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The Evolution of Cooperation: Revised Edition

by Robert Axelrod

Updated for the first time, the classic book on why cooperation is not only natural but also the best survival strategy.

We've Got Blog: How Weblogs Are Changing Our Culture

by Editors Of Perseus Publishing

An introduction to the phenomenon of Weblogs--online journals and diaries--and the people who keep them

The Tao of War

by Ralph D. Sawyer

The perfect companion to the best-selling Art of War, this fascinating book provides lessons from ancient China on the dynamics of conflict

The Long Detour: The History and Future of the American Left

by James Weinstein

An engaging account of American socialism, past and future, as witnessed by a key historian and founder of one of the modern left's most important news magazines, In These Times

Understanding Sibling Rivalry - The Brazelton Way

by T. Berry Brazelton & Joshua D. Sparrow

Insightful new guides from Drs. Brazelton and Sparrow on two of childhood’s greatest challenges

The Guy's Guide to Dating, Getting Hitched, and Surviving the First Year of Marriage

by Michael Crider

A prequel to Michael Crider's successful first book about fatherhood: a humorous look at the transformation from a ladies' man to his lady's main man

The Flax Cookbook: Recipes and Strategies for Getting the Most from the Most Powerful Plant on the Planet

by Elaine Magee

Flaxseed has been around for centuries, but its pleasant flavor and unsurpassed health benefits have been largely overlooked until now. In The Flax Cookbook, nutritionist Elaine Magee introduces the reader to...

The Baby Thief: The Untold Story of Georgia Tann, the Baby Seller Who Corrupted Adoption

by Barbara Bisantz Raymond

For almost three decades, renowned baby-seller Georgia Tann ran a children’s home in Memphis, Tennessee — selling her charges to wealthy clients nationwide, Joan Crawford among them. Part social history,...

The Mousedriver Chronicles: The True- Life Adventures of Two First-Time Entrepreneurs

by John Lusk & Kyle Harrison

The remarkable journey of two recent B-school grads who shunned dot-com opportunities for a distinctly different start-up experience.

The Neanderthal's Necklace: In Search of the First Thinkers

by Juan Luis Arsuaga & Andy Klatt

The Neanderthals provide a surprising mirror for modern-day humanity. They belonged to our evolutionary group and lived like the Cro-Magnons, our ancestors, did — worshipping, socializing, and hunting. The...

The Last Time Around Cape Horn: The Historic 1949 Voyage of the Windjammer Pamir

by William F. Stark & Peter Stark

A memorable tale of adventure on the turbulent seas of the Great Southern and Atlantic oceans—on one of the most historic voyages of our time—finds its way into paperback. This is William F. Stark’s engrossing...

True Confessions: A Novel

by John Gregory Dunne & George P. Pelecanos

In 1940s Los Angeles, an unidentified murder victim is found bisected in a shadowy lot. A catchy nickname is given her in jest—“The Virgin Tramp”—and suddenly a “nice little homicide that would have drifted...

The Pleasures All Mine: A Sexual Memoir of a Submissive

by Joan Kelly

When Joan Kelly took a weekend job as a professional submissive in a private dungeon, it seemed she’d finally found a perfect outlet for her pent-up desires. Suddenly, Joan was being paid to do things she’d...

The Baptizing of America: The Religious Right's Plans for the Rest of Us

by James, Rabbi Rudin

Here, at last, are the war plans of America's own religious extremists. The Baptizing of America exposes the systematic campaign by Christian fundamentalists to co-opt and take over every “room” of American...

The First Year: Hepatitis C: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

The 900 Days: The Siege Of Leningrad

by Harrison Salisbury

"A magnificent book...a nonfiction masterpiece." --New York Times Book Review

We Survived: Fourteen Histories of the Hidden and Hunted in Nazi Germany

by Eric H. Boehm

First published in 1949 and now brought up-to-date, We Survived offers a dramatic and historical documentation of personal survival under the terror and persecution of the Third Reich

The Race to the Bottom: Why a Worldwide Worker Surplus and Uncontrolled Free Trade Are Sinking American Living Standards

by Alan Tonelson

A leading economic journalist explains why Washington's responses to globalization have created a global worker surplus that undermines both American workers and those in developing nations

The Essential Difference: Male And Female Brains And The Truth About Autism

by Simon Baron-Cohen

The science behind Mars and Venus, including the surprising link between the extreme male brain and autism

The Call of the Weird: Encounters with Survivalists, Porn Stars, Alien Killers, and Ike Turner

by Louis Theroux

No, it doesn’t get any weirder than this: Thor Templar, Lord Commander of the Earth Protectorate, who claims to have killed ten aliens. Or April, the Neo-Nazi bringing up her twin daughters Lamb and Lynx (A.K.A....