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Contemporary Economics: An Applications Approach

by Robert Carbaugh

The new edition of this popular text combines a clear, concise presentation of basic micro- and macroeconomic theory with up-to-date coverage of the U.S. economic recovery as well as international issues. The...

Ethical Principles for the Information Age

by Richard Severson

This text presents the author's model of following principled ethics together with by chapters on each of the guiding principles: respect for intellectual property, principle of fair representation, privacy,...

Ideas and Art in Asian Civilizations: India, China and Japan: India, China and Japan

by Kenneth R. Stunkel

This work covers topics related to the exercise of influence by individuals and groups within organizations. It includes an introductory group of articles dealing with the nature of influence processes and power....

Korean Attitudes Toward the United States: Changing Dynamics: Changing Dynamics

by David I. Steinberg

This is the first book-length work in English dealing with the crucial and troubled relationship between Korea and the United States. Leading scholars in the field examine the various historical, political,...

Labor Markets in a Global Economy: A Macroeconomic Perspective: A Macroeconomic Perspective

by Ingrid H. Rima

This introductory text on labour economics covers topics such as: the shift in America from a manufacturing-based economy to a service economy; the changes in the economic conditions in the US; the implications...

Methodology and Economics: A Critical Introduction

by Pheby

The essays in this collection detail the fate of gypsies in the countries of Eastern Europe through the socialist era, and pay special attention to the experience of the Nazi holocaust. The volume includes essays...

Participation and Democracy East and West: Comparisons and Interpretations: Comparisons and Interpretations

by Dietrich Rueschemeyer

Since Alexis de Tocqueville first made the linkage in his writings on America, a healthy democracy has been associated with the flourishing of civil society, as measured by popular participation in voluntary...

Private Business and Economic Reform in China

by Susan Young

Based on Party and state documents, Chinese newspaper reports and surveys, the Chinese and Western scholarly literature and the author's own fieldwork, this important study examines the private sector as a case...

The Face of the Earth: Environment and World History: Environment and World History

by J. Donald Hughes

Although the organizing principle of virtually every world history text is "development", the editor of this volume maintains that this traditional approach fails to address the issue of sustainability. By adopting...

The Puzzle of God

by Peter Vardy

First Published in 2015. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an Informa company.

The Job-Generation Controversy: The Economic Myth of Small Business: The Economic Myth of Small Business

by David Hirschberg

This book exposes how the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), using erroneous data, have developed and perpetuated the belief that "small business...

Japanese Education since 1945: A Documentary Study

by Edward R. Beauchamp & James M. Vardaman Jr

A study of postwar education in Japan which is intended to shed light on the development of Japanese educational policy. Major educational documents are included, some taken from records of the American occupation...

The Essential Guide to the Internet for Health Professionals

by Sydney Chellen

First published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Encyclopedia of the History of Classical Archaeology

by Nancy Thomson de Grummond

With 1,125 entries and 170 contributors, this is the first encyclopedia on the history of classical archaeology. It focuses on Greek and Roman material, but also covers the prehistoric and semi-historical cultures...

Tiki Drinks: Tropical Cocktails for the Modern Bar

by Robert Sharp & Nicole Weston

Try a tiki—a sweet, fruity blast from the past, updated for modern tastes Tiki cocktails are a tasty mid-twentieth-century American classic, but their popularity suffered when syrupy drink mixes hit the scene....

Social Media Optimization For Dummies

by Ric Shreves & Michelle Krasniak

Optimize, optimize, optimize to get the most out of your company's social media presence

As it turns out, social media is good for a lot more than funny cat videos, memes, and sharing what you're eating for...

Scattered Stones, Shattered Seeds: The Story of a Shtetl and a Family Who Lived There

by Myrna Neuringer Levy

Family mysteries often remain tangled for decades, just waiting for someone to pick up the thread and begin to unravel the web. Filled with questions, the author puzzles over her family history. What was life...

Apology of Culture: Religion and Culture in Russian Thought

by Artur Mrowczynski-Van Allen & Teresa Obolevitch

Contemporary philosophy and theology are ever more conscious of the fact that the model of relations between religion and culture developed in modernity is fundamentally flawed. The processes of the secularization...


by T.C. Goodwin

Eric Michael Reed is a hero, some would say, but others would strongly disagree with that opinion, if it wasn't for the fact that he maybe the last human alive, we would all agree with the first easement. Eric,...

Behold, I Come Quickly: Handbook for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

by Eric Niels Bush

This book will enlighten your mind concerning the events leading up to the second coming and the building up of Zion. It distills in an organized way all of the essential material you need to know. That is why...