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The Naked Flame

by Crystalle Valentino

Venetia Halliday is a go-getting entrepreneur who's trying to make it in London's fiercely competitive restaurant business. Her new chef - East End wide-boy Micky Quinn - is tricking his way into her business...

The Master Of Shilden

by Lucinda Carrington

When successful interior designer Elise St John is offered a commission at a remote castle, she jumps at the chance to distance herself from a web of sexual and emotional entanglements. Yet, as she sets to work...

The Lion Lover

by Mercedes Kelly

Janet McKinnon has been incarcerated in the Sultan's harem for two years. Rosemary McKinnon has recently joined her. Both women were married to a handsome but dissolute Scottish missionary based in Kenya, whose...

The Hand Of Amun

by Juliet Hastings

An erotic historical set in ancient Egypt.

Marked from birth with the symbol of Amun, the young, Naunkhte must enter a life of dark eroticism as a servant at his temple. She becomes the favourite of the high...

The Captivation

by Natasha Rostova

Classic Black Lace historical action, set during revolutionary Russia...

In 1917, war-torn Russia is teetering on the brink of revolution. A Russian princess, Katya Leskova, and her family are forced to leave...

The Bitch And The Bastard

by Wendy Harris

Pam and Janice, bitter rivals since schooldays, now work alongside each other for the same employer. Pam's having an affair with the boss, but doesn't stop Janice from flirting outrageously with him. There are...

The Barbarian Geisha

by Charlotte Royal

A lavish erotic historical set in Japan...

When Annabel Smith is driven to jumping overboard from her father's Elizabethan sailing vessel, she expects to die but is instead washed up on the shores of feudal...

Symphony X

by Jasmine Stone

Katie is a viola player running from her cheating husband and humdrum life. The tour of Symphony Xervertes not only takes her to Europe but also to the realm of deep sexual satisfaction. She is joined by a dominatrix...

Summer Fever

by A Rici & Anna Rici

Lara McIntyre has lusted after artist Jake Fitzgerald for almost two decades. As a warm, dazzling summer unfolds, she makes a journey back to the student house where they first met, determined to satisfy her...


by Helena Ravenscroft

An overbearing brother and a bullying husband have made Carrie unsure of her sexuality. All this changes when she discovers the steamy world of adult internet chat rooms. Assuming the name Dominique, she soon...

Sauce For The Goose

by Mary Rose Maxwell

Sauce For The Goose is a riotous and sometimes humorous celebration of the rich variety of human sexuality. Imaginative and colourfu,l each story explores a different theme or fantasy and the result is a fabulously...

Ritual Stripes

by Tara Black

Mesmerised by the punk diva in a Seattle club, Cate Carpenter stumbled into a world of erotic cruelty. Thrilling unexpectedly to their use of instruments of chastisement, she gains admittance to an SM club linked...

Risky Business

by Lisette Allen

They come from different worlds. but their paths are destined to cross.

Liam is a working-class journalist fighting a passionate battle against environmental injustice. Rebecca is a spoilt rich girl used to...

Release Me

by Suki Cunningham

Jo Bell is a feisty journalist with just one weakness - her boss, Jerome. When he sends her on a features assignment to a stately English home, she finds herself sucked into an erotic battle of wills with the...

Primal Skin

by Leona Rhys

A story of sexual enlightenment at the dawn of human history.

At the end of the ice age, a beautiful female shaman is searching for answers in a world of sabre-toothed tigers and glaciers. Her nomadic journey...

Playing With Stars

by Jan Harlow

Mariella, like her father before her, is an astrologer. Before she can inherit his fortune, she must fulfil the terms of his will. He wants her to write an explicitly sexual, accurate account of the male sexual...

Playing Hard

by Tina Troy

Lili wrestles men for money. And they pay well. She's the best in the business and her powerful body and stunning looks have her gentleman visitors begging for more rough treatment. Her golden rule is never...


by Jan Smith

Disillusioned following the break-up of her marriage, Claire finds her sexuality reawakened by the mysterious Stuart MacIntosh. He draws her into a sensual intrigue involving one of his rich clients, and her...

Packing Heat

by Katrina Moore

When Californian Nadine has her allowance stopped by her rich uncle, she becomes desperate to maintain her expensive lifestyle. She joins forces with her lover Mark, and together they conspire to steal a vast...

Opening Acts

by Suki Cunningham

When London actress Holly Parker arrives in a remote Cornish village to begin rehearsing a new play, everyone there - from her landlord to her theatre director - seems to have an earthier attitude towards sex....