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by L.A. Witt & Ingrid Lecouvez

Suite de Règles d'Engagement

Brandon Stewart et Dustin Walker ont commencé à se fréquenter deux ans plus tôt après s'être rencontrés dans un bar local lors d'une partie de billard. Dustin a eu du mal...

Una nevicata in montagna

by P.D. Singer

Seguito di Un incendio in montagna

Serie Le montagne, Libro 2

Neve bianchissima, piste perfette ed eleganti hotel attirano gli sciatori esperti e i ricchi nell'esclusivo resort sciistico di Wapiti Creek, ma...

Palos y Piedras

by Madeleine Urban, Abigail Roux & Marta Almirón

Volumen 2 de la Serie Cortar y Correr

La secuela de Cortar y Correr

Seis meses después de casi perder la vida ante un asesino en serie de Nueva York, los agentes especiales del FBI Ty Grady y Zane Garrett,...

Oink A Love Story

by Patricia Betters

Patricia Betters wrote Oink, A Love Story based on her childhood growing up on a farm in Ridgway, Colorado during the 1940s and 1950s. Patty rode her horse, Babe, every day, to get to the one-room schoolhouse,...

The Temple of Sapience

by S. S. McCurdy

Treasure with a secret, a cave that moves constantly to protect it, and a child with unprecedented power is hunted by a changeling who doesn't realize the extent of the child's ability, let alone his own.

Falling Upward: A True Story by

by Juliet Cameron

Unable to cope with a life of abuse, neglect, and violence, Juliet would have to let go of everything and lose it all to find the way to her warrior heart. This time she would rise to do more than survive in...

The Curse of Totem Cove

by Mary Lynn Martin

Over the holiday, Jimmie will be out of school for two whole weeks, so he and his family are returning to the lake. This year, they're staying in a cottage on Totem Cove, right next door to the one they rented...

This Street Has My Name On It. How Did This Happen?: The Journey and Success Story of an Immigrant Turnaround Principal

by Dr. Ada Hernandez

Dr. Hernandez has produced a textbook for aspiring principals and a practical guide for teachers of students with special needs. The School of Leadership Studies will adopt this contribution to study of leadership,...

The Amber Diary

by J. L. Gustafson

He sees their faces in his mind-faces he's corrupted, betrayed, assassinated, murdered. He feels no emotion in what he does, nor judge those who hire him. But the political climate is changing. He thinks about...

Murder in the Shores:  The Fortune Cookie: The Georgi Girls Series

by Susanne Sir

I drove my 1965 candy apple red Mustang convertible into my garage. I parked the car and started to walk out of the garage when I looked up and saw what looked like a scare crow or a ghost tied to the lamppost...

The Bright Star

by Millie F. Fullwood

Have you ever wished upon a star? Have you ever wished to be among the stars? An ordinary starfish longs to be a star in the sky, watching over the world. This ordinary sea star proves to be anything but ordinary;...

Heaven Sent

by Julie L. Grande & Bruce M. Sr. - from heaven Barron

When an image from heaven shows up unexpectedly in a Polaroid picture, Julie and her family have to learn more. Through joy, adversity, heartache, and loss come many blessings and glimpses of heaven. It is a...

Revealing Bible Mysteries - Exploring the Bedrock of Religion

by Steven Buren

Explore the true gospel instructions and directives that were given for our acceptance, which are unknown in most teachings. Read of biblical places, prophets, leaders, and statements in ways which have never...

Sin inmutarse mi educacion: Sobrevivir ciberacoso - Una perspectiva femenina

by Militza Ph. D. Vargas

Sin inmutarse mi educación resume el estudio de tesis doctoral de la Dr. Vargas para ayudar a explicar las prácticas de ciberacoso entre las mujeres jóvenes hoy en día. Es un libro escrito desde la perspectiva...

Sharing Your Faith Effectively

by Cammy Walters

In the second edition of this handbook, you will discover that we have covered the most basic of Christian principles, along with a devotional section in order to assist you in not only explaining your faith,...

Sherman's Angels: A Christmas Story

by Gary J Grieco

Gertrude stared at Ezekiel, but there was no connection; her eyes appeared listless and dull. Perhaps she was fighting inward demons, and they were getting the best of her, Ezekiel thought. Doctor Adams's prescription,...

A Mother Load of Addiction

by Leila O'Shea

A Mother Load of Addiction tells of a thirty-one-year tumultuous walk, with stumbles, of emotionally draining confusion and pain in the lives of a mother and her son. A journey through treatment centers, jails,...

A Cricket Story

by Kitty Trock

Cricket lives under the big black stove in the kitchen of the local nursing home with Spider, his faithful, silent companion. Follow his story when he foils a burglar's plans and saves his friend Mr. Hammerstein....

Why Did Hannah Have to Die?

by Kim Girvin Brokenshire

Issie Elizabeth's heart hurts. She misses her beloved young aunt, Hannah. "Where did Hannah go?" she asks. Issie Elizabeth does not understand why Hannah had to go- why she had to go to heaven so suddenly, so...

Legacy of Despair

by John Stubblefield

Begat by Brokenness......their Imprint on Society was an Ugly Scar. Inspired by actual events, Legacy of Despair chronicles the troubles and triumphs tied to the icy fingers of the Great Depression. No one is...