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Bridges and Spans

by Cynthia Phillips & Shana Priwer

Information about types of bridges and how they are built.

Budgeting for Public Managers

by John W. Swain & B.J. Reed

Benefiting from the authors' many years of teaching undergraduate and graduate students and practitioners, here is a clear, comprehensive, practice-oriented text for public budgeting courses. Rather than presenting...

Business and Management Education in Transitioning and Developing Countries: A Handbook: A Handbook

by John R McIntyre & Ilan Alon

Business education is a critical ingredient in establishing a viable middle class of managers in transitioning and developing economies. Compiled in association with the Center for International Business Education...

Case Research in Public Management

by David E McNabb

Highly readable and non-technical, this handbook is designed to help students and non-profit managers gain a working knowledge of the principles and practices of conducting qualitative case study research in...

Cases in Advertising Management

by Larry D Kelley & Donald W Jugenheimer

"Cases in Advertising Management" offers a wide range of short, medium-length, and longer cases, all designed to illuminate the topics covered in an Advertising Management course. The book can stand alone, or,...

China's Domestic Private Firms: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Management and Performance: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Management and Perform

by Anne S. Tsui & Yanjie Bian

One of the most important outcomes of market reforms in China over the past 20 years has been the emergence of a significant domestic private sector, which now accounts for almost a third of China's GDP and...

Cities in a Time of Terror: Space, Territory, and Local Resilience: Space, Territory, and Local Resilience

by H.V. Savitch

This book is about urban terror - its meaning, its ramifications, and its impact on city life. Written by a well-known expert in the field, "Cities in a Time of Terror" draws on data from more than a thousand...

Cities in the Technology Economy

by Darrene Hackler

Recognizing the pivotal role that local governments play in the high-tech economy, this book examines the effect of technology industries and infrastructures on cities and the local policy actions required for...

Compensation and Organizational Performance: Theory, Research, and Practice

by Luis R. Gomez-Mejia, Pascual Berrone & Monica Franco-Santos

This up-to-date, research-oriented textbook focuses on the relationship between compensation systems and firm overall performance. In contrast to more traditional compensation texts, it provides a strategic...

Contemporary Ukraine on the Cultural Map of Europe

by Larissa M. L. Zaleska Onyshkevych & Maria G. Rewakowicz

The concept of a 'return to Europe' has been integral to the movement for Ukrainian national rebirth since the nineteenth century. While the goal of a more fully reformed politics remains elusive, numerous expressions...

Customer Visits: Building a Better Market Focus: Building a Better Market Focus

by Edward F. McQuarrie

Visits to customers by a cross-functional team of marketers and engineers play an important role in new product development, entry into new markets, and in exploring customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction....

Dagestan: Russian Hegemony and Islamic Resistance in the North Caucasus: Russian Hegemony and Islamic Resistance in the North Caucasus

by Bruce Ware Robert & Robert Bruce Ware

Like other majority Muslim regions of the former Soviet Union, the republic of Dagestan, on Russia's southern frontier, has become contested territory in a hegemonic competition between Moscow and resurgent...

Dams and Waterways

by Cynthia Phillips & Shana Priwer

Dams and Waterways, a title in the five-title series Frameworks: Science, Technology, and the Built Environment, illuminates the history, architecture, environmental impact, and scientific and engineering principles...

Dealing with Disaster: Public Management in Crisis Situations: Public Management in Crisis Situations

by Saundra K. Schneider

Now updated with examples through 2010, this classic study examines the disruptive effects of disasters on patterns of human behavior and the operations of government, and the conditions under which even relatively...

Death and Religion in a Changing World

by Kathleen Garces-Foley

This comprehensive study of the intersection of death and religion offers a unique look at how religious people approach death in the twenty-first century. Previous scholarship has largely focused on traditional...

Debating Political Reform in China: Rule of Law vs. Democratization: Rule of Law vs. Democratization

by Suisheng Zhao

The growing disconnect between China's market-oriented economy with its emerging civil society, and the brittle, anacronistic, and authoritarian state has given rise to intense discussion and debate about political...

Dictionary of Media and Communications

by Marcel Danesi

Accessible to wide range of readers from student to lay people, this authoritative reference provides a complete listing of media concepts, figures, and techniques with illustrations and historical commentaries....

Dorothea Lange: Photographer of the People: Photographer of the People

by David C King

A scholarly work that aims to be both broad enough in scope to satisfy upper-division undergraduates studying folk belief and narrative and detailed enough to meet the needs of graduate students in the field....

Dynamics of Leadership in Public Service: Theory and Practice

by Montgomery Van Wart

Eminently readible, current, and comprhensive, this acclaimed text sets the standard for instruction in

Economic Development: A Regional, Institutional, and Historical Approach: A Regional, Institutional and Historical Approach

by Richard Grabowski, Sharmistha Self & William Shields

The second edition of this innovative and affordable book integrates environmental and financial sustainability into its distinctive regional approach. By focusing on political economy in its cultural, religious...