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A Trick of the Light

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache #7

by Louise Penny

A New York Times Notable Crime Book and Favorite Cozy for 2011

A Publishers Weekly Best Mystery/Thriller books for 2011

"Penny has been compared to Agatha Christie [but] it sells her short. Her characters are...

101 Amazing Leonardo DiCaprio Facts

by Jack Goldstein & Frankie Taylor

Are you the world's biggest Leonardo DiCaprio fan? Do you know everything there is to know about the actor of a generation? Then this is the book for you! In this easy-to-digest eBook are 101 facts about your...

Going Nowhere

by Roderick Craig Low

On a touring holiday in south-west France, a young English couple, Jennifer and Peter Robbins, quickly fall under the charms of the Lot region - a land of wide meandering rivers, wooded hillsides, rugged moors...

Trevor's Island: And Other Stories

by Margaret Gumble

Trevor's Island Having to leave his home and family far behind to go to school on the mainland Trevor is very unhappy and homesick. Then one night something magical happens and he is taken to an enchanted place....

Stories and Essays of Mina Loy (British Literature Series)

by Mina Loy & Sara Crangle

Marjorie Perloff writes: "Among the great modernist poets, Mina Loy was surely the greatest wit, the most sophisti- cated commentator on the vagaries of love, the one whose brittle and sardonic laughter continues...

Jane Fonda: The Private Life of a Public Woman

by Patricia Bosworth

Acclaimed biographer Patricia Bosworth goes behind the image of an American superwoman, revealing Jane Fonda—more powerful and vulnerable than ever expected—whose struggles for high achievement, love, and...

We the Animals: A novel

by Justin Torres

We the Animals is a gorgeous, powerful novel that tears deep into the heart of family and launched Justin Torres straight into the spotlight, with a storm of praise from far and wide, including this from ...

Reservoir Formation Damage

by PhD, Faruk Civan

Reservoir Formation Damage, Second edition is a comprehensive treatise of the theory and modeling of common formation damage problems and is an important guide for research and development, laboratory testing...

Ludwig's Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants

by PhD, A. Kayode Coker

This complete revision of Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants, Volume 1 builds upon Ernest E. Ludwig's classic text to further enhance its use as a chemical engineering process design...

Compressors: Selection and Sizing

by Royce N. Brown

This practical reference provides in-depth information required to understand and properly estimate compressor capabilities and to select the proper designs. Engineers and students will gain a thorough understanding...

Computational chemistry methods in structural biology

by Christo Christov

Published continuously since 1944, the Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology serial has been a continuous, essential resource for protein chemists. Covering reviews of methodology and research...

The Stranger You Seek: A Novel

Keye Street #1

by Amanda Kyle Williams

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Amanda Kyle Williams's Stranger in the Room.

In the sweltering heat of an Atlanta summer, a killer is pushing the city to its breaking point, preying on the unsuspecting,...

Quest for Justice: Defending the Damned

by Richard Jaffe

Spotlighting sensational murder cases as well as his representation of the Olympic and Birmingham bomber, Eric Rudolph, here is the story of Richard Jaffe, the most successful attorney ever at exonerating innocent...

Shakespeare and the Jesuits: 'To Fight the Fight'

by Andrea Campana

The plays of Shakespeare, among the greatest dramatic works ever written, send forth a multitude of characters that move against the forces of the world by way of an inner vitality. The Spiritual Exercises of...

Full Circle: A True Story of Murder, Lies, and Vindication

by Gloria Killian & Sandra Kobrin

It began as a robbery. A man dressed as a phone repairman knocked on the door of coin collector Ed Davies. Once inside, the stranger pulled a gun on Ed and his wife, Grace, handcuffed and hogtied the couple...

Kentucky Rising: Democracy, Slavery, and Culture from the Early Republic to the Civil War

by James A. Ramage & Andrea S. Watkins

Kentucky's first settlers brought with them a dedication to democracy and a sense of limitless hope about the future. Determined to participate in world progress in science, education, and manufacturing, Kentuckians...

The Possibility of Lions

by Marta Maretich

A family seaches for the meaning of "home" when they are forced by war to moved from their adopted village in Biafra back to the US.

Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi: More Than 40 Little Bitty Minis to Knit, Wear, and Give

by Anna Hrachovec


It’s an indisputable fact: Everything is cuter in miniature. And while it’s true that knitted toys are cute to begin with, they’re even more adorable when they’re tiny.

In Teeny-Tiny...


by Bent Greve

Although happiness is based upon individuals' subjective perception of their own situation, understanding the concept of happiness is important for forming policies in modern societies. Taking into account discussions...

You Deserve Nothing: A Novel

by Alexander Maksik

Set in Paris, at an international high school catering to the sons and daughters of wealthy families, You Deserve Nothing is a gripping story of power, idealism, and morality.

William Silver is a talented and...