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Dangerous Denial

by Amy Ray

Denying the past proves deadly for BK Hartshaw and Trevor Mayhew in this gripping noir novel where nothing is as it seems. BK is a rising star at a public relations firm, and tonight's charity ball should be...

Unbridled Gifts: Bipolar Disorder-A Family Affair

by Carolyn Lantzy

Join author Carolyn Lantzy in Unbridled Gifts: Bipolar Disorder--A Family Affair and discover the symptoms of this disorder and you will see/learn/discover how other mental disorders can mimic the onset of this...

Fostering Uncertainty: The Hidden Side of Foster Care

by Lisa P. Stone

When Matt and his foster mom showed up at the strawberry patch, the boys were excited, but at the same time, they were sad. I guess it brought back the memory of the day that they were taken. It must have been...

Lessons from the Gas Station: Hard-Core Realities of Owning and Operating a Business

by Tom Cannon

Oh sure, I know, you want to have your own business someday. But do you know what you are talking about? Do you have enough information to know if this is what you really want? Former Secretary of Defense Donald...

The Power of Truth and Grace: Reflecting the Nature of Jesus

by Jim Brown

What fueled the ministry of Jesus? According to the Gospel of John, Jesus had a tank full of two things: truth and grace. A cursory study of the life of Christ reveals a distinct pattern of spoken truth followed...

Insight to His Sight: Recognizing God's Purpose for You

by John David Harwood

As we study the Bible, we are often stirred by questions that have difficult answers. However, by reading the Scriptures in full context, we recognize that everything we need to know is found inside the living...

Journey of Life with God

by Anne Keys

The Journey of Life with God has been a true experience with God. All of the poetry with this book has been inspired by the actual seasons I had to undergo to get to this part of my destiny. I am blessed tremendously...

Overcoming the Character Deficit: How to Restore America's Greatness One Decision at a Time

by Michael Ross

More devastating than budget deficits and economic downturns, the Character Deficit has chipped away at our country, one individual at a time. Join Michael B. Ross as he explores the fascinating and frightening...

Of Human Bonding by Ducklings: A Duckling's Story of Love

by Grandpa Carl

Ducklings have a curious trait of bonding with whatever animated being that is seen when they emerge from the egg. Of Human Bonding by Ducklings is the story of little Morty, the duckling, who was hatched in...

God's Favor Overshadowed My Unfaithfulness: God Waited for Me

by Taishieka Davis

Finding peace and happiness when your life has been consumed with anger, grief, and sadness. Letting go and letting God mold you into the woman you were created to be. What was seen on the exterior didn't reflect...

True Rainbow

by Cherry Tsai

Does God still perform miracles? Does God still speak to His creation? Who will God use in the last days to proclaim hope to the lost world? Vivian, who recently lost her husband to cancer, is desperate for...

The 7th

by A.W. Felices

For Caliste Morgan, this final moment is where she must redefine who she is and who she will become. After losing so much in her life, she is faced with a game-changing decision but realizes that winning the...

Attempted Murder of the Dreamer: Dream Killers

by Jenifer D. Johnson

God has a destiny and purpose for you and utilizes dreams and visions to communicate his will for your life. Attempted Murder of the Dreamer will assist people who are seeking direction and purpose, but as you...

Love and the Battlefront

by Zachary H. Welsh

The sound of gunshots and grenades played a very familiar tune in the background. The bullets whizzed by, whistling to the left and to the right, and impacting all over the pothole infested streets. Yet in the...

The Wind That Ruffled the Field

by Jer'Ell Hartsig

Misunderstood most of her life, Jer'Ell will personally take you through her sexual identity crisis as she lived it; each heart wrenching moment comes to life in this stunning autobiography. The confusion as...

A Hard Way to Make Easy Money

by Maurice Beale

First in Paris, then in Las Vegas, the game of poker binds together a cast of diverse and picturesque characters. From an office on the Champs Elys'es to a street of horsemeat butchers, the quirkiness of poker...

Couples in Conflict: Portraits in Reality

by Richard Mechem Ph.D.

Rarely do clever comebacks or anguished protestations eliminate the abusive habit. Abusiveness is enabled by simply hanging around it. "Ask the parent who has learned not to hang around a child's temper tantrum,"...

Hugs from God: Recognizing the Nearness of God

by Marie Dooner

Death follows each one of us around; it's just a part of the life God gave us. When death takes someone we love, our hearts burn with the grief of loss. Sometimes in the depths of our mourning, we find ourselves...

God and Princess Kiah

by Veronica Loman

Princess Kiah is a beautiful princess created in heaven by God. She was sent to earth to help, save, and teach Gods people about the good things he wanted them to do on earth. Princess Kiah had her special Bible...

A Legal Affair

by Bernadette Witt

I passed the terrace cafe and saw Max having breakfast with a woman. He was kissing her hand. I almost passed out. She was very beautiful, very exotic looking, Brazilian or Columbian, with very dark hair and...