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Their Effort Was Like Toothpaste...: A Story of Trophies Won and Lives Changed

by Geoffrey Owers

From 2000 to 2006, the Lady Pride runners of Mountain Pointe High School, in Ahwatukee, Arizona, competed in nearly unvanquished fashion. They were a girls' cross country team who ate up 3-mile races and arduous...

India: The Definitive History

by D. R. SarDesai

D. R. SarDesai presents the history of India in its entire civilizational depth. Using an Indiacentric approach, (as opposed to the Eurocentric or Anglocentric) the book covers the process of change in India...

My Father's Secret

by Jen McCombs

Raised in suburbia by her grandparents and given every advantage, Alex has lived a quiet, normal life. The biggest risk she has ever taken is deciding to go to college in Los Angeles, leaving behind the safety...

Don't Call Me Michael Activity Book

by Joyce Crawford

Looking for a way to improve classroom relationships? Don't Call Me Michael Activity Book is a great source used to enhance friendships. Activities, bulletin boards, and creative writing ideas based on the book...

Developing the Super Structure in You Around You

by Pekene Timex

While you are not yet where you want to be, what will you do to soon get to where you ought to be? Every young that must grow needs a purpose and every old that should live requires a reason. I often meet people...

Providing World-Class Customer Service in the Workplace: What You Need to Know about Exceeding Customer Expectations.

by Glen Mort

Providing world-class customer service in the workplace: what you need to know about exceeding customer service expectations. Providing world-class customer service in the workplace can be elusive for many employees....

Around the Block with Mommy

by Denise Madagan

"Here we go again, me, my yellow car, and my mommy." Explore the world through the eyes of a toddler as he discovers the world around him in Around the Block with Mommy.

As Given by His Spirit

by Dana Downing- St. Jean

"I came face to face with my Lord and I began to cry," (my first poem) who could do anything else? Cries for time wasted not walking with our Lord. Tears of shame and repentance for all of my sins. Crying with...

Little B's Safety Coaching

by Madeleine Howard &  Britt Howard

A diamond-shaped sign marks each entrance of their community: 'Drive Safely. We Love Our Kids.' The Howard Family embodies this sentiment with the introduction of their fresh series of books, 'Little B's Safety...

Master Bloodline

by Tabitha Douglas

"Everything started to go black, and I realized that I was losing too much blood. 'Emmet?' I whispered, and I heard him stumble towards me. He picked me up and set me on the altar to rest while he remade the...

Cammie and Alex's Adventures in Gloryland

by Olga Jaffae

Cammie and Alex fight to win back Skateland from the witches and warlocks who have renamed their skating haven to Gloryland and have transformed it into a land full of fear, oppression, and abuse of power. The...

Hidden Treasure

by Jennifer Whipple

Often the most valuable of treasure is hidden from sight in deep places: pearls in the ocean depths, diamonds under tons of earth, and you in a dark world that does not see your worth. This simple yet powerful...

Happy Halloween

by Hazel P. Simcox

Happy Halloween is full of fun and happy drawings to get the children in all of us ready for the holiday. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the simple pleasure of coloring alone or with someone you love. Hazel Simcox...

Blue Third: Citlalli & the Destroyer: Second Edition

by Brad Blake

Thirteen-Year old Citlalli's parents have promised her to marry a man she secretly calls mean old fart, and there is nothing she can do to stop it. There is no escape... or is there? Citlalli's destiny is about...

Partners in Crime

by James Reid

With a personal life falling apart and serious questions about his faith, homicide investigator Jeff Strickland is going through the motions. When he gets the call to examine a body in a garbage-strewn field,...


by Mirriam Mosha

"Polly!" la llamo Madre, caminando dentro de la habitacion de Paulina temprano a la manana siguiente. Polina se habia quedado dormida en el piso de su habitacion junto a su proyecto. "Despierta Polina." Tiro...

Awaken Your Dreams: Six Steps to Achieving Your Goals

by Charles. T. Moreland

Do you have desires, goals, and dreams that have remained out of your reach? Have you ever given any thought as to why some accomplish their desires, goals, and dreams while others struggle? Most everybody has...


by Ashley Ferris

Orkon grabbed Colleen by the wrist and jerked her to her feet. She let out a wail that chilled Nathan to the bone. There was nothing he could do to get his body to listen to him. All he could do was lie there...

A Possum's Big Apple: NYC and the Events of September 11, 2001

by Jamey M. Long

I (Heart) NY, the Big Apple, and a curious little possum named Opie! Join Opie on his vacation with the boy and his family to one of the largest cities in the world. Experience the history and wonders of Central...

Guarding My Angel

by Deborah S. Hughes

Katie could feel her pulse racing as she approached the heavy metal door that led from the service entrance of the mall to the employees' parking lot. A deliveryman had just finished unloading boxes for the...