside the Revolution; Everything: A Redefinition of Left-wing Identity in Contemporary Cuban Music Making

by Tom Astley

Through the reclamation of a left-wing identity, disparate groups of Cuban musicians seek a collective Cubanness ‘outside of the Revolution’.

Psychology of a Medium: And A Look At The Paranormal And The World Of Mediums

by Billy Roberts

Is there anybody really there? Or are we all deluding ourselves.

Pagan Portals - Hedge Riding

by Harmonia Saille

The hedge is the symbolic boundary between the two worlds and this book will teach you how to cross that hedge.

Bedtime Stories for Elders: What Fairy Tales Can Teach Us About the New Aging

by John C. Robinson

Stories of meaning, magic, healing and transformation for enlightened elders - wisdom tales for a new vision of aging.

Pagan Portals - Hedge Witchcraft

by Harmonia Saille

Learning by experiencing is about trusting your instincts and connecting with your inner spirit.

A Rough Guide To The Dark Side

by Daniel Simpson

Ever dreamed of changing the world? Daniel Simpson shows how not to do it.

Good Living in Hard Times

by Stafford Whiteaker

Explains what makes you poor, healthy and rich and how to achieve a contented life.

Freedom to Be Yourself: Mastering the Inner Judge

by Avikal E. Constantino

Get out of the prison of self judgment. Stop being afraid of change. Find your true strength and will.

The Angels' Book of Promises

by Billy Roberts

The Angels Book of Promises is an easy to follow handbook for all those aspiring to establish a relationship with angels. It contains chapters on Angel Meditations, Scrying techniques, Rituals and Hand movements,...

Palmistry Made Easy

by Johnny Fincham

Learn how to lift the veil and probe deep into the soul of yourself and anyone with this amazing guide.

The Way Things Are: A Living Approach to Buddhism

by Lama Ole Nydahl

This seminal work offers the liberating and powerful methods of Diamond Way Buddhism for readers seeking to incorporate Buddhist practice into their daily lives.

Transforming Pandora

by Carolyn Mathews

Transforming Pandora is Book One in the Pandora Series. The full series is: Transforming Pandora - Pandora Series - Book One - pISBN 9781780997452 - Roundfire - 2013; Squaring Circles - Pandora Series - Book...