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Hare Sitting Up

by Michael Innes

When a germ-warfare expert goes missing, his twin brother impersonates him as a cover-up, but for how long can this last? Inspector Appleby is sent on a series of wild goose chases, which take him to a preparatory...

Going It Alone

by Michael Innes

Gilbert Averell avoids some of the rigours of taxation by living for part of each year in France. His look-alike friend, Georges, suggests that they swap passports for a short spell, and Gilbert seizes the opportunity....

The Gay Phoenix

by Michael Innes

When tycoon, Charles Povey, is killed in a bizarre boating accident, his corrupt, look-alike brother, Arthur, adopts his identity and his financial empire. But the charade becomes complicated when one of Charles's...

From London Far

by Michael Innes

As Meredith, an academic, stands in a Bloomsbury tobacconist waiting for his two ounces of tobacco, he murmurs a verse of 'London, a Poem' and is astounded when a trap door opens into the London Catacombs, bringing...

A Family Affair

by Michael Innes

Over a period of twenty years, a series of highly elaborate art hoaxes have been perpetrated, and in each case the victim has a very good reason for keeping quiet. Inspector Appleby's interest is kindled by...

Death At The Chase

by Michael Innes

When master sleuth, Appleby, leaps over a stile during a country stroll, he is apprehended by an irate Martyn Ashmore, owner of the land. Eccentric, aged Ashmore reveals that he is in fear for his life - once...

The Daffodil Affair

by Michael Innes

Inspector Appleby's aunt is most distressed when her horse, Daffodil - a somewhat half-witted animal with exceptional numerical skills - goes missing from her stable in Harrogate. Meanwhile, Hudspith is hot...

A Connoisseur's Case

by Michael Innes

When his wife Judith hears the village gossip about a Scroop house, she is intrigued; but when a former employee is found dead in the lock of the disused canal, and the immense wealth of Scroop's contents is...

Christmas at Candleshoe

by Michael Innes

When an American multi-millionaire is keen to buy an Elizabethan manor, she comes up against fierce opposition from a young boy, Jay, and his band of bowmen. It seems that behind a monumental, seventeenth-century...

A Change Of Heir

by Michael Innes

George Gadberry, 'resting actor', packs his bags and heads for obscurity when the Tax Inspector beckons. Then he receives a mysterious invitation and a proposition that could lead to enormous riches. Wealthy...

Carson's Conspiracy

by Michael Innes

Businessman Carl Carson decides to make a dash for South America to escape the economic slump. He invents an imaginary son and plans to stage a fictitious kidnapping - after all, what could be more natural than...

The Bloody Wood

by Michael Innes

An assorted party of guests have gathered at Charne, home of Charles Martineau and his ailing wife, Grace, including Sir John Appleby and his wife, Judith. When Charles and Grace die on the same day, foul play...

An Awkward Lie

by Michael Innes

Sir John Appleby's son, Bobby, assumes his father's detective role in this baffling crime. When Bobby finds a dead man, in a bunker on a golf course, he notices something rather strange - the first finger of...

Appleby's Other Story

by Michael Innes

During a walk to Elvedon House, palatial home of the Tythertons, Sir John Appleby and Chief Constable Colonel Pride are stunned to find a police van and two cars parked outside. Wealthy Maurice Tytherton has...

Appleby's End

by Michael Innes

Appleby's End was where Detective Inspector John Appleby got off the train from Scotland Yard. But that was not the only coincidence. Why did Ranulph Raven's mysterious descendants make such a point of inviting...

Appleby's Answer

by Michael Innes

Author of detective novels, Priscilla Pringle, is pleased to find that she is sharing a railway compartment with a gentleman who happens to be reading one of her books - Murder in the Cathedral. He offers her...

Appleby Talks Again

by Michael Innes

Fifty years after Ralph Dangerfield's death, a collector of literary curiosities claims to have his diary and threatens to blackmail fashionable London with belated secrets about people now in respectable old...

Appleby Talking

by Michael Innes

Arbuthnot is paying for a rash decision - he recently married a beautiful but slightly amoral girl whose crazy antics caught his rather cynical professional interest. His wife has taken a lover, Rupert Slade,...

Appleby Plays Chicken

by Michael Innes

David was hiking across Dartmoor. As far as he could tell, he was the only human being for miles - but it turns out that he was the only living human being for miles. At least, that is what he presumed when...

Appleby On Ararat

by Michael Innes

Inspector Appleby is stranded on a very strange island, with a rather odd bunch of people - too many men, too few women (and one of them too attractive) cause a deal of trouble. But that is nothing compared...