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Physical Fitness - XBX 12 minute Plan for Women

by Robert Duffy

Get Fit and Stay Fit in the time it takes to drive to the gym! Based on the world-famous Royal Canadian Airforce Exercise Plan, these progressive exercises take you to peak fitness in your own time and at your...

The Platinum Triangle (Book One, The Platinum Series)

by T V Hartwell

Deliciously handsome lawyer Jake Doyle is set to marry his college sweetheart, heiress and socialite Amanda Climent. Both scions of prominent, old money Los Angeles families, they seem like the perfect couple...

The  Boston Marathon Bombing: The Long Run From Terror to Renewal

by The Associated Press

The Boston Marathon isn't just an athletic event - it's a citywide celebration and a rite of spring. Begun in 1897, it is the world's oldest annual marathon, run every Patriots' Day. The course winds its way...


by Minister2Others & Ahava Lilburn

This instructional book is for those who would like to learn to read the Hebrew language. The Progressive Alef~Bet uses a unique, dynamic approach. It crosses the English - Hebrew barrier by progressively substituting...

Silent Graves

by Carolyn Arnold

Thirty missing women in the period of six years. Now another has been abducted. One officer was right all along. Prince William County, Virginia has a serial killer preying on women. With the recent abduction,...

Magic Carpets, Turkish Carpets

by Terry Tumbler

This is a story based on the author's own magical tour of the ancient marvels of Turkey. The first part is set in the near future. Our ageing anti-hero, a retired detective, begins receiving repeated messages...

The Last Deer: short stories from Downeast

by Paul Molyneaux

"The Last Deer" is a collection of stories that map the places and people of a world apart: Downeast Maine. The stories are enlightening in many ways; they deal with a life that is very far from the urban environment...

When Darkness Reigns

by Roderic Schmidt

In When Darkness Reigns, Schmidt returns to his cherished Sierra Nevada Mountains - the scene of his earlier novel Out of Bodie. However, Darkness is considerably bleaker: its narrator, Joey, then Joseph Sparrow,...

Blasted By Adversity: The Making of a Wounded Warrior

by Luke Murphy & Julie Strauss Bettinger

In Blasted By Adversity, veteran Luke Murphy ruminates on how his time in Iraq will forever change his life at home.

Zen and the Art of Public School Teaching

by John Perricone

This book is based upon two assumptions. The first is that "we teach who we are," and the second is that one's philosophy of life is intimately tied to one's identity, and that it is one's "philosophical identity"...


by Bianca Bowers

Take a poetic sojourn on the bridge between dream and reality. In her second book of poetry, Bianca Bowers shifts between consciousness and sleep, reality and dreams, as she seeks to find passage in a restless...

Beyond Caring

by Alexander Zeldin

I'm a hard worker. I don't push him to the . . . You know I don't go out for breaks when I'm not supposed to. I don't stay in the loo when I'm not supposed to. If I was that kind of person I could have him done...

Dreaming in Polish

by Aimee Bender

A Vintage Shorts “Short Story Month” Selection


The old man and the old woman always dreamed the same dreams. Everyone in Celia’s town knows the couple, married sixty years, with wrinkled skin down to...

The Covenant

by David Ajaere & Team Rising of God Army

Through following God's guidance, and with the power of prayer and reflection, everyone can free themselves from the forces of Satan and rectify the damage caused by breaking a covenant. This book shows not...

Mindfulness for Carers: How to Manage the Demands of Caregiving While Finding a Place for Yourself

by Cheryl Rezek

This book shows how simple mindfulness techniques can help caregivers to manage the stress, anxiety, depression and burnout that too often accompanies the care of people with physical, psychological or emotional...

Ginger Snaps: A Novel

by Webb Hubbell

Jack is back! Attorney Jack Patterson returns to Little Rock, Arkansas after an old acquaintance, Dr. Douglas Stewart, is arrested for marijuana cultivation, possession, and distribution. Jack is no expert on...

Advances in Heavy Tailed Risk Modeling: A Handbook of Operational Risk

by Gareth W. Peters & Pavel V. Shevchenko

A cutting-edge guide for the theories, applications, and statistical methodologies essential to heavy tailed risk modeling

Focusing on the quantitative aspects of heavy tailed loss processes in operational risk...

Mathematical and Computational Modeling: With Applications in Natural and Social Sciences, Engineering, and the Arts

by Roderick Melnik

Illustrates the application of mathematical and computational modeling in a variety of disciplines

With an emphasis on the interdisciplinary nature of mathematical and computational modeling, Mathematical and...

Green Girl: Book One of The Greenskin Trilogy

by Sara Mariam TaGalbi, Veronica El-Showk & Hedeer El-Showk

In a nation conquered by the more technologically advanced Cessor and a time when dragons are fading into legend, Allanas is born in a remote mountain village that ultimately rejects her. Suspicious of her changing...

Take Charge of Parkinson's Disease: Dynamic Lifestyle Changes to Put YOU in the Driver's Seat, updated 2nd edition

by Anne Cutter Mikkelsen & Carolyn Stinson

UPDATED 2nd Edition. Motivated by her husband Mike's PD, Anne Mikkelsen developed a cooking style that blends her training in traditional French cooking with emerging science on the importance of brain-healthy...