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Claiming His Family

by Barbara Hannay

Erin has agreed to take her little boy to the Outback to meet his father—her ex-husband— whom she hasn't seen for five years.

Seeing Luke again, Erin's not sure how she's supposed to act around the man she...

Meant-To-Be Mother

by Ally Blake

Single-father James Dillon's life is dedicated to his young son. Then a beautiful, stylish stranger appears on his doorstep and he can't ignore the magnetism between them. Siena Capuletti's homecoming was only...

The Nanny and the Sheikh

by Barbara McMahon

Needed: a mother for the sheikh's children…

Melissa Fox's trip to the kingdom of Qu'Arim is a perk of her job with the Valentine family. When she arrives, she works for Bella Lucia, but when she expertly calms...

Inherited: Baby

by Nicola Marsh

Needed: full-time father!

Riley is a single, successful businessman—and knows absolutely nothing about children! But he sees it as his duty to take care of Maya and her baby.

Maya is doing just fine. She doesn't...

Claiming the Cattleman's Heart

by Barbara Hannay

All rugged cattle-station owner Daniel Renton wants is to build a relationship with his motherless daughter. The demons of his past drive him, but when newcomer Lily Halliday comes breezing into town, she's...

Project: Parenthood

by Trish Wylie

She hid from love, but it found her anyway…

Teagan Delaney has made sure that she's too busy for love…too busy to get hurt! But when she has to become stand-in mom to her sister's tiny kids and enlists the...

Snowbound Reunion

by Barbara McMahon

Watching the snowflakes fall and make everything look perfect, Cath Morgan knows she's made the right decision to spend Christmas alone, far away from the city and her husband, Jake. For six years Cath has dreamed...

Long-Lost Father

by Melissa James

What would you do if the husband you thought was dead walked into your life, wanting to pick up where you'd left off?

Brett had been gone for six years. Wonderful memories were all Samantha had…she'd also been...

Wanted: Outback Wife

by Ally Blake

When Jodie Simpson met her long-lost sister, Louise Valentine, she didn't realize the biggest adventure of her life was about to begin. With her visa about to expire, and desperate to stay in Australia, Jodie...

Accepting the Boss's Proposal

by Natasha Oakley

From temporary secretary…

Miles Kingsley's lazy smile and glinting blue eyes cause every woman he meets to instantly fall a little bit in love with him. He's always walked effortlessly through life, with his...

The Rebel Prince

by Raye Morgan

Chef Emma Valentine is just an ordinary girl, doing an ordinary job. Okay, her new boss might be a gorgeous future king, but Emma's determined to stay professional…isn't she?

As the second son, jet-setting playboy...

Wife and Mother Wanted

by Nicola Marsh

Brody Elliott is a single dad, struggling to bring up his young daughter, Molly. Brody blames himself for the loss of Molly's mother, and is determined to protect his little girl from heartbreak again. So when...

Taming Jason

by Lucy Gordon

Elinor knew it would be difficult to stay calm and professional while nursing Jason Tenby back to health; he was used to calling the shots. Also, she couldn't forget the time years ago when Jason had kissed...

A Nine-to-Five Affair

by Jessica Steele

From nine to five it's strictly business…

Emily Lawson has always put her much-loved grandmother before her job, and as a result she's been in heaps of trouble at work! It's crucial that she keeps her new job,...

The Sheikh's Secret

by Barbara McMahon

The ordinary girl…

Laura has been absolutely swept off her feet by a gorgeous new man—she's never been made to feel so special!

And the sheikh!

But as they become closer, Talique is torn. Laura doesn't know his...

Ordinary Girl, Society Groom

by Natasha Oakley

Eloise Lawton has finally found the family she's never known. But now she's cast adrift in the high-society world where there's only one person Eloise can depend on: broodingly handsome Jeremy Norland.

As family...

A Father in the Making

by Ally Blake

Nate Lyster and Mia Verbeek are in perfect agreement—letting someone new into your life is much too risky. Mom to four kids, Mia can't let just anyone get close, while wandering cowboy Nate learned young that...

Marriage Reunited

by Jessica Hart

Four years ago Georgia Henderson had a fantastic job and a loving husband. But his demanding career often kept him away from home. Now, with her marriage behind her, Georgia's life has changed completely. She...

Having the Frenchman's Baby

by Rebecca Winters

Rachel Valentine is the wine buyer for the Valentine family's exclusive Bella Lucia restaurants, and her relationship with master winemaker Luc Chartier should be strictly business….

Romanced by the beautiful...

Her Secret, His Son

by Barbara Hannay

When Mary Cameron left Australia she was carrying a secret with her—a secret that she has kept to herself for years. But now she's forced to confront the choices she's made.

Tom Pirelli is back. Now it's Mary's...